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Tefal Cook4me+ One-Pot Electric Multi Cooker Review

In recent times, having a cooker that is incorporated with a mobile app has become common. Some of these cookers are operated through the mobile app, while others offer you multiple recipes through the app. The Tefal Cook4me+ is one of those cookers that are designed with advanced cooking technology. If you are a cooking enthusiast and you love trying new recipes with your cooker, you’d enjoy working with this unit.

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Tefal Cook4me+ Overview

The Cook4me+ is a multi-cooker that is more than just a regular pressure cooker. This cooker is made with a capacity that would easily suit a family setting, and it is massive too in the design. Besides that, the cooker comes with features that allow you to use it for different foods. Cleaning the parts is a walk in the park too, and so is controlling/choosing the cooking functions.

Features And Functions Of The Cook4me+


If you are one of those homeowners that are stylish and they love having elegant appliances in the kitchen, this Tefal Cook4me+ multi cooker would work perfectly for you. It comes with a very unique design that your visitors will easily notice as it sits on the countertop. This one doesn’t look like a regular multi-cooker, but it performs elegantly.

The glossy black finish means that it will fit in any kitchen style. You can also store it in the cabinet or leave it on the counter. The only issue is that this may not be the perfect choice if you live in a tiny house or if you have a confined kitchen space.


Since the Cook4me+ multi cooker is large in design, it means that it will offer you a large cooking capacity as well. Precisely, the cooker delivers a decent 6-liter capacity that should be enough to prepare food for the entire family. You can easily prepare food for up to 7 people with this fella. Even better, it can cook a whole 3kg chicken without a problem.

Automatic Cooker

When we say this is an automatic cooker, we don’t mean that it will set everything on its own and make food ready to eat. However, it surpasses other units in terms of the final cooking steps. Of course, you will need to set the cooking mode and the food on your own. However, once you set it to start cooking, you can easily go and watch your TV show or a game without any worry.

The cooker will automatically release the pressure when the food is perfectly cooked. Besides that, it will keep the food warm without having to activate the keep warm function.

Inbuilt Recipes

It is not common to find a cooker with inbuilt recipes. Most of them will offer you the appliance with a separate cookbook. However, this model offers you more than 100 inbuilt recipes. These recipes can be easily accessed through the control panel.

Cook4Me App

The makers of the Tefal Cook4me+ understood the relevance of having an advanced cooker with innovative technology. That is why they offer you the multi cooker with the Cook4Me mobile app. Here, you can incorporate the cooker into the mobile app on your phone to access more than 200 recipes, along with other features. Nevertheless, keep in mind that the cooker cannot be controlled via the mobile app.

Easy to Use/Clean

This model is designed with a super-friendly control panel that you can easily access onboard. The digital control panel features a large button (OK), along with a touch color display that is very easy to use. Besides that, you will get a nonstick cooking bowl and a steaming basket that are both easy to clean. You can also safely clean them in your dishwasher.

Safety Features

ThisTefal multi cooker comes with safety-touch handles that allow you to carry it directly to the table as soon as it is finished cooking. Furthermore, the unit will automatically turn off if there is insufficient liquid inside.


  • Elegant and futuristic design
  • Generous cooking capacity
  • Comes with safety touch handles and auto-switch off if the water/liquid is too low
  • Offers you 100 inbuilt recipes and over 200 others on the mobile app
  • Easy to use touch controls


  • Too large for a space-limited kitchen


Who should purchase the Tefal Cook4me+? If you enjoy trying out multiple recipes with a single cooker at home, this model would be a good pick for you. It might not offer many cooking modes, but it does the pressure cooking job with perfection.

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