Tower T17039

Tower T17039 5-in-1 Digital Air Fryer Oven Review

The Tower T17039 is unlike no other air fryer on the market because it features a 360-degree rotating system as well as Vortx technology. You don’t need to use too much oil to get crispy and tender food because hot air circulates in the fryers quickly to ensure everything you put inside is evenly cooked.

If you are health conscious and trying to reduce your fat intake, this Tower fryer ensures your food has 99% less fat. It is extremely powerful and you can cook a 1kg chicken in just 40 minutes which is 30% faster than most ovens found in many homes. This tool has some amazing stand out features which will be highlighted below.

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The T17039 Key Features

  • Impressive power – There are not many air fryers that are as powerful as the Tower T17039. It offers you 2000W of power which enables you to handle a wide range of ingredients with ease. Some people become impatient if they have to wait for their food to cook for a long time and this product caters to those people who want their meals ready much quicker.
  • Low-fat food – You will have healthy food all the time because this fryer requires little to no oil. There’s no need to worry about compromising the quality of your food because your food will still maintain its great flavor and taste but will lose fat. This is wonderful for people who want to cut down on fat in their everyday diet.
  • Digital controls – This fryer has a very lovely control panel that allows you to adjust the temperature depending on what you’re cooking for perfect results. This feature can make or break a product but thankfully, the one found here is fully functional, works as it should, and produces quality that is hard to match.
  • Digital timer – This air fryer has a 60-minute timer which allows users to schedule how long they want their food to cook. This prevents things like overcooking or undercooking of food.
  • Amazing air circulation technology – Your food will come out more delicious thanks to the air circulation cooking technology found in this lovely fryer.
  • Overheating protection and Auto switch-off feature – Overcooking or burning food is something that can happen to anyone even for the most experienced chefs. It is down to a loss in concentration or being preoccupied with something one forgets they have food cooking. This feature mentioned above gives you peace of mind. When your food is ready to be served, the air fryer will shut down automatically preserving the quality of your food and preventing overheating as well as overcooking. This is helpful for people who have kids to look after while they cook.


  • Incredibly versatile – A product that can handle so many different types of foods is always worth investing in. You can use the T17039 for things like roasting, baking, air frying, as a dehydrator, and rotisserie.
  • Impressive capacity – With 11 liters of cooking space at your disposal, you should be able to cook meals quickly if you have a large family. You can fit a whole chicken in this fryer without having to worry about it sticking onto the edges which can make cleaning later on a massive pain.
  • Uses Vortx technology – The technology found in fryers can affect the quality of good consumers get. It can make a massive difference and the Tower T17039  circulates air very well allowing you to have cakes, chicken, vegetables, and chips that are crispier and tender.
  • Extremely powerful – One of the things that set products like these on the market apart from each other is the power they offer consumers. If you want something very powerful, you have to pay a premium for it and with this tool in your kitchen, you can prepare and have meals ready to serve 30% faster than most fryers on the market.


  • Bulky – At 7.5kgs, this air fryer is very heavy and will take up a significant amount of space in your kitchen.

Tower T17039 Overview

Overall the Tower T17039 is the perfect air fryer for a family who wants their meals ready quickly without having to wait for a long time. The Vortx technology it has makes this a must-have product in the kitchen because you can fry a large variety of foods plus it has an excellent capacity. Its impressive power means food is ready 30% faster, little to no oil is needed making your meals healthy and fat-free. You will not go wrong if you invest in this amazing fryer as long as you have the funds.

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