Cooks Professional G2650

Cooks Professional G2650 Rotisserie Air Fryer Review

Are you looking to invest in a decent air fryer that doesn’t more than just that? If you do, we would recommend the Cooks Professional G2650. This is one cooker that will let you cook multiple meals with ease. While it might not fall under the cheap models, it is a unit that has true value for money. If you want to know more about the cooker and what it offers, here is a review to help you with that.

What’s the price?

The G2650 Overview

The Cooks Professional G2650 has been ranked amongst the top halogen ovens in the UK. But something about this cooker is that it is not just your regular halogen oven. It can be used as an air fryer as well. The design of this model is also sleek enough to make a statement as it sits on your kitchen counter. You can view what’s cooking inside this cooker with ease, thanks to the glass-view design. Even though it comes with a space-saving design, you can use this cooker for your small family with ease.

The company assures you of having an enjoyable cooking experience, thanks to the multiple cooking modes on board.

Features and Functions Of The G2650


Here, you get a unique-looking halogen oven that is meant to glorify your kitchen space as it proves to be functional enough. The Cooks Professional fryer has a sphere-design that looks sleek and elegant, but it also saves you some kitchen space. If you have a squeezed kitchen space, this unit will serve you with elegance.

In terms of capacity, this unit offers you a 10-liter bowl that lets you prepare food for four to five people.

Nonstick Aluminum Bowl

The bowl on board is not only large, but it also comes with a nonstick coating. With this coating, you can be confident of having a bowl that uses less cooking oil. You can even cook without using a single drop of oil with the bowl. Also, this means that you will have an easy time when you need to clean it. All that you will need is a piece of cloth or sponge and soapy water when cleaning it. Even better, it is dishwasher safe. Keep in mind that this bowl is made of aluminum, which means that it will serve you for a long time.

Cooking Programs

You will not only have an easy but an enjoyable time when working with this fella. It comes with a couple of cooking programs that lets you enjoy versatile cooking. The main function that sets this G2650 air fryer apart is the Rotisserie function that lets you make fried foods while maintaining the original flavor. You can also adjust the temperature up to 150°C to suit your cooking needs. The best part is that this unit offers you 6 pre-loaded programs that let you choose according to what you are cooking.

Control Panel

It is not always about the cooking programs and functions, but how easy it is to access these functions. With this Cooks Professional fryer, it offers you a control panel that is placed at the top for easy accessibility. There are several buttons that allow you to choose what suits you best. However, you might find it somewhat challenging to use, especially if you are new to a halogen oven. But there is a manual to guide you on how to use it.


This G2650 air fryer offers you several accessories to make your whole cooking experience easy. There is a dual-height rack, chicken forks, a rotisserie cage, baking tray, steak/fish rack, tongs, and a rotisserie stand to support the cage. We loved the fact that this one comes with an oil sprayer that lets you control the cooking oil use and avoid unhealthy eating.


  • Space-saving design
  • Features 6 preloaded programs, including a Rotisserie function
  • Has a glass window for viewing cooking progress
  • Offers you multiple accessories
  • Dishwasher-safe accessories


The nonstick coating might start peeling off after a while


The Cooks Professional G2650 can be a good addition to your kitchen arsenal, and it assures you of enjoying a good value with its price tag. Even though you might have to dig a little deeper into your pocket to achieve this model, we can confidently say that it is worth every penny.

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