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Ninja BN800UK 3-in-1 Food Processor with Auto-iQ Review

If there is a discussion of the best kitchen appliances manufacturers in the UK, the word Ninja must be mentioned. Ninja is a well-known brand that delivers accordingly. This brand is known for its good-looking and fully-functional appliances that are among the top-ranked models in the UK. Their food processor, the Ninja BN800UK is a great performer and would be a good pick as well if you need a reliable model to meet your food preparation needs.

Here is a detailed review of the food processor to help you decide if it would be a great buy for you.

What’s the price?

Ninja BN800UK Overview

The BN800UK is a food processor that lets you create anything from dips, drinks, doughs, to desserts with absolute ease. You’d enjoy having this fella in your kitchen with its appealing design that also looks strong and durable. The massive motor on this appliance is meant to handle any ingredient that you throw at it. Ninja developed this product with advanced technology to make the whole operation experience a breeze.

Features And Functions Of The BN800UK


Ninja understands the need for offering a stylish kitchen appliance, and they do exactly that with this model. This food processor comes with a good-looking and modern design that can fit in any kitchen, regardless of the style. It doesn’t take much space, so you can use it in your confined kitchen space.


Does Ninja BN800UK food processor qualify to be used in a family setting? We think it does. This one offers you a decent 1.8-liter food processor bowl, along with a 2.1-liter blender jug. It will help you prepare food for your family cooking without any major issues.

Powerful Motor

Anybody would appreciate having a powerful appliance that handles their food preparation perfectly. This one comes with a powerful 1200W motor that is designed to easily drive all the interchangeable attachments.

Ninja Blade Technology

Another unique feature of this machine is the blade technology, which sets it apart from other models. So, what is it about the blades onboard? The food processor comes with precision-engineered blades that are spun by the motor to deliver precision cutting. The blades are also designed to last for long, thanks to their high-quality stainless steel design. They have also been put to the test with 1000 ice-crushing cycles. So yes, these blades won’t stop at any ingredient.

Auto IQ Technology

Having an advanced control panel can be great, but it won’t be that great if the controls are confusing and difficult to operate. However, the amazing Ninja BN800UK comes with an Auto-iQ technology that eliminates guesswork. This technology offers you 5 intelligent blending and processing programs, which are tailored to offer the needed results at the touch of a button. You can enjoy the blending and processing patterns, along with pulse and pause functions that make the whole experience a breeze.

3-in-1 Appliance

The price point of this BN800UK food processor is relatively decent, compared to other models out there. But even with that, it offers you multi-functionality with three appliances in one. This single unit offers you a food processor, a multi-serve blender, and a personal blender.

Ease of Use

Working with this food processor is easy, and you will not have such a hard time when preparing your ingredients. Keep in mind that it comes with a one-touch control panel that automatically sets the needed speed for whatever you are preparing. But you can still choose to go manual with the settings below the auto intelligent modes. Either way, you will find it easy to control this food processor.


The ninja doesn’t stop there in terms of offering you a versatile product. Rather, you also get other accessories that make the whole food preparation fun-filled. There is a pro-extractor blade, a stacked blade, a dough tool, a grating/slicing disc, and a chopping blade. Even better, the food processor comes with a recipe guide to help you try out different recipes.


  • Elegant and solid construction
  • Offers three appliances in one
  • Auto-IQ technology for quick and easy operation
  • Ninja Blade Technology offers precise and long-lasting blades
  • Powerful motor with low-vibrations and operating noise


  • The feeding chute is narrow, so you will have to chop fruits and veggies first


Who should go for the Ninja BN800UK? Anyone that needs a powerful food processor that has an advanced, user-friendly control system should purchase this unit. It is not so high prices but offers an amazing delivery.

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