Tabletop Freezer vs. Deep Freezer

Tabletop Freezer vs. Deep Freezer: Which One to Buy?

The freezer is one of the most relevant kitchen appliances. Basically, there are two main categories of freezers: tabletop freezer and deep freezer. When it comes to choosing between the one, most people confuse. Are you also confusing about which one to choose? 

The public forums are overflowing with questions liketabletop freezer vs. deep freezer: Which one to choose? Before deciding which one is better and which one to choose, let us first see the pros of having them.

Tabletop Freezer

When it comes to saving space and providing full performance, nothing can be a better option than the tabletop freezer. The tabletop freezer is also known as an upright freezer because of its opening style. Thinking about what are the advantages of having a tabletop freezer? Let us have a glance.

  1. It takes 50% less space than the deep freezer.
  2. In the tabletop freezer, you have more useable and organized space due to shelf presence.
  3. In the deep freezer, you have to bend down to find your specific item. But in a tabletop freezer, it is more convenient to find within minutes.
  4. The most heart-winning feature of a tabletop freezer is that it consumes less electricity than the deep freezer.

Deep Freezer

A large, more stable, and well-organized deep freezer is a must kitchen equipment for families. Another name for the deep freezer is the chest freezer.

Since we have checked the pro features of a tabletop freezer, now without any further due, let us see the features of the deep (aka. chest) freezer.

  1. A deep freezer is a dead silent performer as compared to the tabletop freezer.
  2. A deep freezer is more affordable than a tabletop freezer.
  3. The temperature in the deep freezer is more stable as compared to the tabletop freezer.
  4. The deep freezer keeps the food frozen longer than the tabletop freezer during a blackout.
  5. Deep freezers come in a variety of designs and colors.

Which One Should I Buy?

We only can guide you or advise you. The ultimate decision in purchasing any product will always be yours. Since you are confusing between a tabletop freezer and a deep freezer, first, figure out the following requirement. Once you figured out what you want, it will be much easier for you to make a reliable decision.

1. Your Space

Space is the first guiding factor that will guide you that either you want a tabletop freezer or a deep freezer. As mentioned above, we all know that a deep freezer consumes more space than a tabletop freezer. If you are confident enough that you have the capacity, then go for the deep freezer. But if you lack space, then don’t even think about the deep freezer.

The design of the tabletop freezer is especially for those users who are facing space issues. If you are also one of those, then a tabletop freezer is a relief for you. But before grabbing any freezer, make sure to measure the size of the area where you wish to put the freezer. Measure 1-2 inches extra for better ventilation for the freezer.

2. Your Budget

How can you forget about your budget range? Your budget will better tell you which freezer you can afford: tabletop or deep? A deep freezer is large and higher in price. While on the other hand, a tabletop is more expensive than deep freezers. For buying a tabletop freezer, you need to have a budget, a pretty good budget.

A deep freezer costs around £200 approximately and the average price range of a tabletop freezer is at least £150. If you do not have a budget, then a mini freezer is also a good option. 

But if you think that you can afford the deep freezer, then go for it.

3. Your Electricity Expense

There are a few factors that you need to check about the product even after purchasing them, and checking the electricity expense is one of them. Either it is a deep freezer or a tabletop freezer;both consume electricity. But their consuming rate is pretty different from each other.

A tabletop freezer consumes less electricity than a deep freezer. The reason is that the compressor of the deep freezer is much heavier and larger than the tabletop. So, if you can afford high electricity expenses, then a deep freezer is perfect, but if not, then a tabletop freezer is here.

4. Your Storage Need

Here comes the last deciding factor: Storage Need. Figure out that you belong to a large family or you are single. If you are a single person, then there will be few items in your need. In this case, a tabletop freezer is an excellent option. Tabletop freezers fit perfectly for small families and individual needs.

But if you belong to a large family, then a deep freezer will be perfect for you all. A deep freezer has more storage capacity than a tabletop freezer. The available shelves make the storage easy and well-organized. You can easily store large items in a deep freezer. The last and the most heart-winning fact about a deep freezer is that your stored food remained safe for up to a few days.

After reading these factors, we hope that you got an idea about which freezer is perfect for you. It is just a matter of priorities that we compare a tabletop freezer with a deep freezer, even though both are useful and outstanding products.


Comparing a tabletop freezer and a deep freezer is easy, but choosing between them is hard. Both tabletop and deep freezer are best in their shoes. It is just our taste and priorities that we consider one over the other.

No matter which one you choose, make sure that it fulfills your needs. Assure to measure the available space before having any freezer. Buy a freezer within your budget range. Must take an approximate average of the electricity expense.

And lastly, we hope that the next time someone asks about tabletop freezer vs. deep freezer, you will remember this guide.

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