Swan SD6040N

Swan SD6040N 3L Stainless Steel Deep Fat Fryer Review

The Swan SD6040N is a wonderful addition to any kitchen across the world due to its compact design and fit for purpose. It is large enough for you to prepare delicious family meals with ease. This appliance is not just for the kitchen, you can also use it in small cafes, holiday homes, caravans, and even student accommodation.

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Swan SD6040N Key Features

  • An adjustable thermostat – You will notice that the thermostat has light indicators that allow you to control the temperature of the appliance. This feature allows you to cook a wide range of meals anytime and there are 7 different temperature functions. You and your family should be able to cook delicious tasting meals with ease.
  • 3 litre oil capacity – This level of capacity allows you to cook up to 1 kg of food at once. If you are planning a special occasion like a party with a lot of attendees, you will be able to cook large portions of food.
  • Versatile – Everything from samosas, fruit fitters, churros, doughnuts, chips, fried chicken, spring rolls, battered fish, onion rings, croquettes and more can all be made using this Swan SD6040N fryer.
  • Detachable basket – When working around hot oil, you have to be careful otherwise you might burn yourself. This fryer has a removable basket which allows it to safely and easily lower as well as remove food from hot oil.
  • Cool-touch handles – The basket has handles that will protect you from burns because accidents can happen when one is working in the kitchen.


  • Overheat protection – There comes a time when kitchen appliances get hot and do not work properly. When this happens, this Swan SD6040N deep fat fryer will turn itself off to prevent any malfunctions from happening.
  • Easy to clean – This fryer is very easy to clean with a damp cloth because food doesn’t stick to the pan. It is made from stainless steel which makes it durable and long-lasting. You can also lift the basket and wash it thoroughly if you wish to.
  • Non-slip feet – The non-slip feet offer stability and ensures the fryer stays in one place while you’re preparing meals.
  • Viewing window – Thanks to the viewing window, you can see the progress of your food while you’re cooking it.
  • User-friendly fryer – Aside from the features that a product brings to the table, customers also look at how easy a particular product is to use. No one likes to buy products that are stressful to use and with the SD6040N deep fryer, its super lightweight design makes it easy for you to move it around and store in your kitchen.
  • Great safety features – This fryer has an auto shut-off function that prevents overheating, a problem that is found in many kitchen appliances. It comes with a lid which you can use to keep what you’re cooking covered as well as be safe from hot oil.
  • High level of performance – When it heats up, you will be able to cook your meals quicker and produce great-tasting meals consistently. The level of performance you get from the fryer is unmatched and is one of the best you can buy on the market.
  • Temperature control – It has a control dial on the side which can be used to pick the right temperature depending on what you’re cooking.
  • Reasonable price – This Swan deep fat fryer is very affordable for people who don’t have a lot of money to spend. You will be doing some high-quality frying without paying the high-end price.


  • The build quality is average – You need to handle this fryer with plenty of care because the materials used to make it are not the most durable. If you are careless or reckless with your kitchen appliances, you are better off buying models that are more durable because this one will break easily.

Final Thoughts

The Swan SD6040N is one of those dryers with a big capacity and able to hold 3 litres of oil. You can cook up to a kilo of food in 1 around which is enough to serve at least 2 people. Its compact design and low weight make it very easy for anyone to use even if they haven’t used a fryer before. No matter the space you have in your kitchen, this appliance will slot right in perfectly without being an inconvenience.

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