HAUSWIRT HM740 1000W Electric Kitchen Mixer Review

In the UK, HAUSWIRT stands among the top models that deliver high-quality kitchen appliances. Their model the HAUSWIRT HM740 is one of those stand mixers that are highly-rated by customers.

So, is this a really good mixer to invest in? Who would benefit most from it? We will be reviewing the product in this article to help answer the two questions.

What’s the price?

HAUSWIRT HM740 Overview

The HM740 is an advanced stand mixer that is not just your regular mixer. This model comes with innovative technology to make whole food preparation a breeze. And as it eases your food preparation, the mixer also glorifies your kitchen space to perfection. It is a relatively large model that would take some space on the counter. On the flip side, the mixer offers a family-friendly capacity to let you prepare different ingredients at once. You also enjoy a massive motor that can handle any ingredient you bring to it.

Features And Functions Of The HM740


So, this is a model that will consume some space on your kitchen counter. But how large is it anyway? Okay, it’s not that this mixer is a super-sized type that will cover the entire countertop space. However, it is relatively larger compared to other models out there. To be precise, this one measures 33.5cm x 18cm x 37cm.

You can still squeeze it in the kitchen cabinet when you need to store it away. Also, it can sit on the kitchen counter if you need to beautify the space. It looks stylish and modern enough to act as décor.


If you needed to purchase this mixer for your family, it won’t disappoint. This one offers you a decent capacity of 5 liters. This comes in a stainless-steel bowl that will let you mix dough for up to 7 dozen cookies, two 8-inch cakes, or two loaves of bread. You can also use it to make small batches or cake mixes, frosting, or desserts.


The HAUSWIRT HM740 is equipped with a powerful motor that is meant to handle different ingredients with ease. Here, you will enjoy a massive 350W motor that can hit a top level of 1000W. The motor runs smoothly and efficiently to knead, whisk, or mix your ingredients. Even better, you don’t need to worry about the unit overheating or the motor breaking down due to an overload. It is equipped with inbuilt overload protection that will shut off the unit to prevent it from a burn-out.

8-Speed Settings Plus Pulse Function

Versatility is the norm as you work with this HAUSWIRT mixer. Here, you get to enjoy 8 different speed levels that will be suitable for different ingredients. Whether you need a high speed for whipping some light ingredients or a low-speed for the pizza dough, this model will let you enjoy that with perfection.

10-Minute Timer with Alarm

Along with the 8-speed settings, you also get a timer that comes in a digital display. This allows you to set the timer to spin the ingredients accordingly and automatically shut off when the time has run out. This way, you will get to complete other prep work as the machine is kneading the dough. In the long run, it saves you time and effort. The best part is that the unit is designed to knead the dough uniformly.

Non-Skid Feet

Being that the HAUSWIRT HM740 will run automatically with the timer function, you won’t have to worry about its stability. Thanks to the four non-skid suction feet, you can attend to other chores without worrying about the unit creeping during operation.


The accessories on this mixer are not as many as you would imagine. In fact, you only get a flat beater, a wire whip, a dough hook, and a pouring shield. All these accessories are fully functional, and they enhance the versatility of the mixer. With the pouring shield, it is a lid of the bowl, and it prevents spillage and messes.


  • Comes with a stylish and modern design
  • Decently powerful motor
  • Offers 8 levels of speeds
  • Digital timer with auto-off
  • Strong nonskid feet keep the whole unit stable


  • It can be loud on high-speed settings


Who would be a perfect candidate for this mixer? We would recommend HAUSWIRT HM740 to you if you are a family person and you tend to have a lot of tasks whenever you are preparing your food. It is a fully-functional model that is also very much user-friendly.

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