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Tower T17024 4.3 Litre Digital Air Fryer Oven Review

Fried food might be delicious and irresistible, but it can also be lethal to our health due to the high cholesterol and fats that they possess. But this also is because the foods absorb high amounts of cooking oil during the cooking process. However, an air fryer lets you enjoy fried food with limited to no cooking oil. The Tower T17024 is one of the top-ranked air fryers in the UK, and we will be exploring its delivery in this article.

What makes this air fryer unique? Why should you purchase it in the first place? Let’s find that out.

What’s the price?

Tower T17024 Overview

Having an air fryer that is designed with one of the latest cooking technologies can be impressive. That is what the T17024 offers. This air fryer would be a good addition to your kitchen arsenal, and you would enjoy having it since it doesn’t take much space and it offers multiple cooking functions as well. The cooker offers a timer with more minutes compared to other models out there. Even better, it is designed with modern cooking technology. You won’t have to break the bank to get this unit either.

Features and Functions Of The T17024


This Tower T17024 fryer comes with a more common design that is tower-like. In other words, it has a smaller width and longer height, which means it will easily fit in your squeezed kitchen or apartment. And yes, it can even be used in an RV.

What is its capacity? This fella comes with a relatively decent capacity of 4.3 liters that should be enough for a maximum of three people. However, it is recommended for one or two people. You will get the 4.3-liter pot and a 3.2-liter capacity basket to let you prepare meals for one or two.

VORTX Technology

Equipped with a 1500W heating element, this cooker can deliver a decent cooking temperature to meet your cooking needs accordingly. The heating element then works with innovative technology to offer rapid air circulation. This hot air circulation will then create crispier textures in a shorter time. The best part is that it will let you prepare different types of foods, including cakes, chips, chicken, or veggies.

Multiple Cooking Options

You will be getting a cooker that lets you enjoy multiple functions. You will not only fry with this cooker, but it allows you to enjoy other functions to suit whatever food you are preparing. Besides that fry function, the Tower T17024 also lets you grill, roast, or bake. This is a great cooking companion that you would enjoy working with.

Adjustable Timer/Temperature

This model is meant to offer you versatility at its best. You can adjust the temperature and time based on what you are cooking. With the temperature, it can be set from 80 and 200°C, while the timer can be set from 0 to 60 minutes. Thanks to the 60-minute timer, you will enjoy cooking with versatility.


If you set a specific time on the cooker and the timer runs out, the unit will automatically switch off. This helps to save electricity consumption and also for safety purposes. Keep in mind that some more expensive models out there don’t have the auto-shutoff feature.

Digital Controls

One thing that sets this cooker above other models out there is the fact that it offers you the cooking programs and controls in a digital panel. All the eight presets, temperature, and timer can be adjusted at the touch of a button. Plus, there is a convenient LED screen to display whatever cooking preset or setting you to choose.


Even though the cooker comes with a digital control panel, it is still easy to use. However, if you are completely new to digital controls on an air fryer, you might find it somewhat tricky to use at first. But there is a user manual to guide you. The frying basket is removable for easy cleaning.


  • It doesn’t consume much of your kitchen space
  • Works with VORTX Technology to shorten the cooking time
  • Adjustable timer up to 60 minutes
  • Convenient digital display
  • Features an auto-shutoff
  • Comes with 8 cooking presets


  • Not the best pick for a large family
  • The basket doesn’t slide in smoothly


The Tower T17024 is a decent air fryer that can help you prepare healthy fried foods at home. It is easy to use, and you will enjoy versatility with the presets onboard.

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