Aifeel Ou-6119

Aifeel Ou-6119 7L 1000W Multifunctional Stand Mixer Review

One thing that most homeowners in the UK consider when purchasing a decent kitchen appliance is its versatility. With a versatile kitchen appliance, it can solve different needs at once. You will not have to purchase two separate units. The Aifeel Ou-6119 is an example of such an appliance.

This is a mixer that offers you multiple functionalities to better your food preparation experience. It doesn’t only save you time, but also money and effort in the long run. So, how reliable is this mixer? Here is a review to help you understand more about the mixer.

What’s the price?

The Ou-6119 Overview

The Ou-6119 is one top-ranked mixer that stands among the best models in the UK. It is not popular just because it comes from a reputable brand, but it is a top product to go for if you need a versatile appliance. The Aifeel stand mixer comes with a powerful 1000 watts motor that is able to handle whatever mixing task you give it. Along with that, it assures you of a user-friendly experience as you work with it. If you need one for a family setting, this beast would easily suit that.

Features and Functions

Large Capacity/Classic Design

Whenever you are looking for the right mixer, capacity is one factor you must consider. The capacity of the mixer will determine if it can prepare enough food for the people in the house or not. That being said, this Aifeel unit offers you a massive capacity of 7 liters. With this capacity, you can be sure of having enough room to prepare food for the entire family.

This comes in the form of a large stainless steel bowl. The 7-liter stainless steel bowl will easily meet your kitchen needs.

Furthermore, it offers you a classic design that looks presentable enough with the red theme.

Motor with Over-heating Protection

The 1000W motor of this model is designed to run efficiently with minimal chances of overheating. For safety purposes, the motor comes with an inbuilt temperature sensor chip that will shut down automatically when it is overheating. Just make sure you don’t set it to run for more than 9 minutes at a go.

8-in-1 Functions

When you purchase this Aifeel mixer, you will be getting 8 more functions to keep you going. Basically, the mixer offers you a meat grinder, pasta roller, beater, whisk, dough hook, blender, cooker presses, and a sausage kit. This way, you can use it to prepare whatever ingredient you may want to prepare.

We loved the fact that this appliance comes with a splash guard that will prevent the ingredients from making a mess when you are mixing them.

5-Speed Settings with Pulse Function

Along with the eight functions that the mixer offers, you also enjoy five different speed settings and a pulse function for easy operation. You will have an easy time accessing the speed settings since they come in a user-friendly control panel in buttons. There is also a pulse button and an OFF button when you want to shut down the unit manually.


Working with the Aifeel Ou-6119 is quite a walk in the park. Besides the easy-to-access and use control panel, the mixer comes with a tilt-head design that lets you remove the mixing bowl with ease. This also allows you to replace the beater or dough hooks with ease.

A lot of people don’t like working with appliances that wobble around the kitchen counter. Being that this model comes with a powerful motor, you would expect it to wobble and even move around. But there are four anti-slip silicone suction cups that will keep the whole unit steady and in the same position as you operate it.


  • Comes with a classic yet pleasant design
  • Offers a large, family-friendly capacity
  • Easy-to-access control panel
  • Offers 5-speed settings and a pulse function
  • You will enjoy 8 functions on a single unit


  • It can be too noisy to some users


Is the Aifeel Ou-6119 mixer a decent investment for the kitchen? If you have a family and you love cooking different foods in the kitchen, you might find this model a good pick. The user experience is impressive, it has an auto-shutdown feature for safety purposes, and it is made to last.

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