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Haden SD119 7 Speed Stand Mixer Review

It is easy to find a fan of baked stuff. Here, we are talking about foods like queen cakes, cookies, cakes, pizza, and more. However, not everyone is a fan of the preparation part. The major issue comes when preparing the dough. But with a mixer, work is made easier. The Haden SD119 is one of the top stand mixers that come with good customer ratings.

But how reliable is this product, and is it worth purchasing? That depends on what you are looking for. Nevertheless, here is a detailed review of the product to offer you more info.

What’s the price?

Haden SD119 Overview

The SD119 is a stand mixer that is meant to give you an easy time when preparing food. It offers you the versatility to handle different foods with ease. Besides that, the mixer is designed to add some elegance to your kitchen as it meets your food preparation needs. The mixer offers a decent capacity, which means it can easily be used in a family setting. Even so, it will not eat up your kitchen space.

Features And Functions Of The SD119


Anyone would appreciate having a good-looking appliance in the kitchen. It would even be more satisfying if the product performs accordingly. That is exactly what this model offers.

Haden SD119 stand mixer comes with a stylish black finish that will beautify your kitchen space. Plus, it comes with some sleek stainless-steel accents that make it look even better. The theme of this mixer allows it to be used in any kitchen.


What is the reliability of this mixer in terms of the capacity that it offers? We think it scores decently, especially if you compare it to other models out there. This one offers you a stainless-steel bowl of 5 liters. That should be enough to prepare food for up to 6 people. The large bowl also allows you to prepare a wide range of ingredients with ease.


What is the rating of the motor on the Haden SD119? Is it enough to handle different ingredients? We can say that it is, and you can confidently use it to prepare whatever ingredient you may be having. Specifically, the stand mixer is loaded with an 800W motor that is decently powerful. With this motor, you can use the mixer to mix, whisk, or even knead your ingredients. There is no limit to your food preparation with this product.

7-Speed Setting

You can be sure of enjoying versatility with this machine. There is a speed setting that can be adjusted to meet your exact mixing needs. Here, the mixer comes with seven levels of speed that are easy to change. These speeds allow you to pick the right level for whatever you are handling.

Keep in mind that the speed levels can be changed easily via a turn knob on the side of the machine. Also, the turn knob is very responsive to give you an easy time when changing the speed setting. Even better, there is a dedicated pulse function that you can use for a turbo mixing experience.

Head-Lift Interlock

Thanks to the unique design of this Haden mixer, you can easily access ingredients, remove and install the bowl, or install the accessories. The head can easily be lifted, and you can lock or unlock it for secure mixing.

Non-Slip Feet

Imagine working with a mixer that doesn’t move around when working on the highest speed setting? It would be an amazing experience, wouldn’t it? Yes, it would. This one comes with four nonslip feet that will keep it stable and steady on the counter.


  • Decent capacity
  • It doesn’t take much of your kitchen space
  • Easy to use
  • Offers you 7-speed settings
  • Nonslip feet for stability


  • The hook and beater don’t reach the bottom of the bowl. You may have to scrape it a few times.
  • The mixing arm will rock when kneading pizza or bread dough


Is the Haden SD119 a good mixer? We’d like to think it is. This mixer is designed to offer you an easy time when working on your baking ingredients. It has 7 different speed settings that you can choose based on what suits your needs accordingly. The motor works perfectly for making light ingredients, but it wouldn’t be the right pick for rye bread or pizza.

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