Tefal FZ710840

Tefal FZ710840 ActiFry Original Health Air Fryer Review

If we were to describe the Tefal FZ710840 air fryer with four words, we’d say elegant, smart, and versatile. This is not your regular air fryer, but that shouldn’t scare you. It still is user-friendly but performs better than most home-based air fryers. The cooker might come at a slightly higher price tag than other models, but it surely is worth every penny.

So, how does the cooker perform? Is it a decent air fryer worth purchasing? Here is a review to help you answer those questions.

What’s the price?

Tefal FZ710840 Overview

The FZ710840 is an air fryer that comes with a modern and unique design to not only glorify your kitchen space but also to give you an easy time when working with it. This cooker beats most air fryers out there that are designed to be used at home due to the features and functions that it delivers. As a result, you will have to pay almost thrice the price of most air fryers out there. But that shouldn’t push you away. You might actually prefer going for this unit as it offers a better cooking experience.

Features and Functions Of The FZ710840


If we were considering the design and appearance of an air fryer, we would definitely list this one as one of the best models in the UK. It comes with a unique design that looks quite futuristic. This unit has a spherical shape that looks like a spaceship. You would love to have it on your kitchen counter whether it is in use or not. Furthermore, this cooker will not eat up your kitchen space, even if you live in a confined apartment.

In terms of capacity, the air fryer offers a 1kg capacity that should be enough for one or two people. Unfortunately, this might not be your ideal pick if need a cooker for your family. But for a young family of three people, it can still serve you decently.

Auto Stirring Paddle/Dual Motion Technology

Too often, you will be needed to shake or stir the air fryer for the cook to be evenly cooked. This can be challenging and tiresome in the long run. However, the Tefal FZ710840 is designed to save you that time and effort. Thanks to the auto-stirring paddle, you will no longer have to shake or stir the unit. This paddle will stir the food automatically as it cooks.

All that you will need to do is load the frying pan, set the timer, and let the unit do the rest. The dual-motion technology will stir up the food automatically.

Removable Digital Timer

It can be tiresome to keep checking the cooking progress of the cooker, especially if you are watching TV or busy away from the kitchen. But this unit is designed to make the whole cooking process a breeze. There is a digital timer that you can remove from the unit and take with you. This way, you can track the cooking progress from a different room.

Time/Temperature Control

Given the removable digital timer, you can use it to track the time that you set initially on the unit. The Tefal FZ710840 air fryer comes with a timer that can be adjusted to meet your preference. Ideally, 30 minutes should be enough to cook your chicken.

With the temperature, it is controlled automatically with the unit. In other words, you cannot adjust the temperature. This might be a concern to some users, who prefer to tweak the temperature themselves.

Ease of Use

This would be the perfect pick for you if you like having a model that is easy to use. Once you load the ingredients, you just have to set the timer and let the cooker do its thing. Nothing else is needed. The bow, lid, and stirring paddle are all dishwasher safe and easily removable.


  • It comes with an attractive design
  • Very easy to use
  • Removable digital timer to track the cooking progress remotely
  • Comes with a mobile app that offers over 150+ recipes
  • Dual-motion technology and auto stir paddle eliminates the need for stirring


  • It doesn’t come with an auto-shutoff feature


The Tefal FZ710840 is a good air fryer that can help you cook tasty and healthy friend foods with ease. It is very user-friendly, and it doesn’t consume much of your kitchen space. Even better, you can enjoy over 150 recipes from the My ActiFry mobile app.

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