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Juilist AMR526 Centrifugal Juicer Review

Juicing has become a popular way for people to get their daily dose of vitamins and nutrients. With so many juicers available in the market, it can be challenging to choose the right one. In this article, we will review the Juilist AMR526 Juicer, which promises to be an efficient and easy-to-use juicer for home use.

What’s the price?

Design and Build:

The AMR526 Juicer has a sleek and modern design, with a sturdy stainless steel body that gives it a premium look. It has a compact and lightweight design, making it easy to move around and store. The juicer’s motor is powerful, and the blades are made of high-quality stainless steel, ensuring efficient juicing.

Ease of Use:

The Juilist AMR526 is straightforward to use and can be operated with just the touch of a button. It comes with a large feeding chute, which can accommodate whole fruits and vegetables, making the juicing process quicker and more convenient. The juicer also has a pulp container and a juice jug, which are easy to remove and clean.


The Juilist juicer is designed to extract maximum juice from fruits and vegetables, while retaining their nutrients and flavor. It has a powerful motor that can handle even the toughest produce, such as carrots and beets, with ease. The juicer also has a low-speed setting, which minimizes heat buildup and oxidation, preserving the nutritional value of the juice. This feature makes it an excellent choice for those who want to get the most out of their fruits and vegetables.


Cleaning the juicer is simple and hassle-free. The juicer comes with a cleaning brush that makes it easy to remove any pulp or residue from the blades and filter. The removable parts of the juicer are dishwasher safe, making it even easier to clean. This feature is particularly useful for those who are short on time.

Price and Warranty:

The Juilist AMR526 Juicer is priced in the mid-range, making it an affordable option for those who want a high-quality juicer without breaking the bank. It also comes with a one-year warranty, giving customers peace of mind knowing that they can rely on the quality of the product. The warranty is a testament to the manufacturer’s confidence in their product.

Juilist AMR526 Pros and Cons:


  • Sleek and modern design
  • Efficient and powerful motor
  • Low-speed setting for nutrient-rich juice
  • Easy to clean
  • Affordable price
  • Comes with a one-year warranty


  • Small capacity for pulp container and juice jug
  • May not be suitable for commercial use


The juicer is an excellent choice for those who want a reliable, efficient, and easy-to-use juicer. Its sleek design, powerful motor, and low-speed setting make it stand out from other juicers on the market. Its affordable price and one-year warranty make it a great investment for anyone who wants to enjoy fresh, nutrient-rich juices at home. However, its small capacity may not be suitable for those who need to make large batches of juice or for commercial use. Overall, the Juilist juicer is a great choice for those who want a high-quality juicer for home use.

Customer Reviews:

Here are some customer reviews of the AMR526 Juicer:

“I love this juicer! It’s so easy to use and clean. The juice is delicious and full of nutrients. I highly recommend it!” – Jane M.

“This juicer is a great investment. It’s efficient, powerful, and makes great juice. I use it every day and have noticed a significant improvement in my health.” – Mark R.

“I’m impressed with the quality of this juicer. It’s durable and easy to operate. The low-speed setting ensures that the juice is nutrient-rich and tastes great.” – Laura T.

“The only downside to this juicer is that it has a small capacity for pulp and juice. But overall, it’s a great product that’s worth the investment.” – John D.

Final Verdict:

The Juilist AMR526 Juicer is a high-quality and efficient juicer that’s perfect for home use. Its sleek design, powerful motor, and low-speed setting make it a standout product in the market. While it may not be suitable for large batches of juice or commercial use, it’s a great investment for those who want to enjoy fresh and nutritious juices at home. With its affordable price and one-year warranty, this Juilist juicer is a great choice for anyone looking for a reliable and easy-to-use juicer.

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