Tower T17001

Tower T17001 2L Small Deep Fat Fryer Review

The Tower T17001 is an electric deep fryer that is easily found among the leading kitchen appliance stores in the UK. Coming from a reputable brand, the cooker is meant to serve you with elegance. You can use it in your confined house as you enjoy making super crunchy fried food. For those that have less than three people in the house, this cooker would be a good pick for you.

Here is a detailed review of the deep fryer.

What’s the price?

Tower T17001 Overview

TheT17001 offers you simplicity, multifunctional cooking, as well as affordability. You will purchase this cooker at a super-friendly price and still be confident of a reliable machine. It is also one cooker that is user-friendly, so getting started with it will be easy. Cleaning it is equally easy, and the cooker is designed to eliminate the carbon smell that fills the kitchen or the entire house after frying. It might not be a massive cooker to be used for family settings, but that doesn’t make it less functional.

Features And Functions Of The T17001


If you love having a stylish kitchen appliance that doesn’t compromise with the delivery, you’d love having this model. It comes with a sturdy-looking box-like design that looks modern and elegant enough. Along with that, the cooker has a black theme that is universal and blends with any styles out there.

It doesn’t have such a massive capacity as the cooker only offers you a 2-liter capacity to prepare food for a maximum of three people. We would recommend it to a couple or if you live alone. Still, it wouldn’t be a bad pick for a young family of three.

Auto-Open Lid with Viewing Window

When we say this is a modern deep fryer, we mean it. The cooker is designed with a lid that features a convenient view window that you can make of it when checking the cooking progress. This way, you can be sure of achieving the food browning of your choice.

There is also an auto-open feature that lets you open the lid safely. In other words, you won’t have to worry about the hot steam burning you as the lid opens. The view window also contributes to the overall safety of the cooker.

Adjustable Thermostat/Versatile Cooking

The Tower T17001 is made with adjustable features that will let you choose the perfect temperature for whatever you are cooking. There is an adjustable thermostat onboard with varied temperature settings for your convenience. You can set the temperature to 130, 150, 170, and 190 degrees Celsius based on what you wish. But there is a guide on the control panel to show you what each temperature setting is best for.

Indicator Lights

As you fry your foods on this T17001 cooker, you will easily tell if they are ready or not. There is a red light that will remain on whenever the deep fryer is plugged into the socket outlet and switch on. When the food is fully cooked, the Green/Ready light will go on. This assures you of convenience as you fry your meals.

Comfortable/Safe Features

This cooker doesn’t only come with adjustable cooking settings, but it is also designed to give you an overly easy time as you work with it. The cooker features cool-touch handles on each side, along with a handle for the frying basket. You can hold the handles even when the cooker is cooking at the highest temperature setting. The inner frying pot is a nonstick for easy cleaning.

Lid Odor Filter System

With the Tower T17001, you no longer have to worry about the frying carbon smell filling the house after cooking. Thanks to the lid odor filter system, you can fry your foods and worry less about the smell remaining behind or even getting stuck to your clothes. This is a good feature if you will be hosting visitors later on after cooking.


  • Modern and good-looking design
  • Comes with a lid odor filter system to contain the carbon smell
  • The lid comes with a viewing window
  • Cool-touch handles on either side
  • Easily removable lid and frying basket for easy cleaning


  • Not suitable for serving more than four people


So, what can we say about the Tower T17001? This deep fryer is made for anyone that wants to enjoy their deep frying. As long as you don’t need it for a large family, you will truly enjoy working with this cooker. The price point is also friendly, so it is worth the bargain.

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