Sage SJE530BSS

Sage SJE530BSS The Nutri Juicer Cold Plus Review

Finding a reliable juicer can be challenging, especially if you are getting started with your juicing journey. You need a good juicer that will give you an easy time when working with it. The juicer should also come with the necessary features and functions to make the whole juicing experience a breeze. So, if you have saved up some good money and you need to invest in a good juicer, we would recommend the Sage SJE530BSS to you.

How reliable is this juicer and is it worth the purchase in the first place? Here is a review to help you answer that question.

What’s the price?

Sage SJE530BSS Overview

The SJE530BSS is a premium home-based juicer that is designed with innovative juicing technology to deliver clean and healthy juice. It is also constructed to last for long as it serves you on a daily basis. The juicer also comes with a stylish design that will glorify your kitchen space elegantly. Plus, it has a large capacity that would easily fit in a family setting.

Features And Function Of The SJE530BSS

Space-Saving/Stylish Design

Having a reliable juicer that easily fits in a confined kitchen can be truly helpful, especially since it is common to find homes in the UK with small kitchens. Sage SJE530BSS will save you the worry as it comes with a decent, space-saving design that fits in any kitchen space out there. Whether you wish to set it up on the kitchen counter or store it in the cabinet, the juicer will not take much of your space.

It does have a stylish look too, which you might want your visitors to see as it sits on your kitchen counter.


This SJE530BSS model comes with a powerful motor that can grind through any ingredient. The 1300W motor is powerful and won’t stop at any fruit or vegetable. It is designed to run smoothly with limited vibrations. But the best part is that the motor is equipped with overload protection. It will automatically shut down if it runs for too long.

Cold Spin Technology

With the cold spin technology of this Sage juicer, you will not have to worry about the juice getting warm or it going through oxidation during the extraction process. It is loaded with a stainless steel cutting disc that is surrounded by a mesh filter. A combination of the two assures you of proper juice processing with minimal temperature increase.

The finely extracted juice will be collected in the large 2-liter container. With this capacity, you can easily prepare juice for your family or fitness group that is visiting you.

Large Feeding Chute

Another thing to love about the Sage SJE530BSS is the fact that it is designed to lessen the preparation time. The extra-large feeding chute can easily accept fruits whole without the need for chopping or peeling. The feeding chute on this one is large enough at 80mm.

Dual-Mode Juicing

When you place your money on this juicer, you can be sure of enjoying every bit of it. It is one model that will easily meet your juicing needs as it offers you versatility with ease. The juicer is loaded with two modes that you can select based on whatever you are preparing. If you are grinding hard ingredients, there is a dedicated Hard/Veg function. This is ideal for vegetables or other hard fruits like pears or apples.

But for the plushy fruits, you can select the Soft/Fruit function. Whichever fruit or vegetable you may want to extract juice from, this model will help you achieve that with absolute ease. All you have to do is turn the knob to the specific function and the machine will do its thing.

Custom Designed Nozzle

Nobody loves having a messy kitchen as they prepare their juices. That is why this juicer comes with a custom design nozzle that will minimize the mess as you pour your juice into a glass. To avoid spillage, simply invert the nozzle once you are done pouring it into a glass for drinking.


  • Elegant and space-saving design
  • Comes with an onboard pulp bin located behind the base
  • A large juice collection jar
  • The feeding chute is large to save your prep time
  • Custom designed nozzle minimizes mess on the countertop


  • Costlier than most models


The Sage SJE530BSS is a great juicer to include in your kitchen arsenal. It might cost you a few more pounds, but this juicer is worth every penny.

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