Tefal FR701640

Tefal FR701640 Oleoclean Compact Deep Fat Fryer Review

In this Tefal FR701640 deep fryer review, you will be exposed to the overall cooking performance, durability, and possible design flaws/limitations of this product to give you a piece of well-rounded information that’ll guide your purchase decisions.

The aim is to compare this machine’s performance with other models from competitive brands of similar price and category to see if it is the best option or one of the best deep fryer deals you can get for that price.

What’s the price?

Our Evaluation of Tefal FR701640


We can’t overemphasize the place of power in selecting your ideal air fryer. In fact, every other feature comes secondary to the performance of the heating element. Suppose the machine can only get the cooking area hot without properly cooking your meal. In that case, we can easily say it is an inferior machine irrespective of the generosity in design or construct. 

This Tefal FR701640 Oleoclean fryer has a 1600W rated heating element and the Oleclean’s immersed heating system (the heating element immersed in the oil) that guarantees quick heat-up and professionally-fried results.

Food Capacity

This Tefal Oleoclean Deep fryer has a 2L food capacity and would allow you to cook meals of no more than 800 grams at once. Thus, it suits small homes, a family of three, a student apartment or individual use. Still, it is worth mentioning that the machine’s weight (3.65kg) is quite overboard for its fairly small tank size. Albeit, this wouldn’t be a problem if you wouldn’t be moving the entire unit, say you intend to place it on your countertop when you’re cooking.


You might want to look away if you’re so keen on getting a stylishly-designed deep fryer that’ll improve your kitchen aesthetics. Don’t get us wrong- it isn’t like the device looks horrendous, but its design wouldn’t be pleasing to most persons. Still, style only comes behind the performance, and this is where the appliance flourishes.

The most standout feature of this machine is its patented automatic filtration system. As you would guess, this option automatically drains, filters, and stores cooking oil once the oil is cool when you turn the “automatic filtration” dial.

The stay-cool handles attached on each side of the unit aids its mobility, and the anti-slip feet on the base for stability, preventingany accidental movement of the machine while in use.

Lastly, the Oleoclean features a view window to let you monitor your cooking and permanent metallic air filters. 

Temperature Range

Tefal FR701640 deep fryer allows you to select cooking temperature between 150 to 190 degrees in an increment of 10 degrees. Thus, allowing a wide range of controlled cooking temperature options to meet your varied cooking needs.

Many people prefer their meals browned. Well, as the saying goes,you eat with your eyes first, then your mouth. This is only possible if the thermostat is highly effective and the device does not come with an auto-shutdown function. Oleoclean FR701640 ticks those boxes, allowing you to enjoy browned fries if you love them that way.

Ease Of Use And Cleaning

In very succinct terms, this product does impressively well in this section. First, it is easy to operate. The filtration system and the cooking process can be altered from two knobs quickly and comfortably.

Cleaning the machine is also a breeze because it can be fully dismantled and loaded into a dishwasher (without the heating element) for easy cleaning.


Its superior-grade design, including steel construction, non-stick coating, dishwasher safe-part, and high-quality heating element, avails this machine long service life.

Tefal Oleoclean Specifications

Dimension35 x 38 x 22.5 cm
Power1600 W
Weight3.65 Kg
Capacity2 L


  • The large cool zone between its heating element and tank internal base makes oil last longer and don’t burn crumbs
  • Top-quality construction
  • The automatic oil filtration system
  • Easy to use and clean


  • Small see-through window
  • Quite heavy for its tank size


Overall, the patented automatic filtration system gives this machine an edge many competitors do not have, and the heating system, as well as the overall cooking performance,are also excellent. So, we can easily conclude that the Tefal FR701640 justifies its fairly high price and is worth the buy.  

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