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Best Table Top Freezer UK – Small And Compact Mini Models

If you live in a house with a confined space, it can be challenging to go for regular appliances due to space issues. But with an appliance like a table top freezer, it would be the best model if you need a unit for keeping your frozen food. So, how do you find the best table top freezer in the UK?

We understand how challenging it can be if you are exploring the UK market for the best mini freezer. There are multiple models from different brands, which makes the search further daunting. Nevertheless, we did the job for you and researched some of the top models on the market and we will be sharing our findings with you.

Let’s get on with it.

Mini Freezers: Our Top 5

Russell Hobbs RHTTFZ19.4Check
Lowry LTTFZ1 Table Top Mini Freezer with Ice Cube Tray9.4Check
Cookology MFZ32WH Table Top Mini Freezer9.2Check
IceKing TF40W 40L Mini Freezer9.0Check
SIA AMZTT02WH 39L Counter Top Mini Freezer8.8Check

Table Top Freezer Reviews

If you are looking for the best mini freezer that would suit your kitchen space, apartment, or even a road trip, here are five models you should include in your wishlist.

1. Russell Hobbs RHTTFZ1 Mini Countertop Freezer

Russell Hobbs RHTTFZ1

The first mini freezer on the list is this unit from Russell Hobbs. For many decades now, Russell Hobbs has dominated the UK market with its top-level kitchen appliances.

This awesome table top freezer comes with a 32ltr capacity that lets you store a couple of foodstuff for the ideal preservation. Even so, it still comes with a compact design that won’t eat much of your kitchen or apartment space. Speaking of the width, this one will cover less than 50cm in width, which is a real space-saver.

There is a wire shelf on the inside, which is removable to meet your storage needs accordingly. If you have some large foodstuff, you can remove the shelf or put it back for keeping several small foodstuffs. Besides that, the mini freezer comes with a reversible that is meant to meet your preferences to the maximum.

Will it conserve energy consumption while running? It definitely will. The product comes with an amazing A+ energy rating and a 4-star freezer rating. This means that it will run efficiently as it consumes minimal energy. To be specific, this model will consume only 153 kW/h per year.

Another thing that you’ll love about this appliance is the modern and stylish design that it comes with. Even when it just sits on the counter in the kitchen or apartment, this unit will make your place look elegant.


  • Modern and stylish design
  • Compact and space-saving
  • 32ltr capacity is decent for a compact unit
  • Comes with a removable wire shelf
  • Reversible door
  • Excellent energy saver model


  • Some users thought the model was slight noise for an office

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2. Lowry LTTFZ1 Small Mini Freezer with Ice Cube Tray

Lowry LTTFZ1

Here is another amazing table top freezer that we think would be a good pick for you. You would most likely find this model in almost any leading store in the UK.

The product is designed with space-saving and functionality in mind. This one will not take too much of your space as it only measures 49.2cm x 47.2cm x 45cm. Even in the most confined kitchen space, apartment, or RV, this unit will fit without any problem.

It is compact enough, but will still offer you a decent 31ltr capacity to store your food with ease. Furthermore, the product comes with adjustable feet that play a huge role if you wish to place it on an uneven surface. In other words, you can place this unit on any surface and be sure of it staying stable enough.

By the way, there is a thermostat in the mini freezer, which is adjustable to let you control the temperature accordingly. This way, you can store any type of food and be sure of enjoying the needed preservation. And yes, it also comes with a removable wire shelf for flexible storage.

Another plus feature to love about this table top freezer is that it comes with an excellent Energy Rating. With the A+ energy rating of this model, you can be sure of enjoying a reliable product that doesn’t consume much energy. You can be confident of saving energy bills with this fella.


  • Comes with adjustable feet
  • Saves energy consumption
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Reversible door
  • Space-saving design


  • The underneath comes with sharp edges, which might injure you when lifting it up

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3. Cookology MFZ32WH TableTop Mini Freezer

Cookology MFZ32WH

Another leading kitchen appliance manufacturer in the UK is Cookology, and this good looking table top freezer ranks among the best out there.

This mini freezer is designed to save you space while preserving your foodstuff. If you want some frozen treats or ice cubes, this fella will not disappoint.  

It doesn’t take much of your space, but will still offer you a decent 32ltr capacity. The wire shelf inside can be removed if you need to store large-size foodstuff. Also, the height is easily adjustable to meet your preference. Whether you want to keep it at home, in your office at work, or for student lodging, this unit will not disappoint.

You don’t have to worry about the noise production of this small freezer since it only comes with a 42 decibels noise level. Even at your office, the product will not make noise as it runs. Also, it is designed to conserve energy. Thanks to the A+ rating, this product will not consume much energy. Of course, there is a thermostat on board that lets you adjust the temperature accordingly.

So yes, this makes a good pick for saving energy while preserving your food reliably. Above all, the table top freezer comes at a friendly price point. You won’t have to take a loan to get this product.


  • Compact design
  • Decent price point
  • Removable wire shelf
  • Low-noise operation
  • Easy to set up and operate


  • It might leak from underneath

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4. IceKing TF40W 40 Litre Mini Freezer

IceKing TF40W

If you need a table top freezer that is compact enough but offers more storage space, this one would do. It also comes from one of the leading brands in the UK.

This one will be a good pick if you have a small apartment, office, or confined kitchen space. It can also be suitable for use in caravans and student accommodation.

You’ll also love working with this mini freezer since it is made to be eco-friendly. It comes with an A+ energy rating that allows it to keep food fresh while lowering the energy bills. Even if it will be running throughout the day and night, this product will consume less energy, which makes it worth the purchase.

So, how much does it have to offer in terms of capacity? Well, this one offers more capacity than the first three models on the list. Specifically, you will be enjoying a worthwhile capacity of 40 liters with this fella. The best part is that it will not take much of the kitchen space. In terms of size, it will only occupy 44cm in width.

Like other models on the list, this table top freezer one comes with a reversible door, a wire shelf, as well as an adjustable thermostat. Even better, it features a fire retardant metal baking for extra safety and durability. The reversible door allows you to swing it in any direction.


  • Reliable 40ltr capacity
  • Easy to set up and operate
  • Adjustable settings
  • Space-saving design
  • Built to last


  • It might be too heavy for one person to carry

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5. SIA AMZTT02WH 39L Small Counter Top Freezer


Here is another great table top freezer that would be a good pick for you if you want a compact model that still comes with a sizeable capacity.

This would be the second-best choice if you are looking for the best tabletop freezer with a good capacity. Yes, it does come with a compact design as it covers 47.8cm x 44.7cm x 52cm. This one will fit in almost any space, regardless of the available size. Even with that compact size, the freezer still delivers a capacity of 39ltrs.

Without any doubt, there is a removable wire shelf that lets you create more space for your foodstuff. Thanks to the removable wire shelf, you will not only have storage options, but it also lets you clean the product with ease.

The reversible door lets you use it as you wish. There are adjustable legs onboard, so you get to set it up even on an uneven surface.

There is a thermostat on board that allows you to set the ideal temperature for preserving or freezing the food inside. You get six settings for giving you an easy time with the temperature control.

The mini freezer comes with an A+ energy rating for assuring you of excellent energy saving as it preserves your foodstuff. The best part is that the product comes at a friendly price.


  • 39ltr capacity
  • Space-saving design
  • Adjustable feet
  • Offers six temperature settings
  • Low-noise operation
  • Affordable


  • The temperature control could be better

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Buying Guide: How To Buy The Small Tabletop Freezer

So yes, we have given you a review of some of the best tabletop freezers you should consider purchasing in the UK. But that doesn’t mean that they are the only units worth purchasing. Furthermore, you might not be impressed with any model that we just reviewed.

We might not push you to purchase one of the aforementioned products, but we’ll urge you to follow this buying guide if you need a table top freezer that meets your needs accordingly. That being said, here are the things you should be looking for in a tabletop model.


The fact that you are looking for a tabletop freezer means that you need a refrigeration system that fits your confined space. In that case, you need to be cautious when choosing the size of the freezer. It should be compact enough to fit the available space.

Here, you should consider the footprint that the model occupies. Along with that, check that it has a height that will fit in the space available.

Even as you pick the compact model, you need to check that there is enough space behind it. The compressor, which is placed at the back of the unit, should have enough ventilation space. This helps to minimize heat buildup.

Also, check that there is enough room for accessing the appliance. Even if you squeeze it in a tight space, ensure that you can easily open the appliance and access the foodstuff inside. Luckily, they come with reversible doors for extra efficiency.


Along with the size of the mini freezer, you need to ensure that it comes with enough capacity for storing your foodstuff. The capacity basically refers to the usable volume that the model possesses. It translates to the amount of food that you can stuff in it.

The capacity of the mini freezer is denoted in liters. From the models we have covered, the model with the highest capacity has a 40ltr capacity while the smallest comes with a 31ltr capacity. Choose the capacity wisely based on how much food you will be storing.

Keep in mind that the capacity doesn’t exactly relate to the size. Some models come with a small size but a larger capacity compared to units that come with large size.

Accessibility (Door Feature)

With the compact, tabletop models, they tend to come with a lockable door. Here, you will need to use a key to open the door. Nevertheless, slightly larger models don’t come with the lockable door. Instead, they offer you a reversible door. In other words, the table top freezer will let you mount the door on either side of the unit. This then lets you enjoy flexible installation and accessibility.

Energy Consumption

Just because you are purchasing a compact model doesn’t mean that it will automatically save your energy bills. So, you should be cautious when selecting the unit. The freezer should be designed to run efficiently while saving your energy bills to the maximum.

That being said, check for the Energy rating, which comes with an A+ or A++. The more the pluses (+) the better the appliance will be at saving you energy bills. Whichever model you choose, check if it can save you bills regardless of how long you will be using it. You don’t have to switch off the mini freezer just to save on the energy consumption

Actually, all electrical appliances sold in the UK are required to meet specific efficiency standards by the law. You should be able to see a special label that outlines the performance of the appliance.


Even as a small appliance, it should give you an easy time when setting it up initially. Preferably, the appliance should come fully assembled, and all you will need to do is set it up and plug it into the electrical socket. If you need to change the door positioning of the mini freezer, it should let you do so with minimal effort.

Above all, the appliance should let you operate it with ease. If you need to defrost a mini freezer manually, it should give you an easy time. Ideally, the model you choose should come with some instruction manual to help you with all that.


It is always important to consider the price of the appliance you wish to purchase. If it comes at a price that you cannot afford, it might be almost impossible to get it. When choosing the appliance based on its price, you don’t only have to go for the one that comes at a cheap price. Also, the highest-priced model is not always the best pick.

Rather, you should pick a mini freezer that has a good value for money. Even if it comes at a high price, it should offer you features and functions that make it worth the price tag.


Which Is The Best Table-Top Freezer: Upright Or Deep Freezer?

When selecting the best small freezer, you should know that they come in different types. It can either be the deep (chest) freezer or the upright freezer.

With the Deep/Chest Freezer, they tend to be more space-saving since they open from the top. The temperature in the chest model remains stable since they don’t have the self-defrost feature. Also, they have low air circulation, which then minimizes the possible freezer burn on food. Above all, they allow food items to be stored neatly without congestion.

Chest models can keep your frozen items for a longer time compared to an upright unit in the case of a blackout. Apparently, chest units tend to use less electricity than upright models.

Unfortunately, they have limited accessibility compared to the upright units when you want to take food out. You will need to dig into the food to find the one in the bottom section.

With the Upright Freezers, they happen to be friendlier when you need to organize them. They come with removable shelves to help you with that. Besides that, upright units come in different designs and styles, so you can choose the one that matches your kitchen design.

Unfortunately, upright models happen to be noisier compared to the deep freezers. You can store a variety of foods in an upright model since the temperate of the door shelves is usually warmer than the interior.

Does Cold Weather Affect A Small Freezer?

Usually, fridges work by moving heat outside to cool the foodstuff inside. On the other hand, the cold air on the outside will trick the thermostat inside the appliance to prevent the compressor from working. Keep in mind that the compressor is what starts running to chill the food inside. So, if you use the appliance in cold weather, the thermostat will prevent the compressor from starting.

In other words, the cold weather will very much affect the functioning of the model.

Can You Use The Freezer In The Garage?

That depends on the weather condition of your area. If you live in an area that is hot too often, then it wouldn’t be a problem having the appliance in the garage. But if you live in a cold area, you might want to consider that.

Placing the appliance in the garage will expose it to extreme cold, especially if the garage is unheated. As we have mentioned, cold weather will affect the performance of the freezer. But if your garage is heated, then the table top freezer will perform very well.

A general rule of thumb is that the appliance should work in -18°c temperature setting. If the surrounding temperature in the garage drops as well as the weather outside, it will automatically make the compressor to start running for it to cool itself.

But if the temperature is anywhere around 10°c, the compressor will not run at all. Therefore, only place the mini freezer in a heated garage or if the temperature around your area is high.

Energy Saving Tips For Tabletop Freezers

Even though it is good to purchase a model that comes with a high energy rating to save on energy consumption, you should still learn how to save your energy accordingly.

To help you reduce your energy bills as you use the tabletop freezer, here are some tips you should apply;

  • Avoid opening the door too often. During humid weather, it is advised to minimize the door opening frequency. The damp air may end up adding ice to the appliance interior. If there are more ice and frost inside the appliance, it will use more energy to run.
  • Let the food cool to room temperature before adding it to the freezer.
  • Ensure that there is enough ventilation behind the appliance for optimal air circulation
  • Clean the mini freezer whenever the ice exceeds ¼-inch in thickness.
  • Avoid placing the appliance outdoors or in an unheated garage.
  • Avoid having an empty appliance running. Ideally, fill the appliance, but give it some room for air circulation.
  • Always track the temperature of the appliance. Preferably, make sure that the appliance is running between 5°c and -18°c.
  • Check the condenser oil for dust.
  • Ensure that the seals on the door are working properly.

Above all, switch off the appliance if there is no foodstuff in it.


So, which table top freezer will you be going for? Whichever model you choose, ensure that it serves you decently while saving you energy. You don’t have to purchase a cheap unit that ends up making you pay huge energy bills. Choose the appliance that suits your preferences and one that will fit in the available space accordingly.

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