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Best Meat Slicer UK – Electric Food Slicing Machines

You know what I love about sliced meat? It tends to possess a unique level of deliciousness. Some people like their meat minced or as a whole steak. But if you belong to that group that loves having a nice slice of meat, this article is meant for you. Before you can even enjoy the slice of meat, you might want to invest in a good meat slicer to use at home.

A reliable meat slicer will assure you of having perfect slices of meat. But how do you go about it when you want to shop for one? It can be challenging to explore the UK market and settle for a specific model that you should get for using at home.

Nevertheless, this article is meant to help you with your search. Here, we will be exploring some of the best models you should consider going for in the UK market.

Meat Slicers: Our Top Picks

M4Y Meat Slicer9.2Check
OSTBA Electric Meat Slice Machine 8.8Check
Ritter E 16 Duo Plus Food Slicer 8.8Check
Progress EK3683P Compact Electric Food Slicer8.6Check
Domo MS171 Food Slicer8.5Check
Caterlite GH489 Light Duty Meat Slicer8.4Check
Cooks Professional G2868 Meat Slicer Machine8.0Check

Electric Meat Slicer Reviews

The UK market is filled with a whole lot of meat slicers, so choosing a single model can be a huge challenge. However, here are seven models we think can serve you decently.

1. M4Y 22cm Electric Meat Slicer

M4Y Meat Slicer

Our first contender is this heavy-duty meat slicer machine that comes with a massive blade to handle large meat sizes with ease. It stands among the best models in the UK and its delivery is one of a kind.

This is an electric slicer that runs with a powerful motor of 150W. We loved that the motor is not only powerful but also quiet enough. You don’t have to worry about making noise to the people in the house or the neighbors if you live in a studio apartment.

Along with that, the machine comes with large size of 22cm that is capable of handling large sizes of meat. Even better, there are three separate blades that offer your convenience whenever handling the meat pieces. Thanks to the 22cm diameter, you can handle this fella to cut large joints of meats, cured meats, veggies, cheeses, and even bread.

Furthermore, the machine is designed to let you control the thickness with ease. Generally, the thickness control of this unit ranges from 0 to 15mm. In other words, you get to slice the meat pieces to meet your desired thickness.

The best part is that thiselectric meat slicer is made to last for a long time, thanks to the steel and aluminum die-cast housing. It doesn’t only make it durable, but also stable enough as you work with it. Also, there are suction cup feet that better the stability even further.

You can be confident of user safety when working with this model as it comes with a blade guard for finger protection. The On/Off switch is illuminated for easy sighting.


  • Sturdy and durable construction
  • Comes with suction cup feet for stability
  • Blade guard offers user safety
  • Easy to clean
  • Adjustable thickness between 0mm and 15mm


  • It doesn’t come with a collection tray

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2. OSTBA 200W Food Slicer Machine for Meat

OSTBA Electric Meat Slicer

If you want more power to handle multiple meat pieces, this wonderful meat slicer would be a good pick. The machine comes with a powerful motor and an adjustable thickness for ultimate versatility.

Here, you enjoy a model that delivers a massive motor of 200W that will deliver fast and high-yield slicing power. You can be sure of a consistent sharp cut with this unit. Along with that, you enjoy a decent 19cm sharp blade that is made of stainless steel. This blade is not only strong but also durable and rust-resistant.

Also, the thickness can be adjusted between 0mm and 15mm, based on what you prefer. You can also make thin meat slices with this baby. But, this also means that you get to use it to slice any other foodstuff including fruits, turkey breasts, deli, vegetables, or cheese.

Dismantling the slicer is easy to let you clean the blade and other parts with ease. There is a ring-guard cover that will prevent debris buildup on the cutting surfaces. Besides the blade, the slide-rod extension, food carriage, and food pusher are also removable for easy cleaning.

We loved the nonslip suction cup feet that will keep the machine stable as you use it. Also onboard is a safety lock and a power button that prevents accidental startups.


  • Easy to remove parts for cleaning
  • Child-lock protection switches
  • Massive power delivery
  • Sturdy suction cup feet
  • Comes with a convenient collection tray


  • Features a serrated blade that may not be an ideal pick for everyone

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3. Ritter E16 Duo Plus Electric Food Slicer

Ritter E 16 Duo Plus

Third, on the list is this amazing meat slicer from Ritter. One thing that makes this a top slicer among the models in the UK is the user-friendly design.

This model features solid metal construction to take a beating. Even with its metal construction, the machine is still compact and space-saving. It runs on a 65W motor that might not be as powerful as the previous two models, but it is eco-friendly. What does that mean? Generally, the motor will run efficiently to save energy while performing to the maximum.

In terms of the blade size, this one comes in at 18cm, and you can adjust the thickness to meet your preference. The thickness can be adjusted from 0mm to a maximum of 20mm. Adjusting the thickness is a walk in the park.

Another feature that makes this model a top pick among the models in the UK is the Duo Plus. This is an additional smooth ham/sausage circular blade that you can use if you need wafer-thin slices.

You get a convenient food tray that will collect the sliced food. Amazingly, the food tray is placed directly under the blade to collect the slices with ease.

For your safety and that of the people in the house, this model comes with a safety switch onboard. There are two operation modes that allow you to use the machine in continuous or intermittent operation.

You can remove the circular blade for cleaning, though it can be somewhat challenging to clean the whole unit.


  • Compact and space-saving design
  • Offers two operation modes
  • Duo Plus blade for making wafer-thin slices
  • Features a convenient collection tray underneath the blade
  • Thickness can be adjusted to 20mm


  • It is tricky to clean the parts

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4. Progress EK3683P Compact Electric Meat, Cheese, Bread Slicer

Progress EK3683P

Here is yet another model that makes the cut among the best meat slicers in the UK. It is designed for sturdiness, durability, and user safety as well.

This electric meat slicer runs with a 150W motor that should be enough to handle your meat, vegetables, as well as bread. It doesn’t run with a loud noise, which is a good feature. The machine comes with a stylish design that would fit in any kitchen setting.

You get a strong and durable stainless steel blade that should serve you with ease. Besides that, this blade comes with a thumb-guard that prevents your thumb from being sliced as you work with it. When it comes to cleaning the blade, you can easily remove the blade attachment to do so.

Is the thickness adjustable with this unit? Absolutely. You can easily set the thickness to meet your desired size. Even if you want to have wafer-thin slices, this model will let you achieve that with ease. Basically, you can change the thickness from 1mm to 15mm.

To ensure that the machine remains strong when you work with it, there are strong suction cup feet that help to keep it in position all along. This would prove helpful if you are using it on your smooth kitchen counter.

Generally, you will enjoy a user-friendly experience with this unit. Above all, this machine comes at a lower price compared to other models in the UK. It is one cheap model that delivers decently.


  • Compact design
  • Comes at a cheaper price point
  • Features a thumb-guard for safety
  • Runs with low-noise operation
  • Easy to adjust the thickness


  • Controlling the ON/OFF switch can be challenging

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5. Domo MS171 Food Slicer

Domo MS171

If you love a meat slicer with a serrated blade, this would be a decent model to go for. It comes with a unique design and is one of the cheapest units in the UK.

The awesome meat slicer machine is loaded with a nice 17cm blade that can easily meet your slicing needs. This blade comes with a serrated design that will leave some rough-like surface on your meat. Some people prefer meat slices with that texture.

We loved how smooth the motor runs to offer uniform slices with the machine. Plus, there is an adjustable thickness that allows you to set it to what suits you best. You can change the thickness from 0 to 15mm. In other words, you get to enjoy wafer-thin slices and thick slices at the same time with this fella.

You can use it to not only slice meats, but also cheese, bread, fruits, and other veggies.

The manufacturer of this electric meat slicer machine had the user’s safety in mind, which is why they offer it with a safety switch to prevent accidental startups. In other words, you will not have to worry about the machine running when no one is around. As long as the safety switch is engaged, you will be sure of your safety.

By the way, this would be a good pick to include in your kitchen if you have a confined space. It will not consume much of your kitchen space, and it also comes with a space-saving design. In other words, you can fold it away and store it when not in use. Whether you want to leave it on the kitchen counter or squeeze it in the cabinet, the slicer will prove convenient.


  • Comes at a friendly price point
  • Foldable design for easy storage
  • Easy to dismantle and clean
  • Comes with a convenient safety switch


  • Plastic housing doesn’t seem durable enough

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6. Caterlite GH489 Light Duty Meat Slicer

Caterlite GH489

This is one of the best meat slicers in the UK, and it comes with two blades for convenience and versatility.

Here, you get a meat slicer machine that runs with a 200W motor that provides the needed power to slice meat for your convenience. However, this is best suited for light-duty slicing. You’d also love working with this one if you love having colorful kitchen appliances. The red-theme of the slicer makes it pop in the kitchen, and it will make a statement even when it is just sitting on your counter.

Most models in the UK market offer you a blade that is either smooth or serrated. However, this fella offers you two types of blades. You can either use the serrated blade or the smooth blade, based on how you prefer your meat slices to appear. The best part is that both the blades of this slicer come with stainless steel construction. You don’t have to worry about them catching rust or any corrosion.

Besides the interchangeable blades, the thickness can also be adjusted. There is a rotary dial that allows you to set the thickness to what suits you best. All you have to do is turn it to the thickness that best suits you.

You also get suction cup feet that will keep the unit steady on any flat surface. This helps to limit any possible movement or vibrations.

There is an illuminated ON/Off safety switch that will let you reach for it with ease, even in a low-light setting.

However, keep in mind that the machine might not deliver the expected results if you are using it to slice hot or warm meat. It is best suited for cold meat.


  • Elegant red finish
  • Offers two blades for versatile slicing
  • Easy to adjust thickness dial
  • Suction cup feet keep the unit stable
  • Sturdy construction


  • Not ideal for hot or warm meat or cheese

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7. Cooks Professional 150W Meat Slicer Machine for Home Use

Cooks Professional G2868

Nobody loves having a loud kitchen appliance in their homes. That is why Cooks Professionals designed this electric meat slicer to run efficiently but with low-noise operation. This is definitely one of the best food slicing machines in the UK, and its delivery is amazing as well.

This bad boy comes with a 150W motor that can easily handle whatever foodstuff you throw at it. The motor spins the stainless steel blade that can slice through meat, bread, veggies, cheese, or fruits with ease. We loved that you can use it to slice cold meats without any problem.

Like other models on the list and in the UK market, this fella also allows you to adjust the thickness conveniently. You don’t need any tool to make the adjustment. Rather, a single turn of the dial will be enough to change the thickness you wish for your slices. The maximum thickness you can achieve from this unit is 15mm, which is quite impressive. You can also get wafer-thin slices with this slicer.

Will it wobble as it runs? Not by any chance. In fact, this fella is made with a solid steel body that keeps it stable on the worktable. Even better, the nonslip rubber feet help to maintain its stability.

Besides that, your safety is assured as you work with this machine since it comes with a handguard to protect you from the spinning blade.

We loved the fact that using this unit is quite easy. To get started, you only have to plug it into the socket outlet, set the preferred thickness and start feeding meat through the blade. Cleaning it is also easy.

It is important to know that the machine comes with three blades for alternative slicing. You get a serrated blade, a soft blade, and a multi-use blade. Whichever type of blade you choose, you can be sure of achieving the exact results. The serrated blade is best for deli slices, while the smooth blade lets you achieve wafer-thin slices.


  • Sturdy and durable steel construction
  • It comes with three blades for versatile slicing
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Features a blade guard for safety
  • Suction cup feet offer stability when using it


  • Not the quietest model

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Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best Meat Slicer

Too often, people step into a kitchen appliance store, talk to the salesperson and ask for a specific model that they heard from a friend. Others only go for a specific popular model. While there might not be any crime in that, it is also not the only solution to finding the perfect meat slicing machine in the UK.

Now that you have a list of your best meat slicer models, it is important to break down the search by highlighting what you should be looking for in each unit. Furthermore, maybe you aren’t fully convinced by any of the machines we just covered in this list.

We won’t push you to do so. Nevertheless, we would highly recommend you to follow this buying guide to select the ideal model.


The motor is the first thing we considered as we selected the slicing machines. With the motor, it will generally dictate how fast the slicer can cut and how much power it delivers on a chunk of meat. Generally, motors are rated in horsepower (hp), so you should only choose one that suits your slicing needs accordingly.

Without any explanation, a high horsepower rating will offer more power to the machine. For light-duty machines, they can come with horsepower ratings ranging from 1/4hp to1/3hp. Either of them should be enough for home use.

But if you want to use it for a party or gathering that requires a large chunk of meats to slice more frequently, you might want to go for a higher power rating.

Blade (Size/Type)

Another factor you should be considering is the blade of the meat slicer machine. Without any compromise, the blade must be made of durable stainless steel. Besides that, you should consider the size of the blade based on what you prefer.

For heavy-duty use, the blade must be large enough. On the other hand, light-duty slicing can go well with smaller blade size.

Generally, powerful units will come with blades larger than 12 inches or 30cm. In fact, most commercial models come with blades of 30cm and above. Conversely, home-based machines can come with blades of 22cm and less. It all depends on what you prefer and how you will be slicing your meats or veggies.

With the type, it can be serrated or smooth. Serrated blades are best suited for deli slices, while smooth blades allow you to achieve slimmer slices.

Thickness Adjustment

It might seem obvious for a meat slicer to come with an adjustable thickness. However, you must ensure that the model you choose allows you to change the thickness to suit your preference. Even better, the thickness should be easy to adjust. You should be able to make wafer-thin slices or thicker ones with absolute ease.


Being that it is an electric appliance with a rotating blade, it must be handled with much care. Plus, the machine should come with the necessary safety feature. Here, choose one with a blade guard to prevent you from slicing your finger. Also, it would be best to have a machine with a safety switch or child-lock for maximum safety.

Ease of Use

Nobody wants to work with an appliance that will give them a headache to use, let alone setting it up. So, as you explore the UK market in search of your next meat slicing machine, make sure that it is user-friendly. Setting it up should be easy and dismantling it for cleaning should also be a walk in the park. All in all, ensure that the model you choose gives you an easy time working around with it and maintaining it.


Have you decided on your next meat slicer? If none of the models we have reviewed in this list have impressed you, we can only urge you to follow the buying guide we just offered. Some of the major factors to consider include a powerful motor, the ideal blade, adjustable thickness, one that is easy to use, and a model with the needed safety features. Just remember to observe the necessary safety precautions when working with any meat slicing machine. Also, make sure you clean the unit after every use for extended functionality.

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