COSORI CP158-AF XXL 5.5L Oil Free Air Fryer Review

If you are tired of eating oily food with too much fat, you need to invest in the COSORI CP158-AF Air Fryer. This impressive fryer allows you to make healthy meals for yourself and your loved ones with ease. Whether it is breakfast, lunch, or dinner, this product can reduce fat up to 85%. It also comes with 100 delicious and easy to make recipes that can be followed by anyone.

If you are a fan of some of the world’s famous chefs or influencers, these recipes let you see how they can make their food using this amazing product. If you follow COSORI on their various social media platforms, they constantly post videos and recipes for their community to try for themselves. One thing is certain, you will produce food that tastes great thanks to some of the features this air fryer brings to the table which will be highlighted below.

What’s the price?

The CP158-AF Key Features

  • Keep warm and shake feature – This COSORI air fryer has a shake reminder which allows you to produce evenly cooked food at all times. The keep-warm feature is also a wonderful addition because it ensures your food is well kept for some time if you intend to eat it later.
  • Preheating option – There are not many fryers on the market that give you the option to preheat your food but that is what you get with the  COSORI CP158-AF. This feature helps speed up the cooking process because you don’t have to wait for a long period to begin cooking and eventually eat your food.
  • LED panel – You input the commands via the settings and the fryer does everything for you. It has an impressive LED panel that is easy to use and helps make the right choice no matter what food you’re cooking.
  • Versatile kitchen appliance – This product isn’t just for friends and chicken. It is a lot more versatile than that and allows you to serve up things like roasted vegetables, desserts, sides, egg baked, and more. You will get restaurant-quality food when you add this air fryer to your kitchen collection.
  • Amazing non-stick basket – When frying food like chicken, it can stick to the edges of the basket. Thanks to the technology of this tool, you’ll notice that food won’t stick to the basket allowing you to easily clean up when you’re done.


  • Award-winning product – It is the winner of the Red Dot Award because of its fantastic design. The CP158-AF has a lovely compact size allowing it to easily fit in most kitchens plus the settings are easily displayed to ensure you produce good quality tasting food at all times.
  • Great capacity – This tool has a 5.5L XXL capacity which is more than enough to cook meals for a family of 4-6 members with ease. The design the manufacturers went with allows it to offer you 15% more space compared to other models. You’ll have more cooking space and you can easily fit a 2700g chicken if you wish.
  • Removable basket – The baskets of this fryer can be removed allowing to place food as well as clean easily. It is a very convenient product to own because you can also take the baskets to where you’re making your food.
  • Dishwasher friendly – There are not many fryers that are dishwasher friendly. The majority of them require you to hand wash them because placing them in a machine to clean them can cause damage. Thankfully that is not the case with this one. You can remove the baskets and place them in your dishwasher for cleaning.


  • High price – When you compare this air fryer to others on the market, it is considered expensive for some customers due to its high price
  • Requires a lot of space – Since this fryer does blow a lot of hot air, you have to make sure that you place it in an area that has plenty of space. Failure to do so can cause damage to any items nearby.

Final Thoughts

Overall if you have the money, the COSORI CP158-AF is an excellent air fryer to buy that lets you prepare fresh meals very quickly. Although it will take up plenty of space in your kitchen, you will find it a joy to use, because of it’s settings and a temperature that is good enough to cook a large variety of meals in the comfort of your home.

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