Kenwood FDM302SS

Kenwood FDM302SS Multipro Compact Food Processor Review

In our Kenwood FDM302SS review, we will ignore the reputation the brand already has in the market, being an industry leader for over 70 years, and evaluate the performance of this product and how they compare to other models available for a similar price.

The aim is to help you make the right purchase decision and possibly end the daunting task of looking for a top-quality and high-performing food processor in the UK.

What’s the price?

Kenwood FDM302SS Overview

The FDM302SS comes in a stylish design and innovative space-saving construction. It features a high-power motor, dual-drive system, and reversible discs ideal for an extensive range of applications like chopping, pureeing, grating, and more. 

Some Unique Features Of The FDM302SS

High-Power Motor With Top-Quality Blades:

If you followed any of our reviews on food processors, you’d be conversant with the idea that the motor quality (its speed and construction) is one of the most significant factors that determine the overall performance of your machine. The blades also count, seeing that it utilizes the driving force from the motor and cuts through your veggies and nuts.

A top-performing food processor should come with a high-power motor and rust-proof blades that wouldn’t get blunt after quickly. We found out that the Kenwood FDM302SS had these features; precisely, an 800W motor (one of the best you can get for its size in the UK) and rust-proof stainless steel blades.


Food processors are towering in demand because of their wide range of use, from mixing, blending to grating. This extensive application on a single device saves you the cost of buying separate machines for these tasks. Below are the food processing tasks this product supports

  • Chopping And Blitzing: The Kenwood FDM302SS food processor handles chopping veggies, meats, or other ingredients and excellently handles blitzing nuts, breadcrumbs, or foods. 
  • Slicing And Grating: There are reversible discs (2mm and 4mm) on this product for extra fine to medium slicing and grating applications, allowing you to handle a fairly wide range of tasks like grating cheeseand slicing potatoes.
  • Dicing And Grinding: The machine’s multi-mill option lets you grind nuts and herbs and 1mm dicing applications.
  • Mixing And Pureeing: From kneading bread, pastry mixes, cake batters, and whisking, the device handles these applications efficiently and could also be used for pureeing.
  • Juicing: The supplied citrus press allows you to makefresh juice from soft fruits and the centrifugal juicer ensures juicing from hard fruits like carrots, apples, and others are quick and convenient. 

Dual Drive And Variable Speed:

There are three selectable speed options on this device- high, low, and a pulse option that gives you more control of the blade speed. The pulse option gives you more control but will increase the margin of irregularities when processing large amounts of ingredients in batches. 

Another exciting option for the machine’s operation is its dual-drive system. This function allows the device to use a single base, adjusting to high speed and slower speed attachments; thus, saving you space. 


This machine features a reasonably compact overall size that is reasonably lightweight compared to competitive products with similar basket sizes. It has a stylish modern design with metal construction, hardened BPA-free rubber parts, thermal-resist glass, and a stainless steel-coloured exterior.

Fairly Large Food Bowl:

Like every other food processor, this device comes with two bowls on this device- a small 1.2L one for small-scale applications like blending and a large 2.1 L capacity bowl for tackling larger tasks. Its 2.1L bowl isn’t the largest size available. In fact, its successor has a 3.6L bowl, and there are models from other brands with 3.1L. Yet, we recommend you don’t consider unnecessary options, say looking for a large bowl machine when you’ve got a small home.

Product Specification

Product Dimension23 x 20 x 36.5 cm
Weight4.8 kg
Power800 W
Capacity2.1 and 1.2 L


The machine has a 5-year warranty and a 30-day money-back guaranty.


  • Dishwasher-safe parts
  • Non-slip feet
  • Sleek, compact, and lightweight design
  • Supplied juice extractor and spatula
  • Excellent overall performance
  • High-power drive system
  • Superior-grade construction with excellent durability


  • More expensive than competitive products
  • Fairly large food bowl

Recommendation And Purchase Option

All in all, the Kenwood FDM302SS food processor is a top-quality, high-performing device that gets the job done quickly, quietly, and efficiently. It comes with a high price than many models within its size and class, but its high-grade motor, better application range, top-quality construction justifies its price. Thus, it gets our full recommendation for purchase. 

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