Sensio Home SH1300WSMRED

Sensio Home SH1300WSMRED 2-in-1 Food Processor Review

A good food processor will help make your food preparation as quick and straightforward as possible. That is what the Sensio Home SH1300WSMRED offers.

This food processor is designed to handle tough preparation tasks with ease and assure you that you achieve them with minimal effort. In other words, the user experience of this appliance is friendly enough.

So, what else is to love about the food processor? Here is a review to give you more insight.

What’s the price?

SH1300WSMRED Overview

Power, versatility, and durability as some of the main aspects that relate to the SH1300WSMRED. This food processor comes with a popping color theme that would easily be noticed as it sits on your kitchen counter. It also has multiple speed settings that let you handle different ingredients with ease. The motor is powerful enough to let you work on any preparation task around the kitchen. But the price might be too high, right? You might think that way, but this model comes at a very decent price point. We would say that it has a good value for money.

Features And Functions Of The SH1300WSMRED


When you lay your eyes on this Sensio Home 2-in-1 Food Processor for the first time, you will notice its colorful theme. This makes it easy to notice in the kitchen. It has a popping red theme that blends well with the stainless steel bowl. While this might look amazing, it might not fit in any kitchen theme out there. But if you are sure it will fit in your kitchen, then you will enjoy having it.

The food processor is quite a space-eater, which might not suit you if you have a confined kitchen space.


This Sensio Home model comes with a classic mixer design that will offer a decent capacity, especially if you need one for your family setting. The large mixing bowl comes with a generous 4.5-liter capacity. On the other hand, the blender jug offers you a 1.5-liter capacity. So yes, this is a good model to go for if you a family-friendly unit.

Dual-Drive Motor

Honestly, this is one of the best home-based food processors that come with a powerful motor. This one offers you a massive 1300W motor that will handle any mixing tasks. The best part is that the motor is designed to also deliver power to the blender. The blender will spin a wire whip that will rotate around the bowl to offer the needed bowl coverage for perfect mixing.

On the other hand, the motor also spins the stainless steel blades of the blender to handle multiple ingredients, including sauces, dressings, soups, and smoothies.

6-Speed Settings

Another feature that offers you versatility with the food preparation is the variable speed setting onboard. This one will offer you 6 speeds that can either knead, batter, bake, or blend whatever ingredient you throw at it. The speed settings serve for both the food processor whip and blender blades.

Innovative Planetary Action

The Sensio Home SH1300WSMRED is designed to work efficiently with unique planetary action. This action will rotate the beater in one direction while whisking and turning in the other. As a result, this will constantly push ingredients towards the center of the bowl for smooth and even mixing. In the long run, it helps to enhance the quality of the results.

Splash Guard and Attachments

The large mixing bowl will perfectly lock in place, and it also comes with a dedicated plastic splash guard that will prevent any splashes or spills. The splash guard is easy to remove for cleaning, and so is the blender jug. Besides that, there are other accessories, including a balloon whisk, mixing beater, and dough hooks that perform different tasks.


  • Elegant red theme
  • Powerful motor for handling different tasks
  • Offers a blender and mixer in one unit
  • Features a splash guard to prevent spills
  • Generous capacity
  • 6-speed settings


  • It can be noisy when set at high speeds
  • It consumes a lot of space


The Sensio Home SH1300WSMRED 2 in 1 Food Processor is a good food processor that offers you a blender and mixer in one unit. It has a powerful motor that can handle just about any kitchen task. Even better, it offers six-speed settings that are easy to select. The only major challenge is that the model is loud when it is set at a high speed.

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