Tefal Blendeo BL2A3142

Tefal Blendeo BL2A3142 Blender Review

Too often, a simple-looking appliance is often considered a poor performer than one that looks more advanced or complex. However, the Tefal Blendeo BL2A3142 proves that a blender doesn’t have to look fancy for it to deliver accordingly. This model is made to handle your blending projects around the kitchen with ease.

But is it a unit worth purchasing? That depends on how you intend to use it. Nevertheless, here is a detailed review to help you get a deeper understanding of the product and determine if it is worth the purchase.

Tefal Blendeo Overview

The Blendeo BL2A3142 is a simple blender that is made to offer you a decent capacity while also saving you some counter space. It comes with features that help to make the everyday blending experience a breeze. You will have an easy time working on your ingredients and also cleaning the accessories. The motor on this unit is decently powerful to handle different ingredients with ease. However, we wouldn’t say it is the ice-crushing kind-of blender. But for other plushy and soft ingredients, this baby has no limits.

Features And Functions Of The BL2A3142


As we stated, the Blendeo model comes with a simple design that wouldn’t affect your kitchen style. Another benefit of the basic style of this unit is the fact that it doesn’t give you a difficult time when working with it. Plus, it doesn’t come with a large footprint, so you can confidently use it in your kitchen without any problem.


Does this blender fit in a family setting? Will it prepare enough smoothie or juice for the entire family? Honestly, it would. The blender comes with a 1.5-liter jug that can prepare some glasses of juice for everyone in the house.

Motor with Double-Air Ventilating System

As we have stated, this Tefal Blendeo blender doesn’t qualify as an ice-crushing blender. Even though it is claimed to have enough power for crushing ice-cubes, we wouldn’t recommend it for that. But if you just need a unit for making smoothies and juices from soft ingredients, it would serve you perfectly. The blender is loaded with a solid 400W motor that lets you do the job with ease.

Another feature of the motor is the unique ventilating system. The Blendeo’s Double-Air Ventilating System helps to prevent the motor from overheating. It allows air to move in and out of the motor as it runs. In the long run, you will not have to worry about the motor base heating up. But you shouldn’t overwork it either.

Variable Speed Setting

Tefal Blendeo allows you to choose the right speed for whatever ingredient you might be handling. There is a turn knob that lets you select the two-speed levels accordingly. You get a low and high-speed level, along with a pulse function for precise speed control. The pulse function is mostly meant for blitz blending. Either way, you will find it easy to choose the speed that suits you best.

Versatile Blades

Another plus feature of the Tefal BL2A3142 is the stainless-steel blade. But the best part about it is that the blades are available in four options. Whichever blade you use, you will not be disappointed. It helps to enhance the overall performance of the blender.

These blades come with a different design to help you achieve the most from every blending. Two of them are upward blades, while the other two are downwards blades. This allows you to use them for different ingredients. For the light ingredients that fall under the blade, you can go for the downwards blades, while the upward blades are perfect for ingredients that sit above the blade when added to the jug.


  • Compact design allows it to be used in a squeezed kitchen
  • Easy to use controls
  • Offers four blades with a different angle design
  • Comes with a measuring cup for adding ingredients accurately
  • Features suction feet for added stability


  • The glass jug can be tricky to keep clean as you use the blender


Does the Tefal Blendeo BL2A3142 make a good blender? Yes, it does. It would suit you if you just need a simple blender for making smoothies and juices with ease. However, it isn’t really designed for versatility, in terms of handling both tough and smooth ingredients. But for making smoothies and juices out of soft fruits and vegetables, this fella won’t disappoint. It is also available at a very affordable price point.

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