VonShef 13/183

VonShef 13/183 1.5L Deep Fat Fryer Review

This VonShef 13/183 deep fryer review would put a magnifying lens on this machine’s overall performance, including its heat-up time, cooking results, temperature range, design, outstanding features, and possible limitations. We should also juxtapose these performances with competitive products within its price and category to see if it is worth buying.

So, in the end, you can make definitive purchase decisions on whether this product suits you and if it can handle your cooking needs.

What’s the price?

Our Evaluation of The 13/183


The heating element’s specifications is an essential feature to look out for in any deep fryer. We can easily say that the overall performance of the VonShef 13/183 hinges on the effectiveness of the heating system

With its 2000W rated heating element, this product sits as one of the most powerful 3L deep fryer available in the UK market. So, getting the cooking tank heated up quickly and properly cooking your meals is a breeze for this device.

However, being high-powered, you would have to connect the machine to a high–amp socket in your home, else it would blow up your fuse.

Food Capacity

This 13/183 deep fryer comes with a 3L cooking tank. Hence, fitting for an averagely-sized home, say with no more than five persons. If your home is larger, you can lookup reviews we made on products with bigger tanks. We also reviewed top-quality compact deep fryers with small food capacity; you could also check them if your home is small and you don’t want to spend an extra penny on space you don’t need.  


13/381 does not come in a disparate overall design from other top-quality deep fryers of its size and category. It comes with a see-through window that lets you monitor the cooking process, metallic air filters for proper steam removal to keep your fires crunchy, and anti-slip feet for stability and prevent accidental movement of the machine.

There are two indicators on the appliance – one tells you the device is powered on, and the other lets you know when it is heating up. There are also two stay-cool side handles for easy mobility of the machine from your counter space to any place of storage.

Temperature Range

This deep fryer performs excellently in this area than most competitive products available. It allows for temperature selection between 130 to 190 degrees Celsius rather than starting at 150 degrees.

This extensive temperature selection range makes the device suitable for a wide variety of cooking needs, gives you full control of the entire cooking process and helps you to achieve the precise cooking results you want, be it a crispy, crunchy chicken or browned fries 

Ease Of Use And Cleaning

Operating this VonShef fryer isn’t different from any other deep fryer available in the UK. The entire operation utilizes the temperature knob as a power on/off switch and a heat selection mechanism.

This product also performs exceptionally well in its ease of cleaning. Like with other top-quality fryers, it comes with an enamel-coated non-stick surface that disallows crumbs from sticking to the pan; cleaning the device is very comfortable.


The service life of your device significantly depends on how you use them than on their construction. For that reason, we recommend reading the supplied manual irrespective of how much you know about the device or how long you’ve been using one.

Still, the machine comes with durable and premium material construction featuring high-grade stainless steel housing and a glossy-finished exterior for anti-scratch and rust proofing.

Product Specifications

Dimension48 x 30 x 24.8 cm
Power2000 W
Weight3.08 kg
Capacity3 L


  • Quick heat-up
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Premium-grade construct
  • The extensive temperature selection range

Product’s Limitations

  • The sides get very hot
  • The lid isn’t hinged


All in all, we can easily say that the VonShef 13/183 is an outstanding device fitting for a fairly large home. It comes with features only available on high0end brands, and its extensive temperature selection that give you more control of the cooking process to a wide range of cooking needs and results is a plus.

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