What Can You Make In a Panini Press

What Can You Make In a Panini Press- 7 Awesome Dishes

Are you thinking about investing in a panini press but are not interested in making panini only? No need to worry. Nowadays, the panini presses are not restricted to make panini only. If you follow a proper cooking method, then you can make whatever you want.

So, what can you make in a panini press? Here in this article, we have revealed seven mouth-watering dishes you can make with a panini press. But first, have a look at what a panini press is. So, without any further due. Let us get it.

What Is a Panini Press?

Panini is a sandwich made from Italian bread. Stovetops and Countertops used to make this sandwich are known as the panini press. This sandwich maker has ridged heat plates at the top and bottom. A panini press is an outstanding piece of kitchen equipment you can use to make sandwiches and much more.

The panini presses vary in weight. According to a user survey, lighter presses are not that appealing as compared to heavier ones. The reason is that the heavier presses compress more accurately than lighter ones do.

Modern technology has made the panini press more advanced than it used to be. This sandwich maker is now popular kitchen equipment. So, before getting too late, grab the panini press and make the seven jaw-dropping and heart-melting dishes.

So, What Can You Make?

From panini to burgers to cupcakes, you can make 10+ dishes with panini presses because they are not limited anymore. Here in this article, we have mentioned seven surprising meals you can make with a panini press in no time. 

To avoid wear and tear in cooking, make sure to follow the mentioned procedure as such.

Scroll down to check the dishes:

1. Cakes & Cupcakes

Making cakes and cupcakes in a panini press is such a skeptical thing. But when we tested it, the results were impressive. Take small cups, fill your cake batter, and put them in the panini press. Compress the top grill accurately for proper heat supply.

If you are making a cake, make sure to use a pan smaller than the panini press size. Follow the same procedure as above. At least 30-35 minutes are required, and after that, your soft, shiny, and tempting cake is ready. Make sure to share some pieces with your family.

2. Bacon

With a panini press, you don’t have to wait for the grilling season. Enjoy grilling season anytime and anywhere you want. Making bacon on a panini press is an easy peasy lemon squeezy task.

The first thing to do is arrange the bacon strips in a single-layer on the cooking surface, cover the press, and switch it on.

Count to ten, and the bacon will be ready. Alright, a minimum of five minutes a required. After five minutes, crispy ready-to-eat bacon is up for eating.

3. Grilled Smashed Potatoes

Grilled potatoes are an all-time favorite. And what makes it extra special is that you do not need to wait for the grilling season to come. Take out your panini press, switch the grill mode on and start grilling your potatoes right away.

For preparation, you need to sprinkle some spices on the potatoes. Let them marinate for a few minutes. Put the potatoes on the grill, cover the lid, and wait for 5-7 minutes. After 5 minutes, remove the cover, and grilled potatoes are ready.

4. Veggies

We do not know about you, but many people love grilled veggies made on a panini press. All you need to do is to cut thin slices of veggies of your choice. Grease some olive oil on the grill, let it preheat then add the veggies. Cover the press with a lid and let the veggies sauté.

Just wait for a little while, and your seasoned grilled veggies will be ready.

5. Chicken Breast

Are you on a diet or rushing and want something quick yet healthy? No need to panic. Just trust your panini press. Grease the surface and place your seasoned chicken breast on it. Cover the press with the lid and wait until the inner temperature reaches 74 °C. The chicken breast will take around 5 minutes.

The best thing about using a panini press is that you do not have to stand straight and pay attention to the chicken. You can do your side work while the chicken is getting ready.

6. Hamburgers

Craving for hamburgers, then waiting for what? A panini press is the best kitchen equipment you can use to make hamburgers. Grill your burger patty and bun. Assemble the burger ingredient in a single layer on the cooking surface.

After that, assemble the burger, and put a cheese slice in the middle. Cover the press and let the burger sauté for 3-5 minutes. Uncover the lid, and the cheese melting hamburger is ready to munch.

7. Omelets

Your panini press is a great option to make a tasty omelet within no time. Grab some veggies, cut them into small pieces, mix them with the eggs, add some oil & mixture to the press, and cover the lid. Wait for 2 minutes and remove the cover. Have patience and wait for the magic. The golden, tempting omelet is ready. Grab your omelet, roll it up, and munch it. 


Advancement in technology has provided more opportuneness to us. Making a panini was the only job of the panini press earlier, but advanced technology makes it smarter and convenient for users.

Now you can make cupcakes, kinds of bacon, veggies, burgers, cakes, and chicken breast. But make sure that you are using the press accurately.

The procedure for making each dish is different. Focus on the cooking time. Over grilling can spoil the taste and mood. While making an omelet, do not cook it for more than 3 minutes. 

Lastly, we hope that you have figured out what you can make in a panini press.

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