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Andrew James AJ001367 Electric Stand Mixer Review

A mixer is one of the most versatile kitchen appliances out there. It allows you to prepare different recipes for different food with ease. However, they are mostly used for making baking recipes. If you need a decent mixer to include in your kitchen arsenal, we’d suggest the Andrew James AJ001367 for you.

Why do we think this is a decent appliance, and why should you consider purchasing it?

What’s the price?

The AJ001367 Overview

The Andrew James AJ001367 is a stand mixer that is designed for durability as it meets your mixing needs. This model will help you handle different tasks with ease. You don’t have to worry about it being able to prepare enough food for the family since it offers a generous capacity. Along with that, you get multiple speed settings that offer you versatility with your food preparation. Using it is easy and you will equally have an easy time when cleaning the parts.

Features and Functions


For those that never want to cramp their kitchen styles but still want a fully functional model, this would be a perfect pick for you. The AJ001367 mixer is made with a stylish design that can easily make a statement while sitting on your kitchen counter. Even better, it comes with a black finish for it to blend with any kitchen style out there.

It might offer you a massive mixing capacity, but the product doesn’t consume much space either. Here, you will get a model that only measures 38.7 x 23.8 x 31.9cm. Those with a squeezed kitchen space can also enjoy its delivery.


So, what is the exact capacity of this model? Well, it offers you a large mixing bowl of 5.5 liters. That should be enough to prepare bread or pizza dough for the entire family. The bowl will lock into place on the stand mixer firmly and effortlessly. Plus, the bowl features two handles that allow you to lift it and move it around the kitchen easily.


Too often, a lot of people like to consider the power of the mixer first before anything else. There is no harm with that. In fact, it helps you decide if the mixer will meet your mixing needs perfectly. That being said, the Andrew James is equipped with an 800W motor that should handle almost any project thrown at it. The motor can breeze through almost any heavy-duty mixing task.

Furthermore, the motor works with a planetary motion mixing technique that will ensure every part of the ingredient is perfectly mixed.

7-Speed Setting

Thanks to the multiple speed settings of the AJ001367, you get to enjoy maximum control with your mixing tasks. There are seven different speed settings that offer you the ideal versatility. The settings can easily be adjusted by the turn of a dial that is located at the side of the machine. You can also turn the dial to the left to enjoy a blitz mixing with the pulse function.

Ease of Use

This is one model that comes with a basic, yet appealing design. The design is meant to give you an easy and friendly user experience. Lifting the mixer head is effortless, and it can be done in a matter of seconds. When you need to remove the mixing bowl, simply rotate it counter-clockwise and lift it off the base. Do the opposite when fitting it to the base.

You should also have an easy time when cleaning the parts. Either wash them in your dishwasher or manually. Either way, you won’t break a sweat when doing it.


The Andrew James AJ001367 offers you different accessories that help to make it even more versatile. There is a Flexi beater mate of silicone edges for mixing light ingredients, a dough hook for kneading dough, a standard beater, and a balloon whisk. Plus, you get a free spatula that assures you of extra convenience.


  • Basic yet stylish design
  • Built to last
  • Offers multiple accessories
  • Comes with 7-speed settings
  • Large capacity to fit in a family
  • Available at a decent price point


  • It can be noisy when kneading dough


The Andrew James AJ001367 would be a good pick for you if you like making baking recipes. It is easy to use, offers different settings/accessories, and comes at a relatively friendly price point.  

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