When Should I Replace My Refrigerator?

A refrigerator is one of those kitchen appliances which you can’t afford to miss out on even if you aren’t really into cooking. The amusing thing about refrigerators is that they might cost you a good sum but it’s all worth it when they go for a long time without requiring any maintenance session. However, at the end of the day, it’s still an electronic appliance that is prone to several electrical glitches that can cause long term consequences.

The silver lining here is that before a refrigerator gives in, it tries to give you certain hints that might mean it’s the high time you replace it. You need not surf the internet for each one of them, we’ve sorted out all the significant indications for you. Keep scrolling to know more!

Your Food Smells Bad

This is one of the most primary signs that we’d suggest you look out for. The main purpose of investing in a high-end refrigerator is to keep one’s food smell fresh for a longer time. If you start noticing any quirky odor, it might mean there’s something wrong with your refrigerator. You may notice that the food you put in your refrigerator is taking abnormally long to get cold. This is another important sign that depicts the complication in the refrigeration process. We’d recommend you go for professional help and figure out if there’s any way back, instead of messing with the refrigerator’s core parts all by yourself.

Extreme Condensation

Condensation is what keeps your refrigerator going for a long time. However, as they say, excess of everything is bad, the same goes for your refrigerator. In such scenarios, you might observe tiny water droplets streaming down your refrigerator, which would mean there’s something that is tampering with the condensation process. If you feel any leakage from the rubber sealing of your refrigerator’s doors, that also indicates poor condensation. Well, you can go and use numerous DIY tips to prevent the doors from leaking. Moreover, if the problem persists, replacing the refrigerator would be the last resort.

Overheating Of The Motor

You might have felt that when you place your hand at the back of the refrigerator, it feels slightly warm. This is because the coils present at the back have multiple insulating layers that prevent the excessive release of heat. This lets you touch the coils without burning your hand. On the contrary, if you feel that the coils are extremely warm to touch, this signifies the incidents like overheating of the motor. It’s no less than an emergency and we’d suggest you consult a professional right away. Considering the damage, you might have to replace only the coils or the entire refrigerator in the long run.

Your Refrigerator Has Got Through 10 Years Or More

Now comes the aspect which most of us can relate to. If you have a refrigerator that you bought 10 years back, and now it’s suddenly stopped cooling, this isn’t a good sign. Most of the time the refrigerators might last from 10 to 20 years, and after this, you might want to look out for a replacement. This is because once you sort out one complication, another will start showing up. In this way, there’s a chance you may lose all that money which you could have used to buy a new refrigerator in the same budget. This is why it’s okay to give a second thought before going for maintenance sessions for your old refrigerator.

High Energy Bills

Apart from all these regular signs, there is a time when your refrigerators work seemingly fine but the electricity bills tell a different story. What happens is that you suddenly start getting heavier energy bills which show greater power consumption by your refrigerator. This is problematic especially when you haven’t changed the temperature settings and still, the energy waste is greater than usual. Amidst such circumstances, the most reliable way is to let a professional sort it out for you. There might be some problem with the temperature regulation which takes a little effort. Otherwise, it’s the peak time you go shopping for a new refrigerator.

Refrigerator Makes Strange Noises

You are standing close to your refrigerator and out of nowhere, you start hearing odd noises. Most probably, it’s your refrigerator that’s making these weird noises, and let us tell you, this sign should not go unnoticed. All this happens when there’s a problem in the coiling section or your refrigerator’s condensation system has deteriorated. This complication won’t sort out on its own and you might have to spend a fortune before you figure out where these noises are coming from. You can either opt for professional help or invest the same time and effort in replacing your outdated refrigerator.

Your Refrigerator Doesn’t Make ANY Sound

Although excessive noise always seems pretty alarming, yet if your refrigerator is too quiet, it’s not a good omen either. There’s a specific refrigeration sound that depicts the normal functioning of your refrigerator. If you observe your refrigerator is unusually silent, this shows there’s something that is causing a problem in there. There’s a greater chance you might notice a decrease in cooling along with this sign. Opting for professional help is a preferable idea, but you might want to keep replacing the refrigerator on your checklist.

Excessive Ice Buildup

Who doesn’t want their refrigerator to cool the food items in a shorter duration? When your refrigerator gets unbelievably good at cooling, it might be a precursor to a serious hitch. For instance, if you notice any particle of ice on the food items or you haven’t made any changes to the temperature and your food has started freezing up on its own. This is the ideal time you go for a professional maintenance session of your refrigerator. This is one of those signs that might range from getting a minor problem fixed to buying a whole new refrigerator. Furthermore, if you observe this indication has paired up with another one, e.g. excessive cooling and knocking noise, you’d better go for an expert hand.


This brings us to the end of our discussion. Refrigerators are a tough appliance and are resilient to several minor problems. There is a greater chance you might get to spend good years with your new refrigerator before paying weekly visits to the manufacturer’s office. However, on the safe side, it is always advisable to keep your eyes on all the tiny changes that might seem insignificant at first sight. More specifically for the people whose refrigerator has passed 10 years or so, it is the optimum time to start thinking about replacing your appliance. It is better to invest in a new purchase instead of squandering your money on repeated maintenance sessions.

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