Cooks Professional G3483

Cooks Professional G3483 Food Processor Review

Cooks Professional is one of the most-reputable kitchen appliances brands in the UK. The Cooks Professional G3483 is a top food processor that is used in most UK homes, and it would be a good pick for you as well. This is a food processor that is versatile, fully-functional, and one with some very useful features too. Truly, you will have a unique experience when working with this unit.

In this article, we will be exploring more about the food processor.

What’s the price?

The G3483 Overview

The Cooks Professional G3483 is a food processor that is designed to offer you the best experience. It is a massive machine that comes with a generous capacity as well, and you would love to work with the multiple accessories onboard. This one runs on a 1000W motor that easily grinds, chops, or mixes whatever ingredient you throw at it. The motor is powerful enough to survive in a busy kitchen.

Features and Functions


One thing about this G3483 model is that it comes with a space-saving design compared to other food processors, but its capacity is large enough. Even with the compact design, this food processor will not compromise on power and delivery. Plus, it is very stylish that you can leave it to sit on your kitchen counter even when it is not in use.

In terms of capacity, the machine offers you a large 3.5-liter mixing bowl, along with a blending jug that has a 1.8-liter volume. This way, you will be confident of enough volume for preparing large amounts of foods.

The blender jug comes with an access hole that lets you add liquid to the ingredients without the need for lifting off the lid.

7 Different Blades

Having a food processor that allows you to change the settings according to what you prepare might be great. However, it might not be as reliable as having a model that lets you adjust the blades based on what you intend to prepare. The seven blades include one for plastic dough, metal chopping, French fry cutting, a blade for thick slices, thin slices, fine grating, and one for coarse grating. Generally, every blade is suitable for a specific type of food. You can interchange them to meet your preference. The best part is that changing the blades is easily breezy.

Variable Speed Settings

The Cooks Professional food processor comes with different speed settings to offer you versatility in whatever food you are preparing. There are two-speed settings, along with pulse functions. This lets you meet your project needs with ease. Luckily, you get a single turn-knob that will perform all the functions accordingly. All you have to do is turn it to the desired setting.

Speed Function

We loved the speed function of this food processor, which helps to better the user experience while you work with it. The inbuilt safety function will prevent the blender or mixer from working unless the bowl or jug is fitted correctly. If the jug is not fitted in the expected locking position, the model will not run. This helps to avoid possible blade destruction.

Accessories/Integrated Accessories Drawer

Besides the 7 blades that come with this G3483, you also get some accessories that help to make the whole blending and mixing process swift enough. For instance, there is a food pusher that allows you to push the food through for the mixer to chop, grate, or slice them accordingly. You also get a plastic spatula for scooping food with ease.

We loved the integrated accessory drawer that lets you store all the accessories safely. Other than safe storage, the accessory drawer helps to give you easy access to all the accessories.


  • Good-looking design
  • Offers a generous capacity on both bowl and blender jug
  • Safety function prevent blender jug from running if not fitted properly
  • Comes with 7 different blades
  • Access hole on the blender jug allows you to add ingredients to the mixture with ease


  • The ridges inside the mixing bowl prevent you from using a spatula to remove the mixture off the sides


Does the Cooks Professional G3483 make a good food processor to include in your kitchen arsenal? We’d like to believe it does. The price tag is friendly, and it comes with different blades for the ideal versatility. You will also have an easy time working with it.

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