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Vacuum Sealer Buying Guide – Types And Specifications

When you’re looking for a vacuum sealer, you’ll come across different brands, models, and features. All of these can be overwhelming if it’s your first time getting a vacuum sealer, so it’s better to be informed about what you want. Each sealer varies from the other, so you need to know which one works for you.

The Different Types of Vacuum Sealers

Picking the best vacuum sealer for you isn’t just about choosing the most positively reviewed unit or the cheapest appliance. Remember, there’s no one right model. There’s only the right one for your requirements. To start your endeavors right, you’re going to have to acquaint yourself with the primary types of vacuum sealers:


The roller vacuum sealer is the most basic one. You pretty much place a roll of sealant into the appliance, and you add in whatever it is you want to seal. The device covers the item in the bag and closes it after sucking out all the air for you. This vacuum lets the food stay fresh longer.

Roller sealers are convenient, simple to use, and have great functionality. Remember that most roller types are built to be affordable and convenient. It’s why you may not find these models as feature-filled as other types. That said, if you’re looking for something simple, this is a great cost-effective residential option.


Rollers are great for sealing bags, but what about other types? That’s where jar vacuum sealers come in. These sealers are specialized to pack more than just sealants. They’re also able to manage canisters and jars, so you can also store canned foods easily. This sealer is handy for preserving foods or gifting them in cute little sealed jars.


Sometimes you need sellers on the go, like at work. So, if you want a compact model that you can use manually to cover objects, consider a handheld vacuum sealer. This model is a compact, convenient, lightweight appliance you can utilize to vacuum seal items into canisters, bags, or jars, depending on what unit you get.

An aspect that is special about these handheld vacuum sealers is their impressive portability. These units can be easily transported on trips, vacations, or excursions to different locations for multiple uses. Not only is it suitable for the home, but you can even use it on the go. They can also be stored easily in your bags or luggage. There are even cordless versions for easier traveling.


Some people work in food packaging industries and need a vacuum sealer packed with more features they need, which is why they get commercial models. This version is the perfect choice for people who work in restaurants, but it’s also valid for at-home use if you’ve got heavy sealing duties or businesses at the house.

These units can typically house more oversized bags, canisters, and jars. They include powerful inbuilt vacuum pumps that can provide chamber sizes with more capacity than other sealer types. Commercial vacuum sealers are known for their dependability and longevity.


One of the more extensive and costly types is the chamber vacuum sealer, designed for heavy-duty use. This sealer type has a strong vacuum pump and a huge chamber that can manage more multiple food containers at once.

So, chamber models are ideal if you own a restaurant or other such business in the packaging or food industry. If you’re focused on preservation or mass production, this sealer type is a better option than typical ones.

So, if you’re looking for something basic and straightforward, a roller sealer will do the trick. If you work with different types of containers like jars, then the jar sealer is the better option for people who like to travel and need to seal items along the way; handheld sealers are the most appropriate solution. And finally, for heavy-duty purposes, commercial and chamber sealers are the way to go.


Before buying a vacuum sealer, it is vital to consider some aspects and features that will suit your needs. Mentioned below are some essential elements to think about while looking for the best vacuum sealer for you:


The dimensions of a vacuum sealer are critical to remember since it governs how heavy the device is. The weight ultimately decides how convenient the device is to carry around for traveling or storage, depending on your needs.


When looking for the ideal vacuum cleaner, it is essential to note the various settings a sealer can include. Vacuum sealers with dual options are more efficient, while sealers with automatic options are attractive for people who want more accessible functionality.

Ease of Maintenance

Cleaning is crucial to maintain vacuum sealers effectively. So, it is better to opt for one that has a removable tray and seal bars. In that way, the gears can get easily cleaned and put back in no time.

Bag Storage

If your vacuum sealer has bag storage, it makes sealing food much more manageable. The machine can then cut up the bags without having to place them on the sealer manually.


Cost is a significant factor when buying a vacuum sealer. You’ll want a machine that offers sufficient quality and goes easy on the wallet, so you have a larger budget for the food. So, how much do these machines typically cost?

Well, vacuum sealer prices are variable. They can begin from as low as £40 for a handheld type, going up to £60 to £70 for roller types, and ending as high as hundreds of thousands of dollars for more heavy-duty types like commercial and chamber models.

Most likely, if you’re someone who does their work or hobby from home, you’ll look for the mid-tier option for the ideal quality and cost. You can find many premium home vacuum sealers for £80 to $120 and even some excellent options somewhere around the £70 mark.

Well, that’s it for my vacuum sealer buying guide. Hopefully, this article helps you figure out what you should look for in a vacuum sealer for your food sealing needs.

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