YEDI HOUSEWARE GV021 12 Liter Total Package Air Fryer Review

Buying a gift for someone can be tricky however if you know someone who loves being in the kitchen and preparing meals, you can buy them the YEDI HOUSEWARE GV021. Every couple of years, the world is introduced to a kitchen appliance that completely blows everyone’s mind due to its high level of performance and quality.

This is one of those products and even though it is small in size, It will not take up plenty of space plus you don’t need to use plenty of oil to prepare your meals. It is great for those people who like to watch what they eat and want to maintain a healthy diet.

What’s the price?

YEDI GV021 Fryer Key Features

  • Built-in rotisserie – Everything from chicken, kebabs, tenderloins, and roasts can all be prepared using this fryer.
  • Comes with incredible accessories – Accessories are just as important as the product itself and this one comes with everything you need to prepare all your meals quickly without needing to buy anything extra. The things you get include two mesh trays, oven rack, Yedi oven mitts, drip pan, shallow mesh basket, rotisserie steak cage, skewer rotisserie, rotisserie tong, rotisserie cage, and a rotisserie rod.
  • Acts like a dehydrator – This YEDI Total Package Air Fryer lets you make chip, flat-like dehydrated foods. Thanks to the low fan speed feature and the low temperature, you can thoroughly dehydrate your food with ease.
  • Powerful – There aren’t many fryers on the market that can match this one when it comes to power. If you want something that will cook your meals quickly, this product will do the job because you’ll have 1600 W at your disposal.
  • Comes with a recipe book – It is very rare to see kitchen appliances come with a recipe book these days because most of the recipes people want to cook if they don’t know the steps can be found online. The recipe book this appliance comes which includes Keto and Vegan recipes. If you have ever wanted to try Vegan and Keto, this fryer will help you get started.


  • Made by a trusted brand – Many people like this GV021 air fryer because they have seen it on television shows such as Good Morning America, Oprah’s Favourite Things as well as Business Insider, Women’s Health, Men’s Health, InStyle, Inc. 500, and more.
  • Amazing gift – This fryer is a perfect gift for a friend, family member, or colleague who enjoys cooking. This appliance will go a long way in ensuring they prepare healthy meals quickly and easily.
  • Versatile –  YEDI 12 Liter fryer can handle everything from vegetables, chicken, and meat. No matter the diet you’re following, you’ll be able to make amazing tasting meals with this fryer.
  • Healthy – While many other appliances require you to put plenty of oil when preparing meals, the same can’t be said about this fryer. It requires 85% oil making your meals healthier for you and your family.
  • Low electric bill – If you have a traditional oven that’s found in many homes these days, using it for long periods can result in a hefty electric or gas bill. Using this incredible fryer saves you a lot of money on your bills which is great for people who earn a low income.


  • Bulky – The size of this GV021 air fryer must be an issue for people who have a small kitchen. With a weight of 8.16kgs, it is a very heavy appliance that must be handled with care plus it will take up plenty of space in your kitchen.
  • Expensive – A product that is made by a well-known company will always command a high asking price and this one is no different. Since it’s been seen in magazine and television programs, it is no surprise that is slightly more expensive than other models.

Final Thoughts

Whether you have a family or live by yourself the YEDI HOUSEWARE GV021 will not let you down because it is brilliant. It is very quick, versatile and a great alternative to people who don’t like using microwaves. While its bulky size and asking price might make certain people look for alternatives but its the power of 1600W makes it a superior product compared to others on the market. The recipe book it comes with has so many recipes for you to try and you’ll be saving a fortune on your electric bill.

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