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Salter EK2817 Compact 2L Hot Air Fryer Review

When thinking of a home-based air fryer, you will mostly look for one that is not too big, it’s easy to use, and can allow you to cook a few foods with it. The Salter EK2817 is one of those models you should be going for if you need an air fryer for your home-made chips, fried chicken, or roast veggies. It comes with a compact design to easily fit in any kitchen space.

But that’s not the only delivery of the air fryer. Here is a detailed review of the cooker to help you understand what you will be getting when you purchase it.

What’s the price?

Salter EK2817 Overview

The EK2817 is a compact and handy air fryer that offers you a healthy way of enjoying your food cravings. It comes with a 1000W rating that should offer enough temperature to fry your foods. Furthermore, this one runs on an advanced heat circulation technology that assures you of evenly cooked food, regardless of what you are cooking with it. We loved the fact that the cooker offers you a user-friendly operation. It also comes at a friendly price point to save you some money while offering you an amazing cooking experience.

Features and Functions Of The EK2817


This is the perfect model to go for if you like air fryers that don’t take up much of your kitchen space. Even if you need it in your confined studio apartment or RV, the air fryer will fit perfectly without a problem. It comes with a tower design that can be squeezed into that small counter space. Also, storing it away shouldn’t be a problem.

Being that it is a model with a small design, it means that it also comes with a small capacity. Specifically, this unit only offers you a 2-liter cooking capacity. It should prepare food for around two people. However, some users thought it is best suited for solo cooking.

Heat Circulation Technology

This Salter EK2817 fryer is loaded with innovative heat circulation technology that will blow hot air inside the unit. As a result, the hot air will circulate the food to assure you of evenly-cooked meals. Even with a large chicken breast or a piece of steak, you can be sure of them being well-cooked inside. Besides that, the heat circulation technology helps to cook your food super-fast to save you time and effort.

Adjustable Thermostat

The 1000W heat element is meant to heat up the air fryer to meet your cooking needs accordingly. There is an inbuilt thermostat on board, which lets you change the cooking temperature for the specific food you are cooking. The turn knob lets you adjust the temperature from around 80 degrees Celsius to a maximum of 200 degrees Celsius.

Timer/Auto-Shutoff Function

You also get a dial that will let you set the preferred cooking time for whatever you are cooking. This cooker is so fast that it cooks whatever meal you are preparing under 30 minutes. In other words, it offers you a timer that you can set from 0 to 30 minutes. Even if you need to rewarm the food in less than 60seconds, this air fryer will let you do so with ease.

For safety purposes and energy efficiency, the Salter cooker is loaded with an auto-shutoff function. This function will turn off the cooker once it is done with the cooking progress. It will also go off if it is not active for some minutes.


From the time you unbox the Salter EK2817 to when you are done and cleaning the frying rack, you will be sure of a user-friendly experience. There are only two dials on the unit that allow you to change the temperature and time accordingly. Also, there are indicator lights that will alert you if the model is powered on and when the food is ready. The frying rack is nonstick and very much easy to clean.


  • Compact and space-saving design
  • Easy to use controls
  • Cleaning the frying rack is easy
  • Cool-touch handles for safe handling
  • Comes with a free recipe book


  • Not ideal for a family setting


The Salter EK2817 is a good pick if you need a reliable model that is basic enough to use at home but still functional to help you prepare healthy fried foods. The price tag is friendly, which shouldn’t give you a headache.

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