Vitinni JF07535001

Vitinni JF07535001 6L Food Stand Mixer Review

Save yourself the trouble of hand mixing ingredients and go for the Vitinni JF07535001. This is a multi-tasking stand mixer that is meant to ease your food preparation. It is user-friendly and ranks among the best stand mixers in the UK.

But what makes this model qualify among the best? Here is a review to help you with that question.

What’s the price?

Vitinni JF07535001 Overview

Buying an expensive stand mixer is quite a commitment, especially if you are not sure how useful it would be in your day-to-day kitchen activities. That is why the JF07535001 would be a good pick for a beginner or if you are on a tight budget. This mixer offers you three tools to easily handle different tasks with ease. With this unit, you can mix, knead, whip, or cream your ingredients with absolute ease. It might not have the largest capacity, but it doesn’t disappoint either with what it offers you.

Features And Functions Of The JF07535001


Not only is this mixer fully functional, but it is also attractive enough to make a statement in your kitchen. Its glossy black finish and chrome-effect trim and controls give it that appealing look that you would love having on your countertop. In other words, you wouldn’t have to store it away in the cabinet. Even if it is just sitting on the counter, this model will still be functional enough.

If you live in a tiny house with a squeezed kitchen or you needed a mixer for your RV, this one would be a good pick for you. It saves you space as it handles your multiple kitchen tasks.


There is a stainless-steel bowl on this Vitinni mixer, which has a moderate capacity to help you prepare a large quantity of dough at a go. The bowl offers you a 6-liter capacity, and it comes with a convenient pouring spout to prevent the ingredients from dripping off to the counter. With this capacity, you can confidently prepare dough for up to 200 cupcakes or two 8-inch cakes. It perfectly suits a family-setting.

Plus, the bowl features a splash guard that helps to minimize and possibly eliminate spillages and messes as you work on your ingredients.

High-Performance Motor

Whether you are working on the rye bread and pizza dough or you are working on whipped cream, this mixer will give you an easy time. The Vitinni JF07535001 is loaded with a massive 1500W motor that should handle any task that you throw at it. Plus, the motor runs with a planetary action to easily offer you an even and consistent dough.

Auto-Stop Function

You should keep in mind that the Vitinni mixer cannot run for more than 12 minutes at a go. You will need to let it cool between uses if you want it to serve you for a long time. So, if you are a batch baker, you might be limited with this model.

The best part is that you don’t have to do the stoppage manually. Instead, the mixer comes with an auto stop function that will shut down the motor when it runs for 12 minutes consistently. This helps to prevent overheating of the motor.

6 Speed Settings and Pulse Function

The versatility of the Vitinni JF07535001 is another thing that makes it a top pick. Besides the three accessories, the model also comes with a variable speed setting. You get 6 levels of speed with this unit, which allows you to work on different ingredients with ease. Also onboard is the pulse function that you can activate if you need a turbo speed action on your ingredients.

6 Suction Cup Feet

You don’t have to worry about the mixer gliding on the countertop as the motor is running. Thanks to the six suction cup feet, the mixer will stay stable without moving around. But this will only work on a flat and smooth countertop.


  • Comes with an elegant, glossy finish
  • Offers you 6 levels of speed and a digital timer
  • Large capacity mixing bowl with a splash guard
  • Powerful motor with an auto-shutdown feature
  • 6 suction cup feet for stability


  • The bowl and accessories are not dishwasher safe


Clearly, the Vitinni JF07535001 is a decent mixer with a good value for money. It offers you enough speed settings for you to handle different ingredients with ease.  

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  1. Hi there.
    Could you please let me know where can I get a spare of thw wire whip. I bought this mixer 2 years ago, I have used it only few times and the top of the wire whip (made of plastic or acrilic) broke.

    I would appreciate to receive information where to get accessories.

    Thanks and regards

    Ana Maria Dillon

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