Ninja BN750UK

Ninja BN750UK 2-in-1 Blender With Auto-iQ Review

The Ninja BN750UK is a blender that is highly-rated, and not just because it comes from a reputable brand. Rather, this model has some of the best features that make it a top pick.

Does the blender perform decently? Will it be a good buy for you? That depends on your expectations. Nevertheless, here is a detailed review of the product to help you decide if it would suit you.

What’s the price?

Ninja BN750UK Overview

This blender comes with a powerful motor that can easily handle multiple ingredients with ease. Whether you want to make some smoothie or crushed-ice cocktails, the BN750UK will perfectly handle that. Besides being a multifunctional model, this blender will also give you a user-friendly experience when working with it. You can confidently purchase it for your family setting as it offers a generous capacity. Above all, it comes at a decent price point that won’t force you to break the bank.

Features And Functions Of The BN750UK


Let’s start with the design of the Ninja BN750UK. How does it score? In terms of the appearance, we easily give it a 9/10. It looks appealing and modern enough. You’d have an easy time working with it. This unit can easily make a statement in the kitchen. Your visitors will notice it as soon as they step into your kitchen. Unfortunately, this may not be your pick if you have a confined kitchen space. It will take some space.


As we have mentioned, the blender is perfectly suited for a family setting. With this model, you can perfectly make smoothies, juices, or cocktails for your family. It offers you a generous capacity of 2.1 liters. Besides that, there is a 700ml cup for taking some personal smoothies with you. In other words, this blender offers both family and single-serves with eases.


The motor on this fella comes with a powerful rating that helps you to handle different ingredients. This model comes with a massive 1200W motor that can take just about any ingredient you throw at it. Whether you need to blend some berries, crush some ice cubes, or make some vegetable smoothie, this model will help you achieve that easily. With that powerful motor, you should get used to the loud noises that it produces.

Ninja Blade Technology

You would love the precision-engineered blades of the Ninja BN750UK. The blades of this blender are made to last as they are made of high-quality stainless steel. To give you an imagination of how precise and durable these blades are, they can easily stand a test of 1000 ice-crushing cycles. So yes, this blender is ready for action at any time.

Furthermore, the patented Pro Extractor Blade will create super-smooth results in the single-serve cup and even blend tough ingredients like nuts or seeds.

Auto-iQ Technology

What else is to love about this model? The Ninja blender comes with the iconic Auto-iQ Technology from Ninja. This technology offers you three intelligent blending programs that are made to better the results at the touch of a button. All you have to do is touch the program based on whatever you are blending, and the machine will do its thing. Still, you can go manually with the pulse and three-speed levels.


If you are used to purchasing a blender with so many accessories, this one might not impress you as such. It doesn’t come with so many accessories, but it still delivers accordingly. All that is offered with the blender is the main jug, an extra blending blade unit, and the on-the-go blending mug. But the most important of them all is the inspirational recipe guide. This guide will help you kick-start your blending journey with more insight.

Easy to Clean

The good thing about working with this blender is that it is not only easy to use but also easy to clean. You can clean the jug, mug, and blades manually or in the dishwasher with ease.


  • Elegant and modern design
  • Powerful motor
  • Intelligent blending programs
  • Easy to use touch control panel
  • Comes with an inspirational recipe guide


  • It can be loud when running at high speeds
  • Not the best pick for dry ingredients


Should you go for the Ninja BN750UK? If you are devoted to your health and fitness journey and you need to enjoy your smoothie at home and on the go, this model would suit you perfectly. The blender also offers you a recipe guide that you can try out different recipes if you need some inspiration.

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