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Best Whistling Kettle UK – Suitable For All Stove/Hob Types

While it is incredible to have new appliances in our homes with innovative technologies, having items that are more on the antique side is equally impressive. Take, for example, a whistling kettle. These units were used many years ago by our forefathers, but they are still used today in many UK homes.

Even though the current whistling kettles come with innovative and more appealing designs, they still have the same ‘whistling’ mechanism. No electricity is needed here. All that you need is your cooker, which will heat water in the kettle, and it will start hissing or whistling once the water boils to 100 degrees Celsius.

So, if you are looking for a whistling kettle in the UK market, this article is dedicated to you. Here, we will be exploring some of the top models that are worth purchasing.

Let’s get on with it.

Whistling Kettles: Our Top Picks

Klausberg KB-7250 Marble Stainless Steel9.4Check
Pykal KIT-WK-001-UK Whistling Tea Kettle9.2Check
Le Creuset Traditional Stove-Top Kettle9.0Check
Vinekraft EWQ-JS-0105-4544 Kettle with Whistle9.0Check
Judge JQ04 Large Stovetop Whistling Kettle9.0Check
Susteas SUS304 Whistling Teapot8.6Check
Prestige PR50558 Whistling Stove Top Kettle8.6Check
Susteas Tea Kettle8.6Check
VonShef Whistling Stove Top Kettle8.6Check

Whistling Kettle Reviews

Apparently, the UK market is dominated by kettles from different manufacturers. But, if you need an ideal model to add to your kitchen arsenal, here are some units you should consider.

1. Klausberg Marble KB-7250 Stainless Steel Kettle

Klausberg KB-7250

If you need a regular kettle that does more than just boil your water, we would point you in the direction of this model. This is one of the best whistling kettles in the UK and it is because of its unique design.

This wonderfull whistling kettle comes with an elegant marble design that will make a statement in your kitchen. Whether you are using this unit or it is just sitting on your kitchen counter, it will prove functional enough.

Besides that, we would consider this a family kettle as it offers a massive 2.7-liter capacity. Of course, that’s not the biggest out there, but it is large enough to make several cups of hot water.

The bottom part of this unit is made of a glossy stainless steel material that is meant to catch up heat fast enough. To be honest, it may not be the best unit to go for if you are looking for a product that heats up quickly. Nevertheless, we had an easy time working with this unit. Plus the stainless steel surface makes it ideal for any type of cooker. You can use it on an electric, gas, induction, ceramic, or halogen cooker with ease.

The soft-touch handle doesn’t heat up even when the water heats to the maximum temperature. Also, it gives you an easy time when handling it. Keep in mind that the handle will get slightly warm, but it shouldn’t cause any discomfort.


  • Elegant marble design
  • The large bottom surface sits comfortably on any size of cooker
  • The soft-touch handle is comfortable
  • Easy to open the spout with a button on the handle
  • Large capacity for a family setting


  • Opening the spout can flick hot water up, which might fall on your hand

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2. Pykal KIT-WK-001-UK Whistling Tea Kettle

Pykal KIT-WK-001-UK

If you want the antique whistling kettle, but you also want to enjoy innovative technology with it, this model would be a perfect match for you.

This awesome whistling kettle offers you a unique iCool handle that comes with the latest thermal protection technology. Here, the handle will cool down in a few seconds after you turn the stove off. In other words, you will not have to worry about touching any hot metal part.

Even better, the unit comes with an ergonomic push-button pouring mechanism. Here, you can conveniently pour the hot water without it splashing on your hand.

The product itself is made with a 5-ply encapsulated base that consists of two aluminum layers that are wrapped inside the surgical steel body. Plus, there is an iron layer between the two aluminum layers. In other words, the kettle has been made to heat quickly and it will work with any type of cooker.

Here, you will enjoy a large capacity of 3 liters, which should boil enough water for the family. It has been packaged in a stylish gift box that you can send to your loved one.

By the way, this unit comes with two premium tea infusers that let you brew tea for two people at a go.


  • Glossy stainless steel body
  • Offers two premium tea infusers
  • iCool handle technology allows the handle to cool down in seconds
  • Designed for fast heating
  • Perfect for heavy-duty use


  • The whistle hole is slightly large, so it will take a while before it starts whistling

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3. Le Creuset Traditional 2.1L Stove-Top Kettle with Whistle

Le Creuset Traditional Stove-Top Kettle

Not everyone is a fan of colorful kitchen appliances in the UK. But, if you are one of them who loves having appliances that light up your kitchen, this bad boy would be a good pick.

This amazing whistling kettle comes with a bright volcanic theme that makes it stand out with elegance. The kettle is made of enameled steel that is heat-resistant to protect you from possibly burning your hands. Besides that, it is a large unit that has a 2.1-liter capacity to serve four large cups with ease.

It then features a nice phenolic handle that makes it user-friendly. We have to specify that this one has a wide and durable base that is designed for consistent heating. The even heat distribution allows you to work with it easily.

And yes, the kettle is suitable for all types of hobs. Regardless of the type of cooker, you may be having, this unit will serve you with perfection.

Cleaning it is a walk in the park since the lid comes off easily. We also loved the whistling feature, which is not too loud nor too silent.


  • Comes with a bright volcanic theme
  • Ergonomic handle design for comfort and better handling
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • It has an upright design for steady pouring
  • It heats up quicker than most models


  • You should be careful when pouring hot water from the kettle. Water can splatter and burn you.

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4. Vinekraft EWQ-JS-0105-4544 Traditional Kettle with Whistle

Vinekraft EWQ-JS-0105-4544

Here is another whistling kettle that comes with a traditional design. This one is made to serve you for a long time, and it is also among the best whistling kettles in the UK suitable for a family setting.

This unit comes with a decent capacity of 2.7 liters, which would easily suit your family’s needs. Other than that, it rocks a cool-looking design that would we think would look good in your kitchen. The kettle has a nice black theme that isn’t too glossy or so, but still looks amazing. However, you should be careful when working with this unit since the black color might start fading around the edges.

It heats up fast enough, though not the quickest. Still, you will have an easy time with this fella. In terms of your safety, the kettle has a stay-cool handle that you can easily hold as soon as the water has boiled.

The whistle feature is also amusing enough, and it will alert you once the water is boiled to the maximum temperature.

Cleaning this piece should be easy because the lid comes off easily by pulling it up. Furthermore, this means that you can fill water in the kettle with ease. No need for refilling it through the spout like other units out there.


  • Has a sleek, black finish
  • The handle doesn’t heat up when the water has boiled
  • Nice whistle feature; audible enough
  • Easy to clean inside and outside
  • Handle folds down for easy storage


  • Doesn’t have a filter/Not suitable for use in hard water areas

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5. Judge JQ04 Stovetop Whistling Kettle

Judge JQ04

Anyone would love to have this product. The mirror-like design makes it look appealing on the kitchen counter, and it also has a nice, space-saving design.

This whistling kettle offers you a large capacity of 3 liters. You can make more than four large cups of water for the entire family. This one also comes with a retro style that doesn’t only make it unique but also gives you an easy time when you need to clean it.

The whistling kettle has a solid thermic base that will heat up evenly to boil your water fast enough. This helps to save you time and bills in the long run.

Another unique feature of this unit is the easy-pour spout. Here, you will enjoy a non-drip spout that lets you pour water with ease while staying safe. The spout will not spatter water to your hands as you pour hot water into the cup.

Plus, the spout design is meant to sound the whistle audibly enough. For user safety, the whistle will rise away from the spout to let you pour the water easily and safely. Even better, the stay-cool handle enhances your safety when you want to lift off the kettle.

The lid on this one is easy to remove, and you will have an easy time refilling water. Besides that, it allows you to clean it inside with minimal effort.  


  • Retro style makes it look appealing
  • Solid-thermic base heats evenly and quickly
  • The non-drip spout is easy to pour water
  • Whistle lifts off the spout to pour water easily and safely
  • Easy to clean


  • Taking off the lid can be challenging

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6. SUSTEAS SUS304 Rose Gold 3L Whistling Teapot

Susteas SUS304

Anybody with a colorful kitchen theme would love to have this model. It is not just among the best whistling kettles in the UK, but it’s also one that’s designed for user safety.

As the title suggests, this whistling kettle comes with a nice rose-gold theme that makes it look elegant in your kitchen space. Besides that, the product has an upright design that enhances user safety. You will be sure of having an easy time when working with this baby. Undoubtedly, you will easily fall in love with the stylish design of this model.

It also comes with a thickened pot body that is multi-layered for even heat distribution and also for durability. Along with that, it has a high thermal conductivity, which helps to keep the water warm for a longer time compared to other models in the UK.

There is an ergonomic handle that is comfortable to hold. But the best part is that the company offers the kettle with convenient anti-hot gloves. You don’t have to risk having your hands burnt or waiting for the handle to cool off. The gloves allow you to hold it as soon as the water has finished boiling.

Also onboard is a one-button switch at the handle, which helps to open up the spout for pouring water easily and more safely. This is not a common feature in most kettles out there.

The lid comes off easily for you to refill the pot with water. But this also gives you an easy time to clean inside the whistling kettle.


  • Comes with an appealing rose gold finish
  • The stylish design makes it look good on your kitchen counter
  • It is offered with anti-hot gloves for safe handling
  • On-button switch on the handle opens spout for pouring water with ease
  • Easy to refill or clean


  • It doesn’t heat up quickly

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7. Prestige PR50558 Stove Top Whistling Kettle

Prestige PR50558

You will never go wrong with this unit if you need one that rocks an appealing style to glorify your kitchen. The design and overall delivery of this model are some of the reasons for it ranking among the best whistling kettles in the UK.

This fella comes with a glowing red porcelain enamel body that is sure to make a statement in your kitchen. Anybody would easily notice this product as soon as they walk into your kitchen.

But we didn’t only select it for its design alone. Rather, this whistling kettle is meant to serve you for a long time, and it can still be used in a family setting, thanks to its 2-liter design. It also has a dome shape and a flat base that allows it to stay stable on the cooker. Speaking of which, you can use this product on any type of cooker out there, even an induction burner.

The stainless steel base is not just there to add to its appealing nature. Instead, it helps to speed up the boiling time of the kettle. Specifically, this baby can heat up water faster than most models in the UK market.

The lid is easy to remove for refilling. Furthermore, the handle comes with heat-resistant strips on every side. This helps to keep it safe to handle, even when the water is at the hottest temperature. The lid also has insulated strips for further safety. The best part is that the insulated strips are not made of rubber or plastic, but porcelain as well.


  • Deep red enamel design
  • Lock open spout for easy filling and pouring
  • Insulation strips on handles
  • Stain-resistant construction
  • Heats up quickly


  • The enamel construction makes it heavier than some models

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8. SUSTEAS 2.6 Litre Whistling Teapot

Susteas Tea Kettle

Any person that loves having unique appliances in their kitchen would love this whistling kettle. Its uncommon design makes it one of the best models in the UK market.

This piece comes with glowing stainless steel construction that is meant to serve you for a long time. The model rocks a deep yellow theme that will also make a statement in your kitchen. Furthermore, the yellow theme makes it a perfect pick to use in any kitchen.

Just like the body, the handle of this unit is also made of stainless steel to assure you of durability. The only challenge here is that the handle can really heat up if you use the product on a gas cooker. You might have to use an anti-hot glove for safety purposes. Luckily, this unit comes with a free anti-hot glove. Still, you will need to wait for a few minutes for the handle to cool down.

Nevertheless, the C-handle comes with a comfortable grip that makes it easy to handle the unit. The whistle is audible enough, but you will need to make sure that the lid and spout are tightly closed to experience that.

When pouring water from the kettle, you will need to press the spout with your thumb. This might not be as swift as what other models have to offer. Still, we think it was not that bad for its price point.

If you need to fill the whistling kettle, you can either do so via the spout or via the opening by lifting off the lid.


  • Comes with an elegant yellow coating on the body
  • C-handle feels comfortable in the hands
  • Full-stainless steel construction makes it durable
  • Easy to fill water
  • Thumb-press spout for easy pouring


  • The handle gets really hot

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9. VonShef 2.7L Stainless Steel Whistling Stove Top Kettle

VonShef Whistling Stove Top Kettle

This is the last product on the list, but still one of the best whistling kettles in the UK market. It rocks an appealing look, and you will be sure of enjoying working with it.

Above all, this whistling kettle would be a good pick for you if you are looking for a budget kettle in the UK. You enjoy a stainless steel model that also has a glossy finish to beautify your kitchen, regardless of the style. This glossy model offers you a convenient capacity of 2.7 liters that is suitable for any family setting out there.

We loved the fact that you don’t have to adjust the spout for it to whistle when the water has boiled. Instead, the spout comes with a decent spout that is already fixed to whistle audibly enough for you to know if the water is boiled completely.

Other than that, this unit comes with a safe handle that is made of heat-resistant silicone. With this, you can easily hold the handle even when the kettle is still hot. The stay-cool design allows you to hold it without the risk of getting burned.

The lid comes with a stay-cool handle as well for further safety. Even better, you can remove the lid with ease for refilling or cleaning. We also have to mention that this unit will heat up quickly to save you time.


  • It comes with a glossy, silver finish
  • Stay-cool handle
  • Easy to remove the lid for filling and cleaning
  • The convenient whistling spout doesn’t need tightening
  • Friendly price tag


  • It might leak from the handle screw as water is boiling

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Buying Guide: How to Find the Best Whistling Stove Top Kettle

Purchasing your next whistling kettle is actually very easy. Besides having a list of the best models in the UK market, you also need to have a strategy of how to choose a specific unit. Here is a look at some of the major factors you should be looking for in a whistling kettle.


We like considering the construction of the product first. Most models in the UK come with a stainless steel design, which happens to be durable and lightweight at the same time. They are also stain and rust-resistant. Other than that, you can find unique models made of enamel or zinc alloy. Choose the one that suits you best.


You should choose the capacity of the kettle depending on the size of your family or the number of visitors you will be serving. For a large family, go for models that are larger than 2 liters in capacity.


The handle of the unit that you pick shouldn’t heat up crazily. Preferably, you should choose a model that is made with a cool-touch design or some insulation to protect your hands when you hold it. Even better, you should go for the iCool handle that is meant to cool down as soon as you switch off the burner.

Whistling Feature

Since we are looking at the best whistling kettles in the UK, you must choose one that is audible enough to alert you as soon as the water has reached the right boiling point. Also, you shouldn’t have a difficult time fixing the spout for it to start whistling.


In general, be sure to purchase a whistling kettle that will serve you for a long time and one that has the necessary safety features. The product should also be easy to use and give you an easy time to refill or clean it. As always, choose a product from a reputable brand.

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