Tefal FR333040

Tefal FR333040 Easy Pro Deep Fryer Review

The Tefal FR333040 is a very easy fryer to use and you can set the temperature between 150 – 190 which is good enough to cook most foods. There is also a viewing window that helps you keep an eye on your cooking plus the stainless steel this appliance is made from makes it durable.

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Tefal FR333040 Key Features

  • Made out of stainless steel – Products that are made from stainless steel are known to be very durable. This Tefal FR333040 deep fryer will last very long in your kitchen because of the materials it is made from.
  • Compact design – The dimensions of this fryer are perfect for people who don’t have a massive kitchen because it will not take up plenty of space. For those with big kitchens, you have the freedom to put it almost anywhere and it will fit in with all your appliances nicely.
  • Great capacity – This fryer has a food capacity of 1.2kgs which is great for people who enjoy making large meals for family and friends. This capacity also makes it easy for you to prepare plenty of meals for events like parties, weddings, thanksgiving, family gatherings, and more.
  • Viewing window – if you are trying to cook a recipe for the first time, you can overcook or burn your meal. The viewing window on this fryer lets you see the progress of your food to avoid burning it or undercooking it. The size of the window is good enough for you to have a clear view of everything as long as you don’t overload the fryer.
  • Carry handles – Appliances that don’t have any handles can be tricky to use. The handles on this FR333040 deep fryer make it easy for you to carry it around with ease if you need to and use it comfortably. Comfort is very important whenever you’re handling products that require oil and the manufacturers made sure that this appliance is as user-friendly as possible.
  • Adjustable thermostat – You can easily adjust the thermostat and set the temperature you want based on what you’re cooking. You can choose between 150 – 190 degrees which is the ideal temperature to cook a lot of meals.


  • Compact design – When people are adding new products to their kitchen, they worry about space. It can sometimes feel like playing a game of Tetris. The Tefal FR333040 fryer has a nice compact design which ensures it fits into your kitchen perfectly without taking up space.
  • Easy to dismantle for cleaning – You can take the components apart of this fryer easily and wash them when you’re finished cooking.
  • Impressive heating system – The FR333040 will heat the oil very quickly and you don’t have to wait long before you begin cooking.
  • Detachable bowl – This is one of the things that gives this fryer an edge over others on the market because you can remove the bowl with ease and clean it.
  • Cool zone technology – What this technology does is lets you produce good quality chips and also helps the oil last longer because it won’t be contaminated by any crumbs left behind


  • Doesn’t have a timer – While most fryers have a time on the side that lets you set how long you want to cook something for, sadly this feature is missing on this fryer. There is no timer on the fryer meaning there is a high chance of you burning or overcooking your food if you’re not keeping a close eye on it.
  • Only a few components are dishwasher friendly – Not every component of this fryer is dishwasher friendly. You’ll need to read the instructions manual to see which ones can be washed in the machine and those that need a hand wash. Playing the wrong components in the dishwasher can cause damage to both the washer and components.

Final Thoughts

Overall the Tefal FR333040 will give you amazing because it is a very easy fryer to use. Cleaning is not a problem either as its clever design allows you to detach some of its components like the bowl for cleaning. If you have a small fryer at home, it is worth upgrading to this one because of the main features pointed out above. It is worth every penny plus it won’t take up plenty of space in your kitchen which is great for those who don’t have plenty of room to work with.

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