Tower T18007BLK

Tower T18007BLK Food Processor And Blender Review

In the UK market, Tower stands among the best kitchen appliance brands. They offer top-rated food processors, and the Tower T18007BLK is one model you should consider trying. Is this a good food processor worth purchasing, and who should go for it?

Here is a detailed review to help you make up your mind on that.

What’s the price?

Tower T18007BLK Overview

The T18007BLK is a multi-functional food processor that is made to easily handle your different preparation tasks in the kitchen. It might come with a basic design, but this model does the job as expected. It also makes work easy for you when it comes to controlling and cleaning parts. You also enjoy a variable speed setting that allows you to manage the different ingredients with ease. In terms of capacity, this food processor can easily suit a family setting without a problem. And yes, it comes with a feature that keeps it stable as it operates.

Features And Functions Of The T18007BLK


If you like having a stylish appliance in your kitchen, you might be a little disappointed with this one. We are not saying that it comes with an awkward design. Rather, it offers you a basic design that looks like a regular blender base, which attachments to change as you wish. It has a black theme that would go well with any kitchen style,

Another plus feature of the design is that it doesn’t take much of your countertop space. It will easily save you space as you work with it in the kitchen.

Family-Friendly Capacity

There is a decently large capacity offered with this food processor. You can use it to handle a large number of ingredients in the kitchen. Of course, it doesn’t match the massive capacity of over 4 liters, but it isn’t that small either. With this Tower T18007BLK model, you get a 2-liter food processor bowl and a 1.8-liter blender jug that should offer enough capacity for both big and small food preparation jobs.

Dual-Drive Motor

The motor on this fella is moderate enough to handle your multiple tasks. This one is rated at 750W, which is below some units, but still higher than others. Nevertheless, the 750W motor works with enough versatility and control to handle multiple ingredients with ease. This 750W can easily blend, mix, slice, grate, and more. It is powerful enough to offer speeds for both the blender and food processor.

Variable Speed Setting

Being that the Tower T18007BLK is a multifunctional unit, you’d expect it to be equally versatile with its speed settings. This one offers you two speeds, along with a pulse function to perfectly match your needs. Here, you can adjust the speed based on whatever ingredient you are handling. The pulse setting then assures you of the perfect control with your ingredients.

Easy to Clean

We loved the fact that this food processor doesn’t give you a difficult time when it comes to cleaning the parts. Both the bowl and blender jug are easy to clean. You can either clean them manually or put them in the dishwasher for a quick clean-up. Either way, you won’t break a sweat doing it.

Nonslip Feet

The food processor is also designed with suctioned feet that will keep it stable and in place as the motor runs at top speeds. This way, you will not have to worry about any unsafe operation. The suction feet will perfectly work on a smooth countertop. It will not hold on firmly to a rough surface. So, you should keep that in mind.


There are a few more accessories that come with this blender, other than the blender jug and food processor bowl. You also get a dough blade, emulsifying disc, and a slicing/grating disc. The best part is that all these accessories are easy to clean.


  • Compact and space-saving design
  • Dual speed setting with pulse function
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Nonslip feet for stability
  • Offers a large capacity



Is the Tower T18007BLK a good food processor? Yes, it is. And it would perfectly suit anyone living with a family of four or less. It is multifunctional and comes with dual speed settings to let you handle different ingredients. The machine is easy to use and cleaning the accessories is easy breezy as well.

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