Kenwood FDM781BA

Kenwood FDM781BA MultiPro Classic Food Processor Review

Are you a cooking enthusiast and you need an appliance to make the whole experience fun and easier? If the answer is yes, then you need to invest in a nice food processor. As you already know the main role of a food processor is to prepare ingredients and recipes for cooking. The Kenwood FDM781BA is one of the top food processors that you should consider getting if you need a reliable model.

This is a reliable unit that is not just popular for its manufacturer, but it does deliver decently. In this article, we will be giving you details about the product to help you have a virtual experience of it.

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Kenwood FDM781BA Overview

The FDM781BA is a food processor that is made to serve a family setting as it offers versatility with its delivery. This one is designed to easily handle a demanding food preparation task, thanks to its massive 1000W motor. Furthermore, the powerful motor can handle almost any ingredients you throw at it. Whether it is slicing, grating, mixing, pureeing, or blending, this model will help you achieve that with ease.

Features And Functions Of The FDM781BA


Kenwood is a brand that doesn’t focus much on the delivery of appliances with modern design. In fact, most of their products come with a classic design, but with a modern delivery. Like this food processor; it comes with a classic design that would give some glory to your kitchen space. It isn’t the largest model out there, neither is it the smallest. We can say it comes with a moderate size.


We mentioned that this FDM781BA model is designed for a family setting. It comes with a decently generous capacity to fit your family food preparation with ease. The bowl is large at 3 liters, and you can use it to make bread or other pastry mixes.

There is also a mini bowl that would be ideal for handling the smaller jobs. For further convenience, there are serrated blades that can chop and puree your meals with ease.

Dual Drive Motor System

Kenwood understands the need for a powerful food processor to handle the multiple ingredients around the kitchen. If you will be preparing dough for baking, you will need a powerful model to help you with that. Also, the motor should be too powerful when just need to puree your baby’s food.

Thankfully, the Kenwood FDM781BA comes with a versatile 1000W motor that handles any situation with ease. The motor is of a dual-drive system that will automatically adjust based on what you are working on.

You can replace the large processing bowl with the 1.5-liter thermos-resistant blender jug for some versatile operation. The best part is that the motor will adjust itself accordingly.

8-Speed Settings

Thanks to the multiple speed settings on this fella, you can use it to prepare just about anything. There is a maximum of eight-speed settings, which you can adjust based on whatever you are preparing. Plus, this model comes with an extra pulse function to make the whole preparation a breeze.

Easy to Use

The best part about the speed settings and pulse function of the Kenwood FDM781BA is that they are very easy to access. There is only one turn knob that accesses all the settings. You can turn the knob like a classic blender to select the speed of your choice. The same knob can be used to switch off the unit.


Versatility is the norm of this model, and there are multiple accessories to help you with that. First off, this unit comes with the 3-liter main bowl, along with a blender jug, mini bowl, serrated steel knife blade, dough tool, dual metal whisk, as well as a reversible slicing disc and grating disc.


  • Sturdy and durable construction
  • Offers a user-friendly operation
  • Comes with multiple accessories
  • Dual drive motor adjusts automatically for both food processor and blender
  • Offers 8-speed settings and a pulse function


  • Storing the accessories can be somewhat daunting


Should you purchase the Kenwood FDM781BA? If you want to take your food preparation to the next level, you would find this food processor worth the purchase. It offers you food processing and blending functions on one model, and working with the product is easy breezy.

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