Kenwood FDP646WH

Kenwood FDP646WH MultiPro Home Food Processor Review

With a versatile kitchen appliance, it will save you both time and money. You won’t have to purchase separate models to handle whatever you are working on. The Kenwood FDP646WH is one versatile unit that you can enjoy working on as you handle your food preparation.

It is a food processor that offers you multiple accessories that make it extra versatile. But is the product worth the purchase? We think it is, but here is a detailed review to support our point.

What’s the price?

Kenwood FDP646WH Overview

As we have stated, the FDP646WH is a food processor designed with a sleek finish and capable of managing different ingredients and recipes without any major challenge. This one also has a variable speed setting that enhances its versatility even further. It will glorify your kitchen space while still being fully functional. You will also have an easy time when handling the accessories. Cleaning them is easy breezy. Above all, this fella has a powerful motor that is meant to offer optimal performance even when managing tough jobs.

Features And Functions Of The FDP646WH


Nobody would reject having a stylish appliance in their kitchen, especially if it blends perfectly with the style. In that case, this food processor is made to glorify your kitchen space with elegance. The sleek and stylish design of this product makes it worth the purchase. It is not only stylish but also durable and tactile.

Powerful Motor

If it is applicable, we could say Kenwood FDP646WH food processor is a beauty with brains. It is sleek and stylish, but still very functional. Thanks to the massive 1000W motor on this one, you can be confident of handling just about any food prep with this unit. The motor is not too loud either.


This food processor would easily suit any family setting. It comes with a generous capacity that can help you prepare food enough for your family. With the massive 3-liter bowl of this model, you can easily prepare food for up to 6 people. It can allow you to knead the dough for two to three loaves of bread.

There is also a separate 1.5 blender jug that lets you prepare your juices or smoothies with ease. In other words, this multi-functional unit will offer you versatility at its best.

Variable Speed Setting

Thanks to the available settings on this model, it assures you of optimal control with your ingredients. There are two-speed settings that can be used for different recipes, and you also get the common Pulse Function. Whether you need speed for making bread, egg whites, pastry mixes, or just light creams, the food processor will help you achieve that with ease.

Control Panel

There are no fancy and complicated buttons on this unit, which might give you a hard time selecting the speed level of your choice. Rather, you get a basic turn knob that is easy to use. All you need to do is turn the knob to select your speed level of choice. There is nothing too complicated about it.

Safety Feature

First off the food processor comes with nonslip feet that help to keep it sturdy and stable enough as you work with your ingredients. The base itself is designed to be slightly heavy to offer the needed stability.

Another safety feature is the interlocking mechanism that will stay in place when you are pouring ingredients. This feature and the discs are ideal for slicing potatoes or grating cheese with ease.


You will get a whole lot of accessories with this model, which are not only for the show but to offer you the needed versatility. Here, the Kenwood FDP646WH offers you the main 3-liter bowl, a blender jug, citrus press, spice mill, whisk tool, two reversible discs, mini bowl and knife, a knife blade, and a dough tool.


  • Stylish and sturdy design
  • Comes with multiple accessories that are dishwasher safe
  • Easy to use control panel
  • Safety interlocking mechanism
  • Generous, family-friendly capacity



Does the Kenwood FDP646WH make the cut in terms of being one of the best food processors in the UK? Yes, it does. It is a very reliable and functional unit that would suit your needs to perfection. The only challenge you might get is the initial setup. But once it is up and ready, nothing is stopping this beast.

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