How Often Should I Clean A Freezer?

How Often Should I Clean A Freezer?

When summers are just around the corner, it is always a good idea to give your freezer a deep cleaning session. This is important to let your freezer smell fresh and preserve the quality of the items you might put in it. The most common concern here is how long you should clean a freezer and the ideal way to do it? To answer this query, we have sorted out some of the trending ideas that can help you deal with this impending problem. To know more about it, keep scrolling!

Immediate Spillage Cleaning

First of all, we were hoping you could start with an immediate cleaning session, which means you have to be vigilant about the spillages and clean them on the spot. This proves to be helpful in the long run because the stains won’t get a chance to stick and harden up on the surface. Just keep a damp cloth at hand to be ready to cope with these issues. As soon as you encounter any spilling incident, wipe it off right away, and you won’t have to look forward to cleaning your freezer every week. This is such an easy way that you might count it as a hack without any qualms.

Weekly Cleaning Sessions

In the weekly cleaning sessions, you have to keep an eye on the freezer items like meat, bacon and other freezer-friendly foods. This is because they are more prone to getting stale, and keeping an outdated dairy item in your freezer is the last thing you want. Let us tell you another easy way to do this. You can start writing the date of purchase on the carton, so as soon as it reaches one week, you know it’s the time to do away with it.

Furthermore, the weekly cleaning also includes removing any leftovers that you might have eaten in the days past. It is for the reason that keeping any cooked item for longer than a week is neither smart nor healthy for your health care. A little caution here can go a long way in the future ahead.

Seasonal Deep Scrubbing

Now, this is something you should only go for if you observe the weekly cleaning of your freezer. It is because waiting for the seasons to change just to clean your freezer is downright unhygienic. For the people who are habitual when it comes to cleaning their freezer, this process won’t take long. Firstly you can start with removing all the items and ensuring that your freezer is empty. After this, you can wait for an hour with the freezer’s doors opened so that all the extra cooling can escape the freezing compartment.Then, you can proceed with using a soft sponge to deeply scrub the inner walls of your freezer.

Likewise, you’d have to read all the expiry dates of the packed items. This can be a golden opportunity to know which things are about to expire so that there won’t be a chance of you consuming them accidentally. Moving on, you can use the same sponge that you use in your kitchen to clean the racks of the freezer. It’s because these sponges are rather soft so they won’t scratch or damage the rust-resistant coating even after repeated usage.

Cleaning The Freezer Twice A Year

If you are accustomed to cleaning your freezer thoroughly, we’d suggest you make the most out of those tiny brushes you get with a vacuum cleaner. All you have to do is attach those brushes with the nozzle and start targeting the dust that lies in the nooks and corners of the freezer. On top of everything, parts like condenser coils and compressors are more vulnerable to fighting the dust. You can use the same brushes to clean the coils and the bottom part of your freezer. This is an essential step, as it lets you clean even those parts of the freezer that otherwise would have required a professional hand. Throughout this process, you have to keep a gentle hand and not exert greater pressure on the coils. This can lead to leaking incidents and might do more harm than good.

Let us emphasize that if you are a beginner or it’s the first time you are cleaning your freezer on your own, you need not mess with the compressing unit. You can go for professional help for the first-timers and then get basic know-how to do it all yourself later on.

Basic cleaning tools to look out for:

Let us mention a few tools that can truly transform your freezer cleaning sessions. This might include

  • Sponge
  • Damp cloth
  • Vacuum along with small brushes
  • Dry soft cloth
  • Food safe anti-bacterial spray

There’s more to it; let us give you a bird’s eye view of the common method that you may opt for to clean your freezer.

Tips And Tricks To Rely On

Before closing the discussion, let us share with you some tips and tricks that can cast a greater impression on your overall progress. The first tip is that you may not start cleaning the freezer unless you are sure that the hard layer of ice has melted away. This is because the ice absorbs the smell that resides in the rotting items. If you don’t let it leave your freezer, you might encounter the same stinking smell that was there before all the tiring cleaning. This is why, as mentioned above, keeping the doors of your freezer opened before scrubbing the walls lowers not only the temperature but also eradicates the bad smell.

Most importantly, never put the items close to the freezer’s wall. This can hinder the smooth airflow, making things more difficult for the laypeople to this discussion. In the same way, you may keep the freezer’s items at a good distance from each other so that their smells won’t intermingle, and you can have a fresh-smelling freezer for a longer time.


As a final say, keeping your freezer clean isn’t a big deal when you are used to taking care of small things like spilling and splattering incidents. It is vital to keep an eye on your freezer’s upkeep to ensure that your food remains fresh for more days and you don’t have to depend on professional help continuously. Moreover, you can consult the little instructive booklet you get from the manufacturer to understand the right way to clean your freezer.

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