Swan SD6060N

Swan SD6060N 1.5 litre Stainless Steel Fryer Review

Are you thinking of hitting the market for a top-quality deep fryer and considering the Swan SD6060N? We have made a full evaluation of the product’s performance – from its heating system, durability, ease of use to design flaws.

The aim is to give you all you need to know about this deep fryer and how it performs compared to competitive products within its price. So, in the end, you can precisely answer if the product suits you, if it is worth the price and whether you should buy it or consider another.

What’s the price?

Our Evaluation of Swan SD6060N


The first thing that may get your attention when going over this device’s specification is its 900W operating power. If you’re a little conversant with deep fryers, you may presume this to be too low for properly cooking your foods and relatively small compared to many competitive models.

Albeit, before reaching conclusions like that, you should put its size into consideration. Think of it this way – it will take less power and a smaller heating element to get a compact area really hot it would have on a large cooking area. Thus, the SD6060N may have fairly low power, but being compact, it manages to generate sufficient heat to cook your meals thoroughly. 

Food Capacity

With a 1.5L tank capacity, the Swan SD6060N deep fryer suits very small homes or single-individual use. If you have a large family, we recommend checking some of our other deep fryer reviews to find a suiting product. Well, except if you’re willing to make your food in successions.


SD606N doesn’t come with one of the most stylish designs on the market. However, it stands out for being simple yet innovative enough to account for specific cooking discrepancies and details. For example, its large, clear viewing window lid allows you to monitor the cooking process and prevent oil splashes alongside.

Like other top-quality products, this one comes with a fixed oil container to keep the keep oil safely in the device when in use and a removable basket with a cool-touch handle to reduce the risk of burns.

Lastly, it features an anti-slip feet base design to improve stability and eliminate an accidental movement of the unit while in use

Temperature Range

This Swan fryer comes with a temperature selection knob that lets you select heat between 150 to 190 degrees Celsius for meeting an extensive range of cooking needs like crisp fries, fried chicken, vegetables, doughnuts, spring rolls, and more. Thus, giving you full control of your cooking.

It is worth mentioning that the heat selection option on this device is quite impressive. That is because many competitive products within its price offer heat options starting at 160 degrees Celsius; yet, this machine allows you to simmer meals on low heat.

Ease Of Use And Cleaning

The Swan SD6060N has a similar design to most mainstream deep fryers. So, if you’ve used deep fryers before, operating this one wouldn’t be anyway different. Even if you haven’t used one before, the entire operation can be done from its temperature knob.

The non-stick coating further improves its ease of use by eliminating the possibility of having food crumbs attached to your frying basket. Hence, allowing you to easily and quickly clean the machine after use.  


If handled properly, this machine would last for a long time. It comes with premium material construction featuring a rust-proof, scratch-proof stainless steel brushed exterior, BPA-free plastic parts, and Teflon non-stick coating. All of which guarantees a long service life, and its two-year warranty is a plus.

Product Specification

Dimension24 x 21.5 x 20.5 cm


  • Lightweight, compact and portable design
  • The integrated air filter system
  • Premium-grade construction with top-quality parts
  • Easy to use and clean
  • BPA-free plastic parts

Product’s Limitations

  • Only suitable for small homes
  • It doesn’t get meals so brown


In all, Swan SD6060N is a fantastic option for small homes. Its high-end features like the air filtration system, premium-grade construction materials, BPA-free plastic parts and other essential nuances in its design justifies its price. 

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