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Best Temperature Control Kettle UK – Variable Multi-Temp Models

Normally, kettles are known to boil water very quickly. However, they do consume a considerable amount of electricity. But, thanks to the new technology, you can now enjoy the delivery of a temperature control kettle, which then lets you control its energy consumption.

With a variable temperature kettle, you’ll enjoy rapid water boiling while lowering the electricity consumption to the fullest. This type of kettle allows you to choose the temperature you wish to boil water at. It also offers you versatility.

We did some research on the best temperature control kettles in the UK, and we will be sharing our findings with you in this article.

Let’s get on with it.

Temperature Control Kettles: Our Top Picks

Breville Temperature Select Electric Kettle9.6Check
HadinEEon Variable Temperature Kettle9.4Check
Bosch TWK8633GB9.2Check
Duronic EK30 BK 9.2Check
Cuisinart Multi-Temp Jug Kettle8.8Check
Morpilot 1.7L Temperature Control Kettle8.8Check
Progress EK3671PTITANIUM8.8Check
PHONECT Kettle8.6Check
AKZIM Temperature Control Glass Kettle8.2Check
Drew&Cole RediKettle8.0Check

Variable Temperature Kettle Reviews

It can be a huge challenge to settle for a specific model in the UK market if you need a reliable kettle that allows you to control the temperature settings. But to save you time and effort, here are 10 top models you should consider going for;

1. Breville VKT159 Temperature Select Electric Kettle

Breville Temperature Select Electric Kettle

If you need a kettle for brewing your hot drinks/beverages whenever this Breville temperature control kettle would be a good pick. It also qualifies as one of the best electric kettles in the UK.

First off, this would make a good pick for a family as it comes with a large 1.7-liter capacity that can make 8 cups at once. Thanks to the rear water window, you can be confident of filling up the kettle accurately and avoiding unnecessary spillage.

There is a concealed 3kW element that assures you of a fast boiling experience. If you combine this with the 5 temperature settings, you have yourself a very reliable unit. The temperature of this unit can be adjusted from 80 degrees Celsius to the maximum, 100 degrees Celsius. Luckily, the temperature settings come in a user-friendly panel for easy accessibility.

It is made with an eco-friendly design that will keep the water warm for some time to avoid the need for reboiling it.

If you live in a hard water area, there is a convenient limescale filter that is easily removable and cleanable. The variable temperature kettle also comes with a 360-degree cordless base that allows both left and right-hand users to enjoy it. This lets you use the kettle portably as well. There’s also a convenient cord storage section on the base.


  • Durable stainless steel design
  • Removable limescale filter
  • User-friendly temperature settings
  • The 360-degree base for convenience
  • Lift-off lid for easy refilling


  • The placement of the filler gauge makes it difficult to view when holding the kettle

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2. HadinEEon GK2003CT Variable Temperature Electric Kettle

HadinEEon Variable Temperature Electric Kettle

This second model comes with 6 temperature settings that allow you to enjoy a huge variation. The design of the kettle is unique enough, and it stands among the most popular models in the UK.

Here, you get a glass kettle that looks elegant even if it is just sitting on your kitchen counter. Even with the glass design, this temperature control kettle will serve you for a long time, and the glass won’t shatter, even at the highest temp.

With the six temperature settings, you can set the unit to boil at 70℃, 80℃, 85℃, 90℃, 95℃, or 100℃. This way, you get to choose the ideal temperature setting for optimal brewing. You can enjoy precise temperature control, which is made possible by the intuitive control panel. All the controls are conveniently placed on the handle for easy accessibility.

It is important to mention that this unit utilizes the modern water circling heating technology that is meant to heat water faster and quietly. Boiling 1.5 liters of water will only take 5 minutes on this unit.

Another plus feature that makes this model among the best on the UK market is the Keep Warm feature. The variable temperature kettle can easily keep the water at the set temperature for up to 4 hours. 

It is then equipped with the safety auto-off and boil-dry protection. With these features, the unit will automatically go off when there is no water inside or if the water level drops beyond a specific level.


  • Elegant glass design
  • The control panel is easily accessible on the handle
  • Keeps water warm for 4 hours
  • Blue LED light goes on when the water is boiling
  • The auto-shutoff function is ideal for safety


  • It can be heavy to elderly users

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3. Bosch TWK8633GB Variable Temperature Kettle

Bosch TWK8633GB

In the UK market, Bosch is one of the top brands that not only make power tools but also selected kitchen appliances.

This awesome temperature control kettle is made with a simple, yet sturdy design that is meant to serve you for a long time without breaking down.

Of course, this one comes with a variable temperature selection that allows you to choose temperatures ranging from 70 degrees Celsius to 100 degrees Celsius. However, keep in mind that you only get four temperature settings on this one. That shouldn’t be a point of concern though.

Along with the variable temperature selection, this unit also comes with a Keep Warm function. Here, the water will stay warm for up to 30 minutes. It might not be comparable to those units that can keep water for 4 hours but still prove functional enough. If you like having two cups of coffee or tea before you rush out, you’d enjoy working with this fella. No need for reboiling.

This one comes with an Acoustic ready signal that will alert you when the water is boiled to the set temperature. The anti-slip soft-touch handle gives you an easy time when handling the kettle.

Even though this model is made of a stainless steel body, you will not have to worry about it burning you when the water is boiling. Thanks to the double-walled housing, you can easily and safely work with this model.


  • Sturdy and durable design
  • Double-walled housing for convenience and safety
  • Anti-slip soft-touch handle
  • One-touch lid opening operation
  • Limescale filter for use in the hard water area


  • It beeps loudly when set to boil and when it finishes

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4. Duronic EK30 BK Variable Temperature Control Kettle

Duronic EK30 BK

This model stands among the selected kettles with fast boil technology in the UK market. The user-experience of this one is also worth pointing out.

Here, you will be getting a decent temperature control kettle with a 1.5-liter capacity. If you need to make around four cups every morning, you’ll find it reliable. Besides that, it comes with a view window that lets you see how much water is inside. We loved the fact that this unit allows you to boil even a single cup of water.

The temperature can be adjusted from 40°C, 60°C, 90°C, to 100°C. For your hot water bottle preparation, you can make use of the 40°C settings. The highest setting of 100°C is best suited for herbal teas and black tea.

Luckily, the control panel is conveniently placed at the top of the handle. It is not only easy to see what controls you select but easy enough to set the temperature and control the whole unit.

There is a keep-warm function that maintains the set temperature for around 30 minutes. Along with that, there is a 360-degree base that allows both left and right-handed users to work with this fella. This also promotes the portability of the kettle.


  • Easy to access and operate control panel
  • The robust filter spout stays strong for long
  • Keep warm function for 30 minutes
  • Runs with fast boiling technology
  • Comes with a notification beep when it is done boiling


  • The top design allows the moisture on the inside to drip down the outside of the kettle

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5. Cuisinart CPK17BPU Multi-Temp Jug

Cuisinart Multi-Temp Jug Kettle

The fifth contender on the list is this amazing temperature control kettle from another reputable brand in the UK – Cuisinart. From the design to its delivery, this model qualifies among the best out there.

It rocks an appealing modern design with curves and a water window at the back. This way, you will be confident of having an eye-catching appliance in the kitchen that will serve you for a long time.

In terms of the temperature adjustability, you can choose from 85-100°C. There is a 3kW heating element that is reliable enough to offer you rapid boiling. Besides that, there is a convenient control panel at the top of the handle. Keep in mind that this unit only allows you to choose directly the lowest temperature, 85°C, and the highest 100°C.

There is a plus sign (+) that lets you adjust the temperature with an increment of 5°C. All in all, you will be confident of having an easy time changing the temperature.

The window at the back will not only let you view the water level, but it will also illuminate as the water is boiling. We thought this is a convenient feature to let you know if the kettle has started running.

Also on board is a small LCD screen that will show the temperature selections.


  • Large 1.7-liter capacity
  • Illuminated water window
  • Soft opening lid offers easy refilling
  • Sturdy and durable stainless steel body
  • LCD screen shows the selected temperature


  • It is costlier than some models

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6. Morpilot 1.7-Liter Glass Electric Kettle

Morpilot Glass Electric Kettle

The design and technology used in this model make it rank among the best temperature control kettles in the UK.

This one is made for durability while it glorifies your kitchen whether it is in use or not. In terms of the construction, this fella is made of Borosilicate glass that resists thermal expansion. It also features stainless steel parts on the top and bottom sections.

You’ll be getting a large variable temperature kettle with the 1.7-liter capacity that it offers. This should be enough to make up to 8 cups with a single boil. The best part is that the model runs with the latest fast boil technology that allows it to prepare 1.7 liters in just 5 to 6 minutes.

The temperature can be adjusted from as low as you wish to a high of 100 degrees Celsius. Thanks to the button that lets you adjust the temperature to +/- 10 degrees, you will enjoy a wide range with this unit.

Luckily, there is an LCD screen that allows you to know what temperature is selected for accurate settings.

Above all, the kettle comes with five LED light colors that will change based on the temperature level that you choose. The lowest temperature will activate a green light, while the highest temp will activate a red light.


  • Temperature can be adjusted from 0 to 100 degrees, Fahrenheit or Celsius
  • Comes with 5 colors of LED light
  • The lid opens directly for easy water refilling
  • Thermally insulated handle for safe handling
  • Boils the full jug in just about 5 minutes


  • It doesn’t come with a filter, hence making it difficult to use in hard water areas

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7. Progress EK3671PTITANIUM Smart-Boil Kettle With Heat-Lock

Progress EK3671PTITANIUM

This model from Progress stands among the best in the UK, and its variable temperature settings and sturdy design.

This temperature control kettle offers you a super-strong titanium body that is sure to last for ages. You don’t have to worry about it burning your hands when it is hot. It comes with a double-walled housing that offers heat insulation to prevent such accidents.

If you want to adjust the temperature, there is a digital base that has the settings to let you do so with ease. All you get is a – and a + sign that lets you reduce or increase the temperature accordingly. With these buttons, you can enjoy 12 different temperatures at your convenience.

Even better, this model is designed with innovative Heat-Lock technology that can easily keep the water hot for up to 4 hours.

By the way, the variable temperature kettle offers a decent 1.5-liter technology that can be used to prepare 4 to 5 cups with ease.

The anti-spill lid ensures that your kitchen counter or coffee table stays clean without unnecessary spills.


  • Strong and durable titanium housing
  • Offers 12 different temperature settings
  • The anti-slip lid prevents water spillage
  • Heat-Lock technology will keep water hot for 4 hours
  • Easy to use control panel with LCD screen


  • It doesn’t come with a water view window

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8. Phonect Illuminated Temperature Control PHONECT Kettle


Most illuminated kettles in the UK are made of glass housing. However, this temperature control kettle comes differently with stainless steel construction.

Along with the elegant stainless steel design, this variable temperature kettle also offers a 1.7-liter capacity that should suit a family setting with ease. It can prepare 8 cups of water with a single boil. Yes, it features a stainless steel housing, but there is a convenient window that lets you view the water level with ease.

But that’s not the only function of the water window. Rather, it has been designed to illuminate with changing color lights as the water is boiling and when the temperature changes. Keep in mind that you get to adjust the temperature from 50 degrees to 100 degrees Celsius.

The lid pops up widely to give you an easy time when you want to refill the kettle. Plus, this should give you easy cleaning times as well.

No need to carry the entire unit with the cord when you need to pour hot water into cups. There is a 360-degree base that offers portable operation with the appliance.


  • Glossy and durable stainless steel design
  • Convenient water window to see the water level
  • The water window illuminates with the temperature change
  • Auto-shutoff feature for safety and energy saving
  • Easy to use control panel


  • The beep function when the water is finished boiling can be a nuisance to some users

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9. AKZIM AK008 Variable Temperature Glass Kettle

AKZIM 2200W Fast Boil Kettle

Here comes another model that we think would be a good pick for you if you are shopping for a reliable temperature control kettle in the UK.

This unit comes with an appealing glass design that lets you enjoy its delivery as it allows you to view the water level with ease. And, don’t be fooled by the glass design on this unit. It can easily withstand the highest temperature, 100 degrees Celsius without any expansion.

You get to adjust the temperature settings on this one from as low as 40 degrees to the highest setting. All you have to do is press the + or – button to adjust the temperature to +/- 5 degrees. Using the control panel is quite straightforward, and you shouldn’t have any difficulty, even if you are using it for the first time.

Here, the variable temperature kettle offers a 1.7-liter capacity that makes it a good pick for a family. We also loved the Keep Warm feature that will maintain the water inside at the selected temperature for around 1 hour. The best part is that the unit will automatically go off if no action is taken after 1 hour. This proved that the kettle would be a good pick for an energy-efficient model.

The British Strix temp controller will automatically turn the unit off when the water has boiled to the set temperature. Also, the kettle will go off if the water is not detected inside or if the level is too low.


  • Elegant glass design
  • Blue LED illumination when water is boiling
  • Fast boiling technology
  • Keeps water warm for 1 hour and goes off if no action is taken
  • Large capacity


  • Wobbles when boiling at 100 degrees

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10. Drew&Cole RediKettle Variable Temperature Thermal Kettle

Drew&Cole RediKettle

Last on the list, but among the top models on the UK market is this temperature control kettle from Drew&Cole. The reason this unit ranks among the top UK stores is the unique design that is sturdy and durable as well.

This variable temperature kettle comes with a charcoal finish that should blend with any kitchen style out there. Along with that, it features a handle that has an ergonomic design for easy handling. However, you might find it tricky to use if you have a weak wrist.

Thanks to its large 1.7-liter capacity, you can easily prepare cups of water for the whole family. The temperature settings range from 60 degrees to 100 degrees Celsius. Also, the control panel is placed at the base, which is quite easy to operate and access.

No need to reboil water with this unit since it comes with a heat-lock vacuum technology that will keep the water inside at the selected temperature for up to four hours.

There is a unique cup count display that will let you know how many cups of water are left in the kettle. This is not a common feature to find in electric kettles out there.


  • Elegant charcoal finish design
  • One-touch temperature change control
  • Heat-lock vacuum technology keeps water hot for up to 4 hours
  • Cup count display lets you know the remaining cups available
  • Dual-capacity boil protection tells you if the unit is under-filled or over-filled


  • Might be heavy to operate if you have a weak or injured wrist

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Buying Guide: How To Buy The Best Variable Temperature Kettle

Now, we have highlighted and given a brief review of some of the top models you might come across in the UK market. But how do you shop for one specifically?

Here are some factors you need to consider;

  • Construction. You need to go for a model that should serve you for a long time even with daily usage. Any unit with a metal construction is best for durability.
  • Variable water temperature. Since you want a kettle that lets you adjust the temperature settings, you should choose one that lets you do that with ease. Also, consider one with a wide range of temp settings.
  • Container capacity. Choose a variable temperature kettle with the right capacity based on your needs. For a family setting, go for a model with around 1.7 liters or more.
  • Safety features. Preferably, the model you choose should automatically turn off if it is done with the boiling or if the water level is too low.
  • Keep Warm Feature. This is not a must-have feature, but it would be helpful to have one if you don’t want to keep reboiling the water over again.

Above all, consider going for a unit with a water level indicator, one with user-friendly operation, and it should run with low-noise operation. It would be best to choose a unit that doesn’t consume too much of your electricity. It should come with an A+ energy rating.


There marks the end of our best temperature control kettle review. We are now confident that you can make an informed decision when choosing your next model. Always ensure that the variable temperature kettle you choose can serve you for a long time while giving you an easy time when working with it.

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