Daewoo SDA1551

Daewoo SDA1551 12L Rotisserie Air Fryer Review

Having a unique-looking air fryer is one thing most homeowners look for in the UK. You can find a model that looks like a cabinet, but it is a cooker that works perfectly. Take, for example, the Daewoo SDA1551. This is an air fryer oven that comes with a unique design that looks amazing on your kitchen countertop. There is more to learn about the cooker, so here is a review to help you have a deeper understanding of it.

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Daewoo SDA1551 Overview

This SDA1551 is an air fryer oven that offers you a whole lot of features to make your cooking experience amazing. It comes with a large cooking capacity that lets you cook for your family with ease. We noticed that it doesn’t take much of your cooking space, and it comes with a convenient control panel for accessing the onboard cooking modes/functions with ease. Unlike most air fryers out there, this one comes with a feature that keeps it stable on your kitchen counter.

Features and Functions Of The SDA1551


The first thing you will notice about this cooker is the unique box-like design. It comes in a rectangular design that makes it look good on the kitchen counter. Plus, the cooker has a space-saving design that easily sits in a small space. Even if you have a small kitchen space or you like in a studio apartment, this cooker won’t take much of your space.

How large is it in terms of capacity? Well, this model offers you a satisfying 12-liter capacity that can prepare food for more than five people. You can use it to make dinner parties with ease.

Cooking Presets

Everyone would love to have a cooker that does more when it comes to preparing food. The makers of this air fryer understand that, which is why they are offering you several cooking-presets with this unit. You can not only adjust the temperature of the cooker but also the time to suit whatever you are preparing. Keep in mind that the temperature can be adjusted from as low as 80 degrees Celsius to a high of 200 degrees Celsius.

You also get to choose the presets that suit whatever you are cooking. It allows you to choose presets for preparing chicken, fish, meat, pizza, cake, and more. Plus, there is a reheat function that lets you warm your meals when needed.

Control Panel

We have to state that this Daewoo SDA1551 fryer comes with a control panel that is very easy to use. There are different buttons onboard that you can use to access the cooking presets onboard. Every function has a dedicated button to give you an easy time when selecting it. When you need to adjust the temperature setting, there is a (+) and (–) button that allows you to change it accordingly. Best of all, there is a digital display that shows you what setting you have selected.

Nonslip Feet

Isn’t it annoying to have a cooker that keeps moving around the kitchen counter as you use it? It is never an appealing experience. Luckily, the Daewoo SDA1551 is made with nonslip feet that will keep it steady as you work with it. Along with a removable drip tray that prevents spillages and leaks. Generally, this cooker will run with total convenience.


It is important to know that this cooker offers you a number of accessories to enhance your cooking experience. When you purchase the air fryer oven, you will get a rotisserie basket, a drip tray, rotisserie skewer, three mesh baskets, as well as a rotisserie removal tool. This way, you will have all the needed accessories to make your cooking experience a breeze.


  • It can fit in a small space
  • Easy to use control panel
  • Offers multiple cooking modes, including a rotisserie function
  • Comes with multiple cooking accessories
  • Features a glass window to view cooking progress with ease


  • The meshes can start changing color after several uses


Is the Daewoo SDA1551 a good air fryer worth purchasing? We would like to think that it is. This model comes with a unique design and it won’t take much of your kitchen space. Its digital control panel also allows you to access the settings with ease. The best part is that you can check the cooking progress without the need for opening the oven door.

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