Swan SD6080BLKN

Swan SD6080BLKN 2.5 Litre Deep Fat Fryer Review

Deep fryers are designed to give foods an appealing crispy, golden finish, and you can use them to cook just about any food. Whether you need them for frying chips or churros, the deep fryer won’t disappoint. The Swan SD6080BLKN is one of the leading deep fryers in the UK, and its delivery is impressive as well.

If you want to learn more about the deep fryer, here is a detailed review for you.

What’s the price?

Swan SD6080BLKN Overview

The SD6080BLKN is rated as a top deep fryer and it is because it comes from a reputable brand well known in the UK. You can enjoy a compact cooker that won’t take much of your kitchen space with this model. Along with that, the deep fryer offers a decent capacity for serving a small family with ease. Plus, the features onboard are meant to minimize the use of oil. Cleaning the cooker is a walk in the park, and it is available at a very affordable price point.

Features And Functions Of The SD6080BLKN


For those that have a small kitchen or if you live in a confined studio apartment, you will want an equally petite kitchen appliance. This deep fryer is designed to offer just that. It comes with a modern, black design that can fit in any kitchen, regardless of the style. The cooker can even act as décor on your kitchen counter when it is not in use.

Yes, it comes with a compact design, but the cooker still offers you a generous 2.5-liter capacity. This should be enough to prepare food for two to four people.

View Window on Lid

Opening the lid of the electric fryer while it is still running is not always recommended. But you still need to check the cooking progress. So, Swan solved the issue by including a transparent glass on the lid. This way, you can check the cooking progress without having to open the lid. The best part is that the window is conveniently placed at the top of the cooker for easy viewing.

Four-Level Temperature Setting

When deep frying with a pot, you will need to adjust the flame level of the burner based on whatever you are cooking. This can be unreliable sometimes. Luckily, the Swan SD6080BLKN allows you to enjoy an adjustable thermostat with ease. The thermostat lets you take complete control over whatever you are frying.

There is a turn dial that allows you to choose between the four available temperature levels to suit your cooking needs accordingly.

Fixed Oil Container/Detachable Basket

This SD6080BLKN cooker comes with a fixed oil container that will keep the hot oil safe and secure inside the appliance as it is cooking. With this, you will be sure of safety and lessen the chances of accidents. Also onboard is the detachable basket that is made of stainless steel for durability. Also, this frying basket comes with a nonstick coating. This way, you will have an easy time cleaning it.

There is also a cool-touch handle that offers you safety when you need to lift off the basket. Since the handle doesn’t heat up, it means you can easily lower food into the hot oil and take it out again with confidence. The handle is detachable to let you clean it easily.

Control Panel

Whether you are a novice or experienced user of deep fryers, this one will give you an easy time when working with it. The Swan SD6080BLKN comes with a very user-friendly control panel that features a turn dial for choosing the right temperature for frying your foods. To open the lid, you just have to press the dedicated button on the cooker. Dismantling the handle is also easy. Above all, you won’t break a sweat when it comes to cleaning the cooker’s parts.


  • Comes with a compact, square design
  • Easy to use control panel
  • Fixed oil container for safety
  • Detachable basket with a cool-touch handle
  • Offers four different temperature settings


  • You will need to clean it regularly to enjoy crispy foods


Is the Swan SD6080BLKN a good pick to include in your kitchen? Yes, it is. If you just need a regular deep fryer for preparing crispy chips or some fried chicken, this one would do. As long as you clean it properly after every use, you will be confident of enjoying its delivery.

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