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Omega CNC80S Nutrition System Juicer Review

Most people on a health and fitness journey prefer having a nutritious glass of juice or smoothie for breakfast. If you want to kick off or better your health and fitness journey, investing in a good juicer is one of the things you might have to do. Out of the many juicers in the UK, the Omega CNC80S juicer stands among the best, and its delivery is enough to tell you why it’s a leading model.

It is a great unit worth purchasing, and we will be giving you a virtual experience of the juicer in this article.

What’s the price?

Omega CNC80S Overview

The CNC80S is a compact juicer that is designed to save you kitchen space while performing its juicing functions with perfection. This is one juicer that goes beyond the regular juicer limit to even grind other ingredients besides fruits and vegetables. The juicer might not be ideal for fast juicing, but it is best if you need a glass of nutritious juice. It runs with a low-noise operation to give other people in the house or the neighbors peace and silence as you grind and mix your juice and smoothie.

Features And Functions Of The CNC80S


We would recommend the Omega CNC80S to anyone living in a small apartment or if you have a kitchen with a confined space. You can also carry it along if you are traveling and you need to bring your healthy appliances with you. To be precise, this unit measures 41.7cm x 16cm x 31.5cm, which should fit in any available space in the kitchen. It’s also lightweight at only 6kg.

With its compact design, this model comes with a juicing capacity of 1.25 liters. That should be enough for one or two glasses, but not the best pick for a family.

Healthy Juicing

The motor on this Omega juicer comes with a 900W, but it lets you enjoy a juice that is full of vitamins and minerals. It runs on low-speeds of 80RPM, which is enough to reduce heat buildup and oxidation while promoting healthy enzymes. The best part is that the motor is designed to run with a low-noise operation.

Furthermore, you can choose if you want fine or coarse juice. This option lets you enjoy your juice and smoothie to the texture of your preference. It is not common to find such a feature in the juicers available out there.

2-Speed Settings

Even though the juicer is designed to run at low speeds, you can still boost it to meet your needs accordingly. You can choose the low speed for grinding soft and juicy fruits, while the high speed is best suited for grinding the hard fruits and leafy vegetables. Either way, you can use it to grind any type of vegetable or fruit that you may be having.

2-Liter Pulp Container

The makers of this juicer understood how tedious it can be to keep on emptying the pulp container, especially when you are not done juicing. That is why the Omega CNC80S comes with a sizeable 2-liter pulp container that will eject the pulp automatically to give you an easy time.

Non-Juicing Functions

Besides being able to make you a nutritious glass of juice or smoothie, this CNC80S juicer can also be used as a food processor. You can use it to chop meat or fish with ease. The grinding/mincing feature lets you prepare ingredients for sauces, salsas, marinades, and soups. You can also use it to process soaked beans or rice for a nutritious puree.

The feeding tube is large enough to give you an easy time when loading fruits and vegetables with ease. This helps to save time and effort.


  • Compact and space-saving design
  • Large pulp container with automatic pulp ejection
  • Two-speed setting to suit any type of vegetable or fruit
  • Low-speed juicing at 80RPM to preserve vitamins and minerals
  • Runs with low-noise operation
  • It can be used as a food processor for grinding or mincing ingredients


• You will need to chop some fruits and veggies before feeding them into the chute


The Omega CNC80S would be a good addition to your kitchen arsenal if you need a model that does more than just make your juices and smoothies. It can be used as a food processor, and the 2-speed settings allow you to get the most of it as well.

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