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Tower T14001 17L Halogen Low Fat Air Fryer Review

Are you in need of a budget-friendly air fryer? If you are then we would point you in the direction of Tower T14001. This is one air fryer that comes with a whole lot of features onboard, and it is versatile as well. Besides its amazing value for money, this unit also gives you an easy time when working with it, even if you are using it for the first time.

Here is a review of the cooker to help you understand it better.

What’s the price?

Tower T14001 Overview

The T14001 is an air fryer that comes with a super-unique design, and it is meant to give you a whole different cooking experience. This model will look good on your kitchen counter, and it can act as décor in the kitchen. It also runs with a technology that enhances its cooking performance. With this air fryer, you will be confident of cooking faster and healthier than your regular fryers. The fact that it comes at a friendly price is reason enough to give this unit a shot.

Features and Functions Of The T14001

Glass Design

The first thing you will notice about this cooker is its unique design. It doesn’t look like your regular air fryer. Rather, this baby comes with a glass construction and a bowl-like design. With this unique design, you can leave it on the kitchen counter even when it is not in use. The cooker will make a statement with perfection in your kitchen.

Keep in mind that the glass construction allows you to check the cooking progress. There is an inbuilt light that will illuminate the unit as cooking is going on.

Family Capacity

This unit was specifically designed for a family setting as it offers you a large capacity. Here, you can enjoy a 12-liter bowl that should be enough for a large family or if you have visitors for dinner. Even better, there is a 5-liter extender ring for extra capacity. In total, you get a massive 17-liter capacity that can prepare food for over 8 people all at once.

Triple Cooking Power

The Tower T14001doesn’t only come with a unique design, but it also runs with innovative cooking technology. This one combines the power of infrared, convection, and halogen technology. As a result, it assures you of enjoying a model that cooks three times faster than a standard oven.

Furthermore, this model can easily cook food directly from frozen. No thawing time will be required in this case. This then helps to save you time and effort.

Defrost Setting

This cooker is designed to use less energy compared to a conventional fryer. It will save both time and energy as you work with it in the kitchen. The cooker features a convenient defrost setting that you can use to save the need for thawing frozen meals.

User Friendly

Working with this Tower air fryer is very easy since it only comes with two turn knobs for controlling the time and temperature. There are also two lights, green and red, which will go on when it is cooking, and when the food is ready. Keep in mind that you can easily view the cooking progress with ease. Besides that, the bowl is easily removable for cleaning. Being that it is made of glass, it means that this cooker is naturally nonstick and it will use little to no oil.


While Tower T14001 air fryer might not come with a lot of accessories like other units out there, it is still reliable enough. It only comes with the massive glass bowl and the extender. Along with that, you can enjoy the free cookbook with air fryer recipes to get you going and make your cooking experience more interesting.


  • Massive 17-liter capacity
  • Comes with an elegant design
  • The glass bowl allows you to view cooking progress with ease
  • Easy to clean the glass bowl
  • Heat-resistant handles
  • Cooks meals frozen without the need for thawing
  • Comes with a free recipe book


  • Limited cooking functions


Who should purchase the Tower T14001? Anybody that has a large family or if you tend to host a lot of visitors at home and you need an air fryer to prepare enough food at once. It might not be your ideal pick if you want to use it for versatile cooking. But for basic air frying cooking, it scores perfectly.

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