Buying Table Top Dishwasher

Things To Consider Before Buying Table Top Dishwasher

A tabletop dishwasher, also known as a countertop or portable dishwasher, is a compact appliance that rests on a table, counter, etc. It is just as capable as its full-sized counterpart, only more energy-efficient, portable, and space-saving.

Typically, tabletop dishwashers utilize a rapid connect adapter to connect with a regular sink faucet to get water. Their drain hose runs along the back and directly into the sink to rapidly drain out water with each use. Today, I’ll be outlining the different things to consider before buying a tabletop dishwasher:

A lot of you will have questions about a tabletop dishwasher if you’re never owned one or are thinking of buying one. To help make the process easier, I’ll be answering some of the most frequently asked questions about tabletop dishwashers

1. Why should I get one?

Countertop dishwashing machines are very versatile. Regardless of if you need one as your chief dishwashing use or just as a handy backup, these models can adapt to your requirements. If you reside in a tiny house that lacks space for an inbuilt model, or you’re renting space that comes without a dishwasher, tabletop washers can be a game-changer.

Tabletop dishwashers can also be beneficial in a variety of settings. Whether you’re in the office, at home taking care of your babies, on a road trip in an RV, or residing in college dorms.

2. Does a tabletop dishwasher differ from a normal one?

Tabletop dishwashers are just as efficient at cleaning as regular ones. That said, portable dishwashing machines use significantly less soap and water than their counterparts. It’s not bad as it sounds, though; it just means that tabletop machines need fewer resources to achieve the same results as a regular dishwasher.

3. Can I permanently install a tabletop dishwasher?

Surprisingly, yes. While the main selling point of a tabletop machine is its portability, you can find models that have endless installation options. That said, no units are specially built, so you can permanently install them, which is why it’s best to avoid doing so. Using or installing a product the wrong way can void its warranty, so it’s best to maintain its portability.

4. Can a tabletop drain out the garage while under the sink?

Yes, some units of tabletop dishwashers can be set up to the mainline in your home. But like we stated before, permanent installation isn’t part of these dishwashers’ design, so it’s best to avoid this option. You can contact the production company to get more details about DIY setups and find what’s feasible accordingly.

5. Can I get a tabletop dishwasher if I don’t have much tabletop space?

A considerable benefit of tabletop dishwashers is their compactness. These appliances typically take up as much space as a mini oven and rest on flat spaces. Most units can also fit right under your cabinets, making them ideal for compact spaces. Their small size also means that you can store your tabletop dishware in the cupboard or on a cart when it’s not in use.

6. How does a tabletop dishwasher affect the water and energy bills?

Tabletop dishwashers are very effective and affordable, using significantly less water than conventional dishwashers or manual washing. Each cycle can hold four to six plates and uses up to three gallons of water.

7. Are there different wash cycle options?

Plenty of tabletop dishwashers provide the same features as a conventional one, including cycle modes. These cycles generally include fast, average, slow, speed, soak, and glass options. Tabletop dishwashers can also have automatic dispensers for detergent and rinsing.

Key Features of a Tabletop Dishwasher:

It’s best to be aware of these key features you can find in most models to help you choose the ideal tabletop dishwasher for your personal space and washing process:

Quick Connect Adapter

A rapid connect adapter is a convenient feature that connects the drainage hose to the sink, accommodating most typical faucets.

Cutlery Basket

A cutlery basket can contain all your cutlery during the washing process. When putting in your load, make sure that your utensils’ prongs aren’t sticking out so that the water spray is uncontrolled and can continue cleaning freely.

Dish Basket

Similar to a cutlery basket, this basket holds four to six place settings. Most manufacturers give tips and advice on utilizing these place settings to wash the most dishes in one cycle.

Rinse Aid Dispenser

A rinse aid dispenser is just that. It dispenses rinse aid to dry dishes quicker by removing water spots. If you see any streaks or residue left after a cycle, add more rinse aid and set the dishwasher to dispense more.

Things to Consider Before Buying Table Top Dishwasher


Be sure to know the exact measurements of the tabletop dishwasher you’re considering. Take special notice of the distance between the tabletop and cabinet bottom.


It would help if you took a mental note of how much space you’ll need for your dish loads. Most tabletop dishwasher units can take up to six place settings, although this varies between each model.

Internal Composition

Tabletop dishwashers designed using stainless steel on the inside will have more durability and last longer than a unit with plastic inside.

Dry Cycle

Some people prioritize the dry cycle to get their dishes out quicker. If you need this feature, find models that offer dry cycles as opposed to regular ones.


Sometimes the water drains out of the tabletop dishwasher above the unit’s level, such as when the model is below the drain level. In such instances, you’ll want a model with a pump. That said, you can avoid the problem altogether by placing the dishwasher above the drain level.

Water Heater

Most tabletop dishwashers include water heaters with varying wattages. These units with water heaters also typically come with settings that change the power accordingly.

Number of Different Cycles

Every tabletop dishwasher varies in the number of cycles it offers. So, consider what works for your household and choose accordingly.

Utility Efficiency

Check the utility usage of the tabletop dishwashers to get one that meets your requirements.

Well, that’s it. This guide should help you figure out what you’re looking for in a tabletop dishwasher, so long as you consider each point.

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