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Tower T17023 2.2 Litre Air Fryer Oven Review

If you love eating some crispy meals but you also don’t want to ruin your fitness and health journey, an air fryer would be the way to go. With an air fryer, it perfectly prepares crispy and crunchy foods without the need for submerging the food in cooking oil. You can even use one tablespoon of cooking oil and still enjoy crispy meals. If you need a good air fryer to try out, you could try the Tower T17023.

But how does this cooker deliver? Is it worth the try? Here is a review to give you an idea of its delivery.

What’s the price?

Tower T17023 Overview

The T17023 is an air fryer that is designed to save you kitchen space while delivering to the maximum. It’s made with an innovative technology that lets you enjoy the original flavor of every food that you cook. Furthermore, you can time your cooking time as well as adjust the cooking temperature to meet your needs accordingly. With its 1000W rating, this cooker will perfectly cook multiple foods. The best part is that you won’t have to break the bank to get this cooker. It is very affordable yet super reliable.

Features And Functions Of The T17023


For those with small kitchen spaces, this cooker might be your friend in need. It comes with a tower-like design that is still compact enough to save you some space. We reckon this cooker will fit in any kitchen space out there. Its black theme allows it to blend with any kitchen style.

What cooking capacity does it offer? Well, you will enjoy a decent cooking capacity of 2.2 liters, which is not bad at all. However, we wouldn’t recommend this model to you if you have a family. But for solo meals or meals for two, the air fryer would serve you with elegance.

VORTX Technology

Wouldn’t it be incredible to have an air fryer that is made with one of the latest cooking technologies? It sure would. This model comes with the iconic VORTX technology. So, what is VORTX Technology, and how helpful is it?

This is a unique technology that entails rapid air circulation in the air fryer to create crispier texture faster on different types of foods. Thanks to this technology, you will save time and effort when preparing your fried food.

Timer/Temperature Control

With the Tower T17023, you don’t only get to change the temperature of the unit. Rather, it also allows you to set how long you wish the cooker to run. Some models will only allow you to set the temperature that you wish, but you will need to time it on your own.

However, this one lets you control its temperature and time according to whatever you are cooking. Specifically, the cooker offers an adjustable thermostat with temperatures ranging from 80-200°C. Along with that, there is a timer that you can set from 1 to 30 minutes based on what you are cooking.

Automatic Switch Off

You will enjoy working with the air fryer and be sure of safety as it is loaded with an automatic switch-off function. Once the time runs out, the cooker will shut off automatically. It will also go off when the frying basket is removed or if it stays inactive after a while.

Removable Cooking Basket with Cool-Touch Handle

There is a drawer-like frying basket that you can remove easily to load or unload the food. It is also removable for easy cleaning. Keep in mind that the basket comes with a nonstick interior. Plus, the cool-touch handle offers comfort and safety as you cook with the air fryer.

Tower T17023 is one model that you can use with little to no oil but still be sure of crispy meals.


  • Comes with a space-saving design
  • It is very easy to use with the two dials for temperature and time
  • VORTX Technology increases the frying speed
  • Features an automatic shutoff function for safety
  • Available at a super-friendly price point


  • Not the best choice for a large family


Who is the best candidate for the Tower T17023? We would recommend this air fryer to you if you live in a tiny house or if you have a confined kitchen space. It is easy to use, saves you cooking time, and is available at a very friendly price.

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