Salter EK2002V2

Salter EK2002V2 NutriPro Multi-Purpose Blender Review

The size of a blender doesn’t affect its performance, and the Salter EK2002V2 proves that point. This blender comes with a small design, but its delivery is huge. It is one of those blenders that are specifically designed for single-servings, and its versatility is also worth the mention.

But how reliable is this blender really? Here is a review to help you decide that.

What’s the price?

Salter EK2002V2 Overview

The EK2002V2 is a top blender that is equipped with a massive motor and it is capable of handling almost any blending task that you throw at it. This one comes with a powerful motor, yet a small capacity, which makes it even more efficient. It can handle some tough ingredients like ice cubes, which other larger models out there can’t. But that’s not all. This blender is quite user-friendly, and you will not have to break the bank to purchase it.

Features And Functions Of The EK2002V2


We always like starting with the design of the appliance, which is the first thing you will notice about it. The design of the blender will help you decide if it is a decent product to have and if it will fit in the available space at home.

Salter EK2002V2 comes with a stylish design that would beautify your counter as you work with it. Even when just sitting on the counter, this fella will still prove to be functional enough.

It is so compact that you wouldn’t have to worry about it consuming your countertop space. Specifically, the blender offers you a base that only measures 15cm x 15cm x 21cm. So yes, storage will never be an issue with this unit.


It is important to understand that this Salter’s product is not the right pick if you need one for your family. You cannot depend on this blender to prepare enough juice or smoothie for everyone in the house. Here, you only get one main cup of 1 liter, along with two 800ml cups that feature flip-top lids. The two extra cups are perfect for making smoothies or juices to take on-the-go.


This might be a compact blender, but it comes with a powerful motor that can handle almost anything. The 1200W on this model will work well with the unique blades to lock in all the nutrients in every blend. You can even put some ice cubes in there to make a cold smoothie or milkshake right away.

Twist & Lock Mechanism

There are no fancy buttons or vintage turn knobs on this model. Rather, it offers you the easiest mechanism to blend your juices and smoothies in under one minute. The model works in only three major steps; load, twist, and lock. Once you load the ingredients, you will need to cover the cup with the lid, then twist and lock it into the motor base. From there, the blender will automatically start rolling.

Easy Clean-Up

Cleaning the blender is very easy, and it will not take much of your time either. All the cups, lids, and blades can be safely cleaned in the dishwasher. You can also clean them manually. Either way, this unit gives you an easy time to keep your accessories clean.


Does the Salter EK2002V2 offer you a lot of accessories? Unfortunately, not. You might be disappointed if you needed a model with a lot of them. Here, you only get one main cup of 1 liter, along with the two on-the-go mugs of 800ml capacity each. However, the blender also comes with an instruction manual that doesn’t only contain the user guide, but also some selected recipes. This way, you can try out some recipes with your new blender.


  • The compact and space-saving design offers easy storage
  • Easy-to-use mechanism
  • The powerful motor handles any ingredient
  • Quick and easy to clean
  • Offers two on-the-go mugs


  • Not the best pick for a family setting
  • Limited speed settings


Who should purchase the Salter EK2002V2? If you are a devoted health and fitness person and you need to take your smoothies without you, this would be a good pick for you. The blender comes with a basic design for user-friendliness, and you will have an easy time cleaning it. Best of all, it is available at a decent price point.

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