MURENKING MK-55 Food Stand Mixer Review

Imagine having a stand mixer that offers you up to 8-speed settings in one unit? We know that would be the real deal, especially if you tend to handle multiple tasks. That is what the MURENKING MK-55 offers you.

So, is this product truly worth the purchase? And should you purchase it if you are in the position to do so?

We will be giving you details about the product in this article to help you make an informed decision.

What’s the price?

The MK-55 Overview

The MK-55 is a stand mixer that qualifies among the best models out there. This model comes with a massive motor that allows it to handle just about any task you give it. It is made with innovative technology that makes it user-friendly as it maximizes its performance. And yes, this fella would easily fit in a family setting as it offers you a generous capacity. It comes with a design that will not occupy such a big space on your kitchen counter.

Features And Functions Of The MK


Not everyone is a fan of bright-colored appliances. But if you are, this fella would please you. The MURENKING mixer comes in a glossy red design that is easily noticeable. Even if you just want to leave it on the kitchen counter, it will prove to be functional enough. You can also store it away in the cabinet since it is not a large model. Keep in mind that the red color of this mixer might not go well with your kitchen style.

Family-Friendly Capacity

In terms of the capacity, this MURENKING stand mixer offers you a decently large stainless-steel bowl of 5.5 liters. This way, you can use it to prepare dough for two loaves of bread or two 8-inch cakes. For the cupcakes, you can make a whole lot of them.

Powerful Motor with Overload/Overheat Protection

You can confidently work with this mixer without much problem since it comes with an advanced motor with the needed protection. First off, the motor is rated at 1200W, which means it can easily manage any task that you give it. The motor works with a planetary running system that can knead dough evenly and thoroughly with ease.

The overheat and overload protection will automatically shut the motor down in case of an overload or if it heats up beyond the set limit.

8-Speed Levels with Pulse Function

The MURENKING MK-55 offers you a gearbox with different speed settings to handle whatever you throw at it. You get 8-speed levels that can be altered easily by the turn knob onboard. From speed 1 to speed 3, you can easily use them for kneading yeast dough or mixing ingredients. Speed 4 to 6 is best used with the flat beater, which can mash potatoes or mix cake batter or cookie dough. On the other hand, Speed 6 to 8 settings are dedicated to the wire whip, which will handle the fluffy whipped creams or frostings. It can also work best for pizza dough.

Auto Head-Lifting Function

The MURENKING mixer comes with a folding head design that can be flipped up easily when you need to install or remove the stainless-steel bowl. This also helps to install the accessories. To lift the mixer head, simply rotate the dedicated lever counter-clockwise. When the head is lowered, it will stay in a locked position to offer you a stable operation.

Speaking of stability, this model comes with six suction cup feet, unlike the four feet on some units. The six suction feet will easily put the mixer in position and offer it the needed stability. However, keep in mind that the suction feet only work on a flat and smooth surface.


  • Comes with an eye-catching red design
  • Features a transparent splash guard that prevents messes and splashes on the countertop
  • Powerful motor with overload/overheat protection
  • Available at a decent price point
  • Offers a generous capacity
  • Features six suction cup feet for stability


  • Some found it noisy


Is the MURENKING MK-55? We think it is, and its delivery is also worth the mention. As long as you are willing to trade quietness for power, this model would suit you. It may be somewhat noisy, but it is also very powerful to handle different ingredients and tasks with ease.

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