Duronic SM104

Duronic SM104 Electric Kitchen Mixer Review

Finding a mixer that offers you a large mixing capacity and saves you countertop space at the same time is never that easy. Usually, a compact model will offer a small capacity, while a large capacity unit will take a lot of space in the kitchen. However, the Duronic SM104 goes against the odds and presents you with a reliable model that offers a decently large capacity while saving you some counter space.

But what else does the mixer offer other than a good balance between size and capacity? Here is a detailed review to help you with that.

What’s the price?

Duronic SM104 Overview

The SM104 is a wonderfully efficient stand mixer, and very much easy to use. There are a lot of accessories that come with the product to make it extra resourceful and versatile. You also get the variable speed that allows you to choose different speed levels that meet your mixing needs. Plus, it is loaded with a powerful motor that allows it to handle different ingredients with ease.

Features And Functions Of The SM104


Anyone would love a good-looking appliance in their kitchen. But what if you had an elegant appliance that doesn’t only look good, but also does the job with perfection? It would be a real bargain. That is what you get with this mixer. It comes with a glossy design that will easily draw the attention of anyone that walks into your kitchen. Luckily, the black theme is universal, and it will blend with any style out there.


What is the capacity of this Duronic mixer and how much dough or recipe can it prepare at a go? Well, this one comes with a decent 4-liter mixing bowl that should prepare a recipe for a serving of four or five. The stainless-steel bowl is easy to clean and carry around. However, it doesn’t come with handles like other models. But the curved design gives you an easy time to carry it.


When it comes to the motor of any kitchen appliance, you must always choose one with enough power to handle your specific tasks. This one has a massive 1000W motor that can perfectly handle even the toughest mixing task. Whether you need to mix some ingredients for a cake or you want to knead the dough for pizza or bread, this mixer will let you do that with absolute ease.

The best part is that the Duronic SM104 comes with dedicated air vents that allow free air circulation through the motor. This will help to prevent the motor from overheating as it works on the tough ingredients. In the long run, it enhances the durability of the motor.

6-Speed Setting with Pulse Function

There is a variable speed setting with this mixer, which is meant to give you more control with your mixing tasks. Thanks to the six different speed settings, you can choose the one that suits your needs perfectly. Other than the 6-speed settings, there’s also a pulse function that lets you enjoy blitz mixing with ease.


There are a couple of attachments that come with the mixer to make the whole food preparation a breeze. Besides the stainless-steel bowl, there is also a dough hook, a beater, and a whisk tool to perform their functions accordingly.

Multi-functional Bowl Lid

The mixing bowl comes with a lid that will prevent spills of any kind as you are mixing your ingredients. But that’s not the only function. This lid also features handy access that lets you add ingredients as the mixer is running. You won’t have to remove the lid do add the ingredients.

Suction Cup Feet

The Duronic SM104 then offers you four suction cup feet that will keep it steady on the countertop. But you need to use it in a smooth countertop for the suction cup feet to hold firmly. They might not perform well on a rough countertop.


  • Glossy black finish
  • Compact and space-saving design
  • Suction cup feet for keeping it steady on the counter
  • Multifunctional bowl lid
  • Powerful motor
  • Offers 6-speed settings


  • The top can get hot when at the highest speed setting


The Duronic SM104 is a decent mixer that is designed to serve you with elegance while saving you some kitchen space. It still offers a generous capacity to prepare a recipe enough for the family. Above all, this model is very easy to use.

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