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Best Teppanyaki Grill UK – Multipurpose, Electric And Table Top

Did you know that you can bring the Japanese cooking style right into your home? How you may ask. Well, all you need to do is make use of the astonishing appliance, the teppanyaki grill.

Basically, this appliance is an iron griddle that comes with a flat and solid surface that’s used to prepare food, mostly in front of an audience. They can be used as a spin-off for BBQ parties at home with family and friends.

Teppanyaki literally means a grilled iron plate in Japanese, and it will let you prepare different types of meals all at once.

But the main issue here is to find the best Teppanyaki grill that suits your cooking needs accordingly. You can find a couple of them in the UK market, but settling for one is the major challenge. Luckily, we will help you make it easy with this article.

Here, we will be reviewing some of the top Teppanyaki grills in the UK market to give you an easy time for shopping for your next.

Teppanyaki Grills: Our Top Picks

VonShef 13/063 XL Multipurpose9.4Check
COSTWAY SV-36TH-1GB0 Electric XXL Teppanyaki Table Grill9.4Check
COSTWAY XL Electric Teppanyaki Table Grill9.4Check
CASART Electric Grill Table9.4Check
VonShef 07/030 Large9.2Check
MisterChef XL Electric BBQ Table9.2Check
Quest 354909.0Check
Duronic GP20 Teppanyaki Grill Pan9.0Check
Venga! VG GR 3020 BS Teppanyaki/Plancha Grill9.0Check
Cooks Professional Teppanyaki BBQ Hot Plate8.8Check

Teppanyaki Grill Reviews

With hundreds of Teppanyaki grills in the UK market, deciding to settle for a single model can be confusing. Nevertheless, here are 10 models we think would make a good pick for you.

1. VonShef XL13/063 Electric Teppanyaki Table Top Grill

VonShef 13/063

Our first contender is this wonderful teppanyaki grill from VonShef, which is a leading kitchen appliance manufacturer in the UK. This fella is designed to offer you a large cooking surface to easily meet your needs.

You will not only have a unique dining experience with this model, but you’ll also be confident of enjoying a visually-appealing experience.

This 2000W cooker will offer you the needed heat to meet the cooking need of different meals all at once. Furthermore, there is a large cooking surface that is easy to access as you cook variable foods. Here, you will get an extra-large cooking area of 70cm x 23cm. If you will be using it for a BBQ party or any other family gathering, this model will not disappoint.

We have to mention that the grill comes with a nonstick aluminum plate that is 3mm thick to last for long and promote proper heat distribution. Keep in mind that it comes with a Teflon nonstick coating that prevents the foods from sticking. This also offers you an easy cleaning time while saving the cooking oil use.

Keep in mind that this teppanyaki grill comes with easily-adjustable temperature control that lets you set it to meet the cooking needs of whatever food you are preparing. There is an oil drip tray that would suit health-conscious users.

The power cord is detachable for easy storage, and you will be getting this unit with 8 spatulas to get you started.


  • Extra-large cooking area
  • Removable power cord for easy storage
  • 3mm nonstick aluminum plate
  • Easy to clean
  • Lightweight and slim design


  • Not ideal for squeezed kitchen spaces

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2. COSTWAY SV-36TH-1GB0 Electric XXL Teppanyaki Table Grill


If you tend to have large family gatherings and you want to take your cooking/BBQing game to the next level, this fella will make that easy for you. This is one of the best Teppanyaki grills in the UK if you need one with a large cooking surface.

Like the previous model, this one offers you a large cooking area, but a little more room if you will be cooking food for more people. Here, the grill an XXL cooking area of 90cm x 23cxm, which is roomy enough for you to cook different foods at a go.

Of course, the cooking surface is nonstick and it lets you cook with little to no oil. Even better, there is a drip tray that will trap any grease or excess oil that may come from the food as you are cooking.

The company was generous enough to include 8 free wooden spatulas and two egg rings to enhance the whole cooking experience.

The temperature control of this baby is reliable enough as you get to adjust the settings to five different settings. Here, you can set the ideal temperature for whatever food you are preparing. Whether you are preparing beef, fish, chicken, or vegetables, this cooker will let you achieve that with ease.

For your safety, this teppanyaki grill comes with two handles on every side with an insulated cover. This way, you won’t have to worry about getting burned when the cooking temperature is at the highest setting. Furthermore, there are four nonslip feet that will help to keep the whole unit stable as you cook your food.


  • Super-sized cooking area
  • Comes with four nonslip feet for stability
  • Insulated handles on each side
  • 5 temperature settings
  • Comes with 8 wooden spatulas and two egg rings


  • Not the best heat distribution

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3. COSTWAY XL Electric Teppanyaki Table Grill

COSTWAY XL Electric Teppanyaki Table Grill

Our third product comes from COSTWAY, another highly-reputable home appliances manufacturer in the UK.

This amazing teppanyaki grill comes with a 1800W heating element that should provide the needed heat for cooking your foods. We noticed that the whole unit heats up very quickly, which is one thing most users prefer.

The heating element is controlled by an adjustable thermostat that is quite easy to use. Here, you get five different temperature settings that should suit whatever meal you are cooking. Keep in mind that the unit heats up quickly enough for you to get started on your meals.

Along with that, there is a large cooking area of 70cm x 23cm. The cooking surface comes with a nonstick coating that lets you use less cooking oil. You might not even need to use the cooking oil with this fella.

When you purchase this model, you will also get six free wooden spatulas, and two non-stick egg rings. So yes, this unit can let you cook different foods at the same time with absolute ease. Furthermore, there is an oil drip tray that traps all the excess grease from the food as you cook.

There are two insulated handles on every side of the teppanyaki grill, and the four feet with rubber caps help to keep it stable enough when using it.

No assembly is needed with this model. You can start using it as soon as you get it. Just plug it into a socket outlet and it will be ready to cook.


  • Large cooking surface
  • Nonstick surface makes it easy to clean
  • Features a drip tray to trap excess grease from food
  • Nonslip feet keep the grill stable as you use it
  • Insulated handles for user safety when the cooker is hot


  • Wet/liquid foods can leave a mess that’s challenging to clean

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4. CASART 200W Electric Teppanyaki Grill

CASART Electric Teppanyaki

Next on the list is this awesome teppanyaki grill from another top brand in the UK, CASART. It might not come with a large cooking area like the first three products on the list, but can still be a good addition to your kitchen arsenal.

With this grill, it comes with a decent 48cm x 27cm cooking area. It then runs with a 2000W electric element that should provide the needed heat for whatever meal you may want to prepare. The heat can be easily adjusted with the thermostat onboard. This thermostat lets you enjoy a range of 5 temperature settings that will suit different types of food.

We have to mention that the teppanyaki grill comes with a lightweight design to let you carry it around with ease. Whether you want to use it indoors or go with it outside for some fun cooking experience, the grill is meant to make it easy for you.

Thanks to its 2.3mm nonstick cooking surface, you will be confident of using little to no cooking oil as you prepare your meals. This also gives you an easy time when you are cleaning the grill.

Any excess grease will be trapped in the drip tray, and you get six wooden spatulas, along with two nonstick rings with this unit.


  • Lightweight design makes it easy to move around
  • Tough nonstick coating on the cooking surface
  • Insulated handles
  • Offers five temperature settings
  • It heats up really quickly


  • It might not be large enough for some users

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5. VonShef 07/030 Large Teppanyaki Multipurpose Grill

VonShef Large Teppanyaki Grill

We give our fifth spot to yet another teppanyaki grill from VonShef. If you want a decently large cooking area that is not too big to fill up your kitchen space, this fella would be a good pick for you.

It offers you a 2000W heating element that should offer the needed temperatures for whatever meals you are preparing. With this cooker, you can use it to prepare meat, veggies, fish, burgers, and even chips.

In terms of the cooking area, this one offers you 43cxm x 22cm, which we thought was good enough. It might not compare to the larger models available in the UK market, but it isn’t too petite either. This cooking area should be enough for cooking different meals all at once with ease.

Plus, the cooking area is well coated with a nonstick layer. As you already know, this lets you use less cooking oil and even no drop of oil when preparing some meals. Cleaning it is easy breezy as well.

We loved that the company offers this teppanyaki grill with the right wooden spatulas to get you started as soon as you receive it. Wooden spatulas are strong, durable, and heat-resistant.

The temperature control allows you to adjust the settings to meet whatever meal you are preparing.


  • Space-saving design lets you carry it to the dining table
  • Easy to adjust temperature settings
  • Nonstick cooking surface
  • Drip tray traps excess grease from food
  • Offers eight wooden spatulas


  • Some section of the nonstick surface might start peeling off

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6. MisterChef XL Electric BBQ Table Top Grill

MisterChef XL Teppanyaki Grill

Clearly, MisterChef is one of the best kitchen appliance brands in the UK, and this teppanyaki grill also ranks among the top units on the market. It offers you a large cooking area, but you can still carry it around from indoors to outdoors with ease.

This fella comes with a 1800W heating element that is reliable enough. The heating element will heat up the cooking area that measures 68cm x 29cm. As you would expect, the cooking surface comes with a nonstick coating that will prevent excessive use of cooking oil. Some foods can even be cooked with no oil at all. Even if you happen to use some excess oil, there is a drip tray that will trap it all.

There are four non-slip feet on this piece, which help to keep the teppanyaki grill stable as you cook. Even if you load it up with the maximum food you can cook at a go, it will remain stable enough. The best part is that the grill doesn’t touch your table, so it will not leave any burned marks on it.

Here, the cooker offers you an adjustable thermostat to change the temperature settings with ease. Basically, you get six temperature settings at your convenience.

Being that the cooker itself comes with a large size, more than two people can cook on it at the same time. The best part is that there are 8 wooden spatulas that make the whole cooking experience easy. In other words, there is a spatula for every single person.


  • Sizeable cooking area
  • Comes at a decent price point
  • Nonslip rubber feet
  • Offers 8 wooden spatulas
  • Variable thermostat with 6 temperature settings


  • The heating element connection point seems loose

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7. Quest 35490 Non-Stick Grill

Quest 35490

We would recommend this model to anyone that needs a reliable Teppanyaki grill that doesn’t take too much of your kitchen space but still offers a decent cooking space. This unit stands among the cheapest Teppanyaki grills in the UK.

Coming with a 2000W heating element, this unit will get hot in no time. Besides it heating up quickly enough, the grill also has a thick cooking surface that promotes proper heat distribution. The cooking area of this cooker is 47cm x 26cm, which is more of a moderate size compared to other models in the UK.

You should have plenty of room for different foods, and the nonstick coating helps to prevent the food from getting stuck as the unit gets hotter. Plus, you will use less cooking oil and have an easy time when it comes to cleaning it. A simple wipe-off can even be enough when you need to clean the grill.

This model comes at a super-low price point of less than £35, but you still get 8 spatulas with it.

You can adjust the temperature to suit your cooking needs as this one comes with five settings for easy adjustability. The power cord is easily removable for easy storage. Along with that, this unit offers you a cool-touch handle that will remain cool even at the highest temperature setting.


  • Space-saving design
  • Comes at a low price point
  • Heats up quickly
  • Stable non-slip feet
  • Well-raised to prevent burn marks on the table


  • The pan cannot be detached from the base, so you need to be careful when cleaning it with water

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8. Duronic GP20 Electric Griddle

Duronic GP20

Here is another teppanyaki grill we think is one of the best in the UK market. It offers you a large cooking surface, and you can be sure of having an easy time when working with it.

This fella offers you a decent cooking area of around 50cm x 27cm. You should enjoy cooking different foods all at once on this unit. The cooking surface also comes with a nonstick coating that helps to make the whole cooking experience a walk in the park. First, you wouldn’t have to worry about any food getting stuck to the cooking surface. On the other hand, lessens the time and effort when it comes to cleaning it.

We noticed that the cooking surface is slightly slanted towards the drip tray. As a result, the drip tray will collect all the excess grease from your food. This not only eliminates the mess, but it also allows you to cook and eat healthily.

It comes with a lightweight and portable design, so you can use it in the house or carry it outdoors with ease. The temperature dial on this unit makes it easy to adjust the cooking temperature to meet your needs accordingly.

Thanks to the stay-cool handles, you can lift off this cooker even when it is still hot. No need to worry about it burning your hands.


  • Easy to use and clean
  • Lightweight and portable design
  • Cool-touch handles
  • Nonslip feet for stability
  • Very affordable


  • The heat distribution could be better

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9. Venga VG GR 3020 Teppanyaki/Plancha Grill

Venga! VG GR 3020 BS

As we almost finalize our list, we bring you this teppanyaki grill from Venga. Apparently, Venga ranks among the best models that deliver top-quality kitchen appliances in the UK.

This one offers a decent cooking surface that is obviously not the largest in the UK market, but also not the smallest. It is a moderate-sized cooker that will serve your cooking needs with ease.

Here, you will enjoy a large table grill of 43.5cm x 29cm. This way, you can easily cook different meals while still saving space in your kitchen. It is important to note that the cooking surface has a nonstick coating to prevent your food from sticking and also make the cleaning process easy.

To let you cook different meals at the proper temperature, this model offers you five settings that also assure you of precise adjustment. Even if the grill is cooking at the highest temperature setting, you will not worry about getting burned. This unit comes with cool-touch handles that will remain cool throughout the cooking process.

Furthermore, you will enjoy a stainless steel decorative plate and a removable drip tray that will make the whole cooking experience easy.


  • Decent cooking area with a space-saving design
  • Easy to use and change the temperature
  • Easy to carry around
  • Offers 5 temperature settings


  • Cleaning can take some work

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10. Cooks Professional Teppanyaki Electric Grill

Cooks Professional Teppanyaki

We wrap up our list with this unit that ranks among the best if you are looking for an extra-large teppanyaki grill.

This one comes with a powerful 2000W heating element that will handle any food you throw at it. It comes with a large cooking surface of 70cm x 23cm. With this, you will be sure of having enough room to prepare your food. You even get 8 wooden spatulas for everyone that is cooking on the grill.

Besides, the cooking surface comes with a non-stick surface that will prevent the food from sticking. It also makes it easy to clean the food residues when you are done cooking. If you have excess oil coming from the food, there is a drip tray that will capture all the grease conveniently. This means that you will be cooking and eating healthy with this grill.

The inbuilt thermostat lets you adjust the temperature to meet your cooking needs. It also comes with cool-touch handles that will remain cool even when the cooking temperature is at the highest setting.


  • Sizeable cooking surface
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with 8 wooden spatulas
  • Stay-cool handles on each side
  • It is affordable


  • Cleaning it can be challenging

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How To Choose the Best Teppanyaki Grill

So, now you have an idea of what model you should go for as you explore the Teppanyaki grills available in the UK market. But what criteria should you follow specifically? Here are some of the top things you should consider;

  • Cooking area. A teppanyaki grill is meant to cook different foods all at once. So, you should consider a model with enough cooking area to handle different meals at a go.
  • Nonstick surface. It is mandatory that the cooking surface must have a durable nonstick coating.
  • Drip tray. Ideally, choose a model that has a drip tray to trap the excess grease from the food as you cook. This assures you of eating meals with less oil/fat.
  • Stay-cool handles. The handles of the cooker must remain cook throughout the cooking process for convenience.
  • Size. Besides the cooking area, you should consider the size and design of the grill. It must fit in your kitchen space or wherever you wish to use it.

Also, choose a model that has variable temperature settings, and one that is easy to clean and use. If you can find one with added accessories like spatulas and egg rings, it would be better.


Now, which Teppanyaki grill will you be going for? Do you prefer an XXL model or a small unit that can easily fit on your dining table? Whichever grill you go for, make sure it meets your cooking needs accordingly. Don’t forget to choose a model from a reputable brand.

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