Philips HR1836/01

Philips HR1836/01 Viva Collection Compact Juicer Review

If you are looking for a reliable compact juicer, the Philips HR1836/01 is one model that would be a good pick. This is not just a top juicer since it comes from Phillips, but it truly is a dependable juicer that will save you space while performing with efficiency.

In this article, we will be reviewing the Viva Collection juicer to help you understand just how reliable it is and if you should purchase it. Let’s get on with it.

What’s the price?

The HR1836/01 Overview

The Philips HR1836/01 is a compact juicer that is designed to fit in a confined kitchen space while still making the kitchen look elegant. Its appealing design gives it a nice look that you will enjoy having in your kitchen. This unit comes with innovative technology that lets it work in less than a minute. Even with its compact design, the juicer still delivers a decent capacity to make it suitable even for a small family. The user experience of this model is friendly enough, and it also comes at a very decent price point.


Design and Construction

One major thing to notice about this Viva Collection juicer is that it comes with a sturdy brushed aluminum construction. This makes it good-looking while still staying strong as it serves you for a long time.

The juicer measures 20cm x 30cm x 25cm, and only weighs in at 1.76kg. In other words, you will easily carry this unit around the kitchen or from the top shelf.


One of the reasons for getting a juicer is for making some smoothie or juice for you or the family. That being said, the capacity of the unit is one of the major factors you should consider when picking a juicer. With this one, you get a decent 1.5-liter capacity that should be enough for making a juicer for the family if you are serving the small glasses.

The best part is that it will blend juice in the shortest time possible.

Juicing and Pulping

With the HR1836/01, you can use your own glass from the juicer. There is an integrated tap that is there to let you place your glass directly under it for rapid serving if you don’t want to chill the juice. The pulp feature of the unit is also an impressive one.

It comes with a simple design feature that allows it to collect all the pulp in the pulp container. This way, it will help to minimize having a messy juicing experience. The pulp container features a see-through design that lets you see when it is full and if it needs to be emptied.


Another plus feature of the juicer is the cleaning technology, which helps to make the whole cleaning experience easy. Thanks to QuickClean Technology, you will have an easy time when it comes to cleaning the juicer. Cleaning this unit will only take one minute. This is also made possible by the integrated pulp container and the smooth surfaces all around the juicer. Keep in mind that there are several removable parts that are easy to clean in the dishwasher.

Other Features

To assure you of a tidy and mess-free serving, this Philips Viva Collection juicer comes with a drip-stop spout. You can prevent the juice from dripping and be sure of having a clean countertop, which can be achieved by a simple twist. Philips also allows you to enjoy multiple health tips and recipes, which can be easily accessed via the Philips Healthy Drink app. From there, you can enjoy multiple smoothie recipes that are selected by nutritionists to perfectly fit your needs.


  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Offers 1.5ltr capacity
  • Drip-stop spout prevents juice from dripping on the countertop when serving
  • See-through pulp container lets you know if it needs to be emptied
  • QuickClean technology allows it to clean in under 1 minute
  • Integrated tap for serving directly to the glass


  • Carrots and beetroot juices might come out with some pieces


Is the Philips HR1836/01 a good juicer worth purchasing? We’d like to think it is. The Viva Collection juicer comes with a space-saving design, it is user-friendly and will save you time when it comes to cleaning it. If you are a clean freak, you’ll love having this model since it will not leave juice drops on the counter as you serve. Above all, the price tag on this juicer makes it worth the consideration. It is also designed for durability with its brushed aluminum design.

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